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As found on r/NJGuns, more infringements on our rights

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54 minutes ago, Kevin125 said:

Surprised they aren’t planning to ban all detachable mags.  Or all semi auto firearms.  They can and will pass anything they can conjure up.

If I remember reading correctly, the semi auto ban is already written and on deck, just waiting for the right time too.

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    • I just got LifeLock this year after some funny business.  Worth every penny.
    • I'm seeing reports by people more familiar with the behind the scenes tech systems, and they're seeing more "outside probings" into critical systems. Concerns are, if things go hot in the Euro theater or Asia theater, it won't just be tanks and artillery doing the fighting. So, first, keep an eye on your bank balances, retirement account balances, credit cards, etc. for possible hacking, inaccess or questionable activity. I saw reports out West last night that some USAA credit and debit cards weren't working. Second, there has been two different reports on critical infrastructure (electric and water) that hackers are looking for an intrusion into a way to shut them down. The fact that these two warnings below have come out recently, means that TPTB think it's a good possibility. Getting power or water shut down to large areas won't be a pleasant thing. ...."WASHINGTON (AP) — Extremist groups in the United States appear to increasingly view attacking the power grid as a means of disrupting the country, according to a government report aimed at law enforcement agencies and utility operators." https://apnews.com/article/business-united-states-law-enforcement-agencies-9e3d1d4d4cd429b69a787235caa7e4b8 ......"Cyber defenses for US drinking water supplies are "absolutely inadequate" and vulnerable to large-scale disruption by hackers, a senior official said Thursday. "There's inadequate resilience to even a criminal sector," the official said. "The threshold of resilience is not what it needs to be." https://news.yahoo.com/us-says-national-water-supply-142023485.html
    • It's got to survive the fact CA has state preemption AND then pass constitutional challenges. Even the 9th would have a very hard time upholding the fee, but they are 97% scumbag by volume, so.... Likely it'll just be killed by state preemption.   
    • That list is incredibly misleading.  Like paypal on the list is truly leaning into bitcoin because they are willing to provide actual money to merchants in exchange for you giving them bitcoin. They are actually swapping one form of money for another.   Similar with newegg.  At&t on the other hand accepts traditional money and has just integrated a payment method that says they will allow bitpay to give them cash on your behalf. They don't want your bitcoin.  Microsoft is on the list, but removed bitcoin, readded, and appear to have removed it again, at least all their FAQs on how to do it no longer work for me to see the option.  Starbucks doesn't want your bitcoin, which is why you can't use it in person. They will accept dollars form a third party on your behalf after the transaction completes. They will then give you credit for that at a later date.  Overstock is hard to say what they are doing.  Amazon doesn't want your bitcoin, but will accept dollars on your behalf from a third party. Apply this scrutiny to the rest of the list, and it gets much, much shorter.   
    • Mostly fringe companies. When popular places like the grocery store, gas stations, mortgage companies, car loans, landlords, utilities, etc. jump on board, then let me know.
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