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    • My apologies but that bit about comparing Fauci to Josef Mengele was just pretty damn sickening.
    • @Spawne32 - @JohnnyB - do I have to turn a hose on you two? No personal insults, pls! Not appropriate. Ever. Be respectful to other posters. We're all stuck in the house, watching grim news roll in, nerves are frayed... I get it. But, take a break, back awaaay from the keyboard for awhile!  
    • The FDA moves at the glacial pace that it does for good reason.... because of terrible things that happened in the past. Does anyone recall Thalidomide? It was a drug given to control nausea... all fine & dandy, until women started giving birth to children missing limbs!  That's why we have the slow, laborious safety testing and clinical trial process that we do today.  And, although the malaria drugs have a decent safety profile - they're not without some risks. In some of these early COVID-19 trials, there were some patients that died of sudden cardiac arrest. It seems that the malaria drugs can do that for some patients with a certain congenital condition that impacts a part of their heartbeat - called a "long QT"  (a delayed time for the heart to recharge after its beat). Unfortunately, it's just not the people with that congenital defect either - a number of common anti-depressants also produce a long QT.  And we all know how common anti-depressants are in the US! The point is, heart specialists at credible research centers (like the Mayo Clinic) are scrambling to put out guidance so doctors can prescribe these off-label drugs appropriately... which includes some necessary screening of patients. Although early anecdotal reports look promising for some patients, there may be COVID-19 patients who are not good candidates because their risk of sudden cardiac arrest is even greater than their risk of severe respiratory issues! One article referencing the Mayo guidance is here: https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2020-03-28/risks-of-using-malaria-drugs-off-label-to-treat-covid-19 Honestly, I think the entire medical community is scrambling the best that it can under these really challenging circumstances. On the one hand, they are trying to proceed with all due haste --- and yet, also trying to balance that with appropriate caution at the same time. That's a near-impossible task! I give them credit for rallying as well as they are under extreme duress.          
    • Multiple posts related to guns? I see zero!  A few brain cells?  Having been officially certified to be in the 99 percentile surely requires more than a few brain cells!  You know not who you are speaking to!  Anxiously awaiting your response Mr. Troll!   Guys, AVB-AMG and Greenday have invited a coworker!
    • FDA is allowing the use of hydroxychloroquine, but advise against prophylactic use at this time.  Very promising in treating the illness.  Doctors could always write off label use but with the FDA now behind its use we can supply and administer a lot more of it.
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