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    • you won't find them reasonably priced.. I am buying a set for my AK soon.. 
    • anyway to find out what it was? I bet the 1301 will cycle it.. LOL
    • I am in a career that has been declining for 15 years and may be dead in the not too distant future. I have been a professional photojournalist since I was 19. For the past 5 years, 95% of my work is covering high school sports for nj.com. I am self-employed and work as an independent contractor. My income dropped by about 25% from 2018 to 2019. NOT adjusted for inflation (just numbers), I make less now that I made in 1999. I have not touched a camera since March 12 and if schools do not open, I face being without any income until schools reopen in September.....IF the clients are still in business....and if those clients are still willing to hire freelancers to cover games.  Now that freelancers and gig workers can get gov help, I have applied for unemployment, but that money may be months away.  I am facing starting over as a 50-year-old with a very specialized skill set that will likely not transfer to a different field. I learned about Ocean County Vo-Tech's 10-month accelerated program for precision machine technology. As an outsider looking in, I have always found CNC work intriguing.  "The OCVTS Precision Machine Technology Program (PMT) offers accelerated training in modern and relevant career pathways in the manufacturing industry. Areas of study include: Computer Numerical Control (CNC) theory and operations, manual machine operations (mill and lathe), basic welding, automation, prototyping, production planning, CNC milling, CNC lathe, engineering analysis and quality control, theory, programming and operations, and robotics. Students are afforded the opportunity to receive OSHA-10 Safety Certification Training." Is anyone here knowledgable about this field? And if so, do you have any advice? Are the jobs out there? Are they good jobs? I do not need benefits or a huge salary, but I don't think a living wage is too much to ask for. The tuition is $7000.
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