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I just received a ballot for the NRA Directors election. I've read articles suggesting that Wayne LaPierre may have outstayed his welcome, accusing him of the sort of stunts you hear of from Philadelphia city councilmen (bloated expense budgets, sweetheart deals with contractors, etc). Can anyone point out any links to articles or additional background on this? Are there any "reform" candidates up?

I'm not ready to give up on the NRA just yet, but like any organization, it may have gotten a bit fat and top-heavy over the years and lost its way to some extent. Maybe a housecleaning is in order.

Very interested in others perspectives on this.

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Best commentary below:


by Black Wire Media Monday Feb. 3, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us

Anthony Colandro deserves a full 3 year term at the NRA Board of Directors! His independent, take-no-BS style has enabled him to build Gun For Hire, a successful and expanding range business just 15 miles from the heart of the anti-gun bastion known as New York City! His soul is good, his intentions are benevolent, his philanthropic deeds are beyond measure. Colandro runs a top-notch operation, has world-wide appeal with gun owners of every walk of life, and has continuously supported CNJFO from our humble beginnings.

Anthony's DECADES of Second Amendment activism experience, fighting for all of us, with a target on his back, is the thing legends are made of! Leading rallies, testifying for gun owners at hearings held at our state capitol, hosting Tony Simon's Diversity Shoot and the Second Amendment Women Shooting Club--SAW at his range. He never stops fighting!

His in-your-face weekly radio broadcast reaches millions of gun owners nationwide. It is for these and so many more reasons that the Board of Trustees, Executive Committee and rank & file members of New Jersey's most active & agile Second Amendment organization, the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, Inc., proudly endorses Anthony P. Colandro, our 76th NRA Board of Director, for reelection!

Ballots should've arrived by LAST WEEK in your NRA magazine of choice, and those that receive your magazine electronically please sort your mail for a NRA Ballot in your mailbox. 5 Year or Life membership is required to receive a ballot. Colandro is an asset beyond belief, and will continue to help steer the National Rifle Association far into the future! Please cast your BULLET VOTE for Anthony P. Colandro of Woodland Park, NJ!

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    • This came in via email couple hours ago. Hopefully (at a minimum, private) ranges will be next. "Just 18 hours after we broke the story about the NJ government keeping the fingerprint system closed, it appears NJ State Police backpedaled on their position and are now allowing IndentoGO to process fingerprint appointments for firearms." https://nj2as.org/nj-state-police-quietly-restore-firearms-fingerprinting-after-nj2as-exposes-constitutional-violation/    
    • I remember when the FDA pushed the swine flu vaccine through, skipping trials and stuff. People flipped out because the companies making the vaccine wouldn't be held responsible for bad side effects due to lack of testing. Seems like the same people are pushing for this to be pushed through now without proper testing. Maybe it does actually help. Who knows. Actually getting a chance to read the study. It's interesting, but there's some key flaws to point out that need to be addressed. Nothing about severity for the patients. I like that the average timeline of the virus is the same for controls and for treated. There's a clear age difference, but you'd expect it to work against the drug's favor. I just feel like there's so much we don't know about the patients. Were these all moderate cases? Three patients on the drug transferred to the ICU because their symptoms became too severe. Another died even though their nasal swab came back clear. Another became sick on the drug. So some data from it looks promising, but there's plenty of reason for hesitating. That's a sick accusation and a disgrace to suggest politicians don't want people to get better. You've fallen for the BS us vs them mentality.
    • Don't let Peel fool you, she is not gentle at all.  The last thing you want to do is make her go get the wooden spoon.  Don't get all excited, it ain't gonna be kinky. 
    • My dear Emma,         I am NOT, nor have I ever been a troublemaker on this board!  I, unlike others here, do not enjoy debating those with an obvious agenda!  The fact is that the overwhelming majority of patients will benefit from treatment with the drug versus those whom it could hurt!          A few questions, in most cases could separate those two groups and in the end,  ensure that those patients whose lives can be be saved by these drugs will be saved!  What could make more sense?   To run FDA approved clinical tests at a time like this, when people are dying is pure insanity!
    • The FDA approved the use of hydroxychloroquine under an emergency use order, so we will know soon enough its effectiveness I would think.
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