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Top 10 Moments in Olympic Shooting Competition

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This came across in my Google news feed this morning.  The Olympic Channel's "Top 10 Shooting Moments at the Olympics" video compilation.  

Top 10 moments in Olympic Shooting Competition

I think it's really just a top 10 list from the last few years, when high-dev video of the events and electronic scoring broadcast back to the spectators in real time became a thing.   I mean, it doesn't include Lones Wigger, and the Lanny Basham/Margaret Murdock medal ceremony (you can google them, if you care to).  But hey, it's exposure for the sport, and the opening scene features a Benelli MP95, a gun of which I'm very fond.

Gold medalist Barbara Engleder's reaction at about 0:50 would probably get her red flagged today.  :(

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