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No Firearms insurance?

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Executive Order No. 83. Anyone know of any class action law suits people can join to fight this? or any law firms who would take it on?

This order eliminates the financial protection that groups like USCCA afford law-abiding citizens of New Jersey. Anyone who uses a weapon to defend themselves, wounding or killing an assailant, will likely face a criminal trial, a wrongful-death civil suit, or both. The battles they face are not easy and they certainly are not cheap.

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    • 2017 wrangler JKU, freedom edition.    I bought it new and modified as I wanted over 18 months.  First, bumpers and winch, then new fastback soft top, AEV lift,  armor and wheels.  I did a few minor cosmetic changes like stubbier antenna, rear door carrier bags and such.   I've taken it to Rausch creek Pa a few times and easily manage the blue trails.  Even had to tow out a buddy who got suck with his stock rubi.     all my hard body parts were order from extreme terrain.com.  They are located in PA and have great prices and customer prices.  I ordered tires online and had them and my lift professionally install.  If you go with a lift, like Fishnut said, pay to have it done.  Personally I’d avoid the budget lifts, but I know plenty who went that route and have zero problems and love the zero rake look.     in the end, it’s a jeep...modify as you like and how your budget allows.   It’s the adult version of legos...
    • To add, here is a good Wrangler parts source: https://www.quadratec.com/   You are in SC, so may or may not be worth the shipping, but maybe something closer is available.  Lift kits are pretty heavy to ship.
    • I am on my third Grand Cherokee in a row, lol.  I try to limit the customization since these are leases and mostly used for mall crawl (to coin Fishnut's phrase), but I just returned from driving the sand at island beach park this morning.  I air down and hit the buggy access path about halfway down the park road (its flat) and then steam down to the inlet where you can see the Barneget lighthouse.  The sand is littered with a hundred years of busted shells, so it is very firm at th inlet.  With stock all season tires, I can power on through deep sand as long as I don't stop midway.  The real offroaders use real mudbog rubber.  They never get stuck.  I just can't justify a real setup like that on a vehicle I may not have in 2 years.  But I do carry a tow cable, shovels, wheel jack and traction mats for bad situations. I would never attempt  rock crawl in this unless I owned it as a second vehicle.  Imagine the lease return damage fee on a truck with a broken axle and half the paint scraped away.  Not pretty. But I do see a number of older wranglers for sale every day that might do the trick...right on the highway.  Already done up and easy to work on.  Might be some good finds out there.  The Gas Monkey dude's buddy owns a parts warehouse for that sort of thing (part upgrades).  Can't recall the name though. I do tend to browse the lot when in for an oil change.  But a tricked out Wrangler, brandy new for 50 grand?  Not in my budget. But by the way, the higher trim models have air ride adjustments.  I can turn a knob on the center consol and lift 3 inches.  Pretty cool until it eventually breaks I guess.  But thats the next owner's problem.  
    • A .22 is always a great choice!  I've had a S&W K .22 Masterpiece for decades.  A real tack-driver & a great trainer!  Mine is the 8 3/8" barrel. It would have been at Old Bridge R&P Club's ladies Day at the Range again this year if not for the Covid closure... Here's Emily Cutts, then 15 in March of last year, at her private range in the Pines.  Ruger .22 all tricked-out with TandemKross.  She's a sponsored shooter.  Her family are big 2A proponents.    
    • I had the S&W 63. Definitely was not too light. It was like shooting a bb gun. If I were to get another one it would be the S&W 317 kit gun. At least the lightweight would make it somewhat fun to shoot.
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