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1 hour ago, silverado427 said:

The site is really lagging today 

Not just slow.  Links are disappearing as the advertisements find their places.  I'm wondering if this slowdown is related to the ad engine.

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2 hours ago, silverado427 said:

Yup still running slow,  Where are the mods  ?  I know  their probably eating Talor ham and egg  sammichs 

Mods don't run the backend for the site...  Not seeing any slowness issues here but I will ping Maks.

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There's still something intermittently wrong on the server. The IP ping response in the network is consistent and fine. But the page selection after clicking is intermittent. Some are immediate, others delay the load up to 50 seconds. They do eventually complete.


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58 minutes ago, Krdshrk said:

Could be due to forum backups but I'll have Maks check.

To contribute to troubleshooting, I get the worst delay when replying to a topic. Maybe 30-50 seconds for the write to commit.

But then again, not every single time.

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7 minutes ago, dilbert1967 said:

I think its slow right now because all of the kids are home.  My cable internet, wifi hotspot from work, and my phone if I tether to it, are all slow.  The speed is good but there is little bandwidth left.

You may have a local bandwidth problem, but the site has it's own issue somewhere. I have run test comparisons on my single DSL line to it and other sites.

To be sure it's not a big problem. But it's very noticeable intermittently.

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