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Which 9MM has a more slender grip?

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21 hours ago, SMOKIE901 said:

Looking for 9MM with a slender grip.

Some say the Clock 19 Gen 4

Are there any you recommend to look at?

This is for my wife who has a small hand. 

I have small hands, too - and not terrific grip/arm strength either. That said, I've often been surprised at how many factors go into how "comfortable" a gun is for me - yes, the width of the grip, but also the recoil, the grippiness/stickiness, and the ergonomics. (For instance, for whatever reason, even a double stack with a curved backstrap fits into my hand sooo much more comfortably, it's amazing). Then you've also got guns like the M&P series (I believe?) that has the modular style grips where you can pop in larger or smaller parts to adjust to hand size. And, of course, you have just slimmer grips you can buy for 1911's for instance. It's pretty dizzying if she's new to this (is she?).

My advice is have your wife go to one of the meetings/open shoots of either The Well-Armed Woman (TWAW) or Second Amendment Women (SAW). Each organization has more than one chapter in the state - between the 2 they're really all over NJ. She will be able to go there (and pretty sure you can go as a non-member at least the first time) and have an entire row of ports filled with guns that women have chosen for themselves (many of whom also have small hands). She can go to each port - pick the gun up, shoot it, see how it feels, etc. She may even want to hit a couple of different chapter meetings. After that process, she'll probably have tried at least 20+ guns and will likely have developed a shortlist of options.

If interested, please PM me and let me know where you live, I'll get back to you with the meetings that would be closest to your household or her workplace. (And BTW, she's always welcome to come to the next TWAW meeting at Tactical Training Center in Flemington, NJ, if that's not too far for her. That's where I go & I would be happy to meet her there and be her shooting buddy for the evening!) 

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Cz P10c has a slimmer grip than the Glock 19. I had a Glock 19, P10c , and P320. P320 had the bulkiest grip. I sold off my P10c only because I had a rifle that also took Glock 19 mags. P10c is closein size to 19 but with a slimmer grip. The Glock 48/43x is smaller overall and couple be a little snappy. Same with P365/365XL. I hope that helps!

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On 3/8/2020 at 9:26 AM, Krdshrk said:

Any single stack will have a slimmer grip.  Look at the Glock 48.  

Spot on ...

... and while it hasn't been explicitly stated but rather implied, generally steer away from the subcompact single stacks (Glock 43, S&W Shield) because their lower mass will result in higher felt recoil which your wife may not like.

That said, all the advice to actually try and shoot several models is the way to go.  That's the best way to find what suits an individual shooter.

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CZ-75 or CZ-P01.  Have her hold one of both.  

Erogonomically CZs are the bees knees (I don't know what that means but it rhymes and sounds good).

But seriously, CZs are some of the most ergonomically pleasing guns areound.  The 75 is larger and steel framed.  Helps soak up some of the recoil.   The P01 is a little smaller and aluminum-framed.  

Both are excellent pistols and tack drivers.

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cz-75, baby eagle, eaa witness and other cz-75 like guns usually work for a lot of hand sizes.  If there is going to be an issue it will be reach to the trigger for small handed people. 

The sig p365 is really quite teeny. As is the beretta nano and other carry oriented small 9mm pistols. 

For small handed people I know who have had grip size and trigger reach issues, the full size S&W M&P with the small grips seems to work well for them.  I'd put all the full size guns with modular grips for ergonomics and metal mags with them set up for the smallest grip size. The reality is that a double stack 9mm magazine is not particularly girthy. 


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