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WTB - custom vinyl decals

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Ideally, within 12x12 or 12x24 inches. Anything larger would be broken up into pieces. Colors it depends on how intricate the pattern or logo or w/e is. That's really all we're set up for is smaller time stuff. Multicolor intricate patterns are more work than it's worth for a standard vinyl cutter setup. 

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    • I don't reload handgun (though I might if I ever get my damn handgun permit and get my .45). But there doesn't seem to be nearly as much wiggle room as there is with rifle rounds. Looking at Hodgdon's website, the difference between min and max is only 0.4gr worth of powder for some of them. So if I was loading a round with a min of 4gr and max of 4.5gr, I'd start at 4gr and if the accuracy isn't there, increase by 0.1gr at a time but I doubt you'll need to stray much from there.
    • There is a female IOI out of central NJ... who I probably don’t still have her card, but I would have ran it by her. She probably forgot more about Federal firearms regulations than most others know. She told me interstate purchases are good to go. Hell... that is the point of the FFL-03, so collectors can more easily acquire C&R firearms. In regards to them letting the NJSP know... ok? When you fill out the application, you are supposed to let the Chief LEO of your locality know by submitting a copy of the application. Howell Township PD got mine,  and Houlton PD got my amendment form (more about that below). Only thing that might have gone to NJSP is the memo I signed that stated I know I cannot have firearms shipped to my home. For the state law aspect... yes, it is on the application that state law must be followed. As in no magazines over 10 rounds, and no M1 Carbines. But let’s say that “state law” goes into the transfer of firearms... where does it specifically say in 2C that all firearms must go through a NJ dealer? Cabela’s really needs to stop doing that, same with FFLs at gun shows selling long guns to NJ residents. I mean they do NICS... but this “NJ paperwork” isn’t always done (4473 is the only paperwork required). Oh the humanity! I still love that someone at the Federal level is interpreting NJ law as having coverage in other states. Learned that is a no-go in Intro to CJ. That is definitely a check in the win column for that field office. And if that guy is telling you that you cannot change the address on a FFL-03... not for nothing, he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. Changes to FFLs are not done locally, but through WV. How did mine get amended? Why would the form to amend an FFL have FFL-03s listed in three spots; two of them specifying how to fill out said form? Sad that those are the type of people filling in ATF offices now. Whatever the outcome, sorry to hear what you guys get to deal with. Glad I’m not there. And in case it comes off like that... not upset with you. Being in Federal L/E, and having to know the specific laws/regulations/codes for my agency... I also have to know related laws for a few other agencies; ATF, DOT, EPA, FDA, etc. Our supervisors/FTOs would have an aneurism if we started trying to enforce state laws that conflict with Federal laws (marijuana, for example). I am really disgusted how that guy completely blew smoke up your ass... since he should be able to answer your questions correctly.
    • And fast forward like 6 years later and we moved to Mahwah, NJ and added another child -- 2 girls now. We kept pushing the gun decision down the road over and over and went with a security system including internal and external cameras. I definitely sleep better but the craziness from the Corona-virus made us rethink home protection. The concern was a gun in the house and 2 young children but we agreed to get a shotgun that hopefully will never be used except for the rare range visit. The sole purpose will be home protection. I have my FPIC and looking to make a purchase. A family friend (ex-NYPD) said to check out Reloaderz in Wayne, NJ for either 590 or 870 with some buckshot. Aside from Reloaderz, is there any other place in North Jersey to consider? It seems like online purchases don't save much monies due to FFL cost. Lastly, safety is key here. Would a simple trigger lock and store this thing up high in the closet suffice?
    • I am very interested! I am going to PM you my number so we can get something set up!
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