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WTS/WTT 25ft Extension Ladder

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Will trade for beer or ammo. I have no use for it anymore and hopefully someone does. I have plenty of ammo so please don’t offer one box at current prices.  Located in Monmouth county if someone wants. If you want to purchase make an offer, or just buy some beer or give some ammo as a donation. 



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    • Thank you for your thought-provoking response.   I still fundamentally disagree, and in particular with your notion that let the courts sort it out.  The courts have given themselves the power to interpret the Constitution, and it is as a last resort.  Just as some founding fathers disagreed with this potential power that was grasped on, I disagree, as there should be more checks and balances of lawyers in robes.  That power was not intended for them to interpret broadly, but rather on a case by case basis using the actual written laws to closely interpret the meaning.  That said, ALL members of government are expected to judiciously respect and carry forth the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.  Why, otherwise, is an oath taken?  Just like wrongful judges that legislate from the bench there are cops with that mindset... Some even toss in the notion of case law.  ` These examples illustrated of American Citizen and Constitutionally-framed police are commenting that they are noticing a trend moving away from this essential viewpoint, which I also believe in, and that cops in general are becoming more militarized and they are taught to just let it be sorted out later.  The police used to be called more often keepers of the peace and have moved much more dedicatedly from that to law enforcement, which in some few examples has possibly garnered the term of jack-booted thugs.  I am not arguing whether or not the police are needed and I am not arguing that the majority have entered the abusive realm, but I am suggesting that many do see themselves as law enforcement over peace keeper.  I am not arguing whether or not you or I feel that there is a felt need for that shift pointed out, but I AM pointing out that it has lead directly to the "Us and Them" mentality ON BOTH SIDES.   Due to the Chinese Flu response, it is becoming more apparent that our police, some of whom didn't have your Civics Teacher, but big-government propaganda taught by Leftists, don't have that mooring grounded in judicious force  tempered with their oaths.   I do want to thank you personally for your service, Griz, and I will pray for your safety and others that put themselves in harms way to keep our society peaceful and safe.  Keep the faith and honor your oath.  
    • Can't go wrong with a Sig. At least I hope not as I just got one too. Now if we could only shoot them...... Congratulation!
    • A quick update, I picked up my gun yesterday from Jack at JT Custom Guns & Collectibles (https://www.jtcustomguns.com/).  The experience could not have been any better.  He was an hour and a half drive for me, which is far, but I would do it again in a heartbeat, and will probably have to when my wife's permits arrive.  I had never purchased a gun before and had only dealt with Jack over the phone and over the internet, so I was really nervous heading there initially, but his reputation on here and reviews online were exceptional.  Even so, it isn't every day you head over to a person's house to buy a gun....  As soon as I met Jack, my mind was at ease.  He was extremely friendly in person, very knowledgeable and professional.  Knowing that I was a first time gun buyer, he really went out of his way to make me feel at ease with the process and to educate me on my gun and guns in general.  He showed me how to take down the gun, how I would clean it, oil it and put it together.  We reviewed some issues I could experience when I'm at the range and how to troubleshoot it, reminding me several times that if I really get stuck to just give him a call or facetime him.  Knowing I had kids in the house, he provided me some literature regarding gun safety and security/education.  He then made a few suggestions on guns my wife could check out to ease her into the sport.  I don't really have a first hand point of reference, but talking to family members and friends, they never experienced the kind of patience and thorough 1-on-1 interaction with any gun dealers they've bought from.   Overall, if you have a good idea about what you want, I would highly recommend giving Jack a call.  His prices are good, he loves the sport and you can truly tell his priority is to make sure your gun buying experience is a good one. Here she is, I named her Stella.
    • should have built a 14.5 inch other    Worse case you pin a muzzle break and stock if things change.. but for now enjoy the fact it's an other.. 
    • There is nothing official from the ATF that states a brace must meet a 13.5" lop, so you don't have to follow that.  The brace is considered a removable accessory and has no bearing on the classification of the firearm.  Since its a brace, there is no LOP. Of all the ATF letters, not a single one measured lop.  
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