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Yo, from the Shore

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Hi All,

I've made a few post, but figure I should do a proper introduction. I grew up in the midwest, but left there when I joined the Marines. After doing my 4 years active, I ended up settling in Southern California and lived there until 2012. My wife grew up in North Philly and Bucks County, PA, so we ended up relocating out here on the east coast back in 2012 to be near family. We tried the Philly burbs bit for awhile, but missed living near the ocean, so I voluntarily forfeited my 2A rights to live in Ocean County near the shore. I'll pause for the laughter... Hey a happy wife is a happy life as they say!

I do enjoy the water, kayaking, etc... but for the past four years since I relocated to NJ I pretty much put my shooting past time on hold. And oh, have I missed it dearly. I've been incredibly busy with work and family and just getting settled in to the area, but if I'm being honest part of me was reluctant to succumb to the states requirements for an FID. Seeing as I can't even purchase ammo without one, well... that finally ended!

From the shooting perspective I like it all, but my main interest is in defensive training. I'm looking into what training is available locally, as well as what's available within reasonable travel distances that I might be able to make it to in the next year. I've done a few IDPA shoots in the past and would love to get more into the competitive side if even just for the fun. I'd also like to get involved in fixing some of the draconian laws in this state, especially the ridiculous conceal carry restrictions. Moving out of PA and giving that up was not an easy pill to swallow! Not to mention all the firearms restrictions, but I know I'm preaching to the choir. I look forward to getting to know people here and hopefully meeting up for some events and shoots in the future!

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4 minutes ago, NJ_Sig said:

Ok when’s this famous pineapple meatloaf making another appearance?

Inquiring minds want to know

Dude...let me save your stomach from that gastric abomination....just say no to pineapple meat loaf. 

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