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Ruger AR-556 MPR 18" (NJ Compliant)
Condition: like new, only 20 rounds shot
Comes with original box, manual, etc.

Price: $850 pick up only, buyer responsible for FFL fees
Payment: Cash is king

Accessories & ammo included:
- Primary Arms Gen II 3x Prism scope (cosmetic blem)
- Bushnell TRS Red Dot
- Magpul MBUS Gen II Front & Rear Sights
- BCM Gunfighter Vertical Grip
- Hexmag 10rd x 3
- Magpul 10rd
- Radian Raptor Charging Handle
- Blue Force Gear Vickers 2 Point Sling
- Magpul Paraclip
- UTG M-Lok Swivel Adaptor
- UTG Push Button QD Sling
- G-Sight .223 Laser Training Cartridge
- 200 rds - Remington 55 grain - (shipped separately)
- 20 rds - Winchester Super Clean 55 Grain JSP (shipped separately)

Price is firm
No trades
No part out



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    • By Maksim
      Ruger just announced the brand new Ruger 57 pistol.  There were a few rumors but it is here.  Totally impressed that Ruger did this... totally did not expect it.  I just got the gun a few weeks ago and enjoyed every moment!  
      Looking forward to getting a few thousand rounds downrange.
      I also covered yesterday's announcement of the Ruger LCP II in 22 LR...

    • By Maksim
      Quite a bit in the making but yay!  Join on YouTube at 9pm ET. 
    • By Maksim
      So after discovering that I can search the Ruger site by caliber... I found this guy... the American Ranch in 7.62x39. 

      So besides that it is cheap... wondering... why?
      I suppose for hunting and cheap ammo?
      In any case... lol. yes. I will be requesting one to test when I am done with the current batch.
    • By medved11
      The cleaning out of my workbench continues with a bunch of various AR parts that I'd like to find new homes for. Please let me know if you'd like any additional pictures or info on anything (everything comes as shown - I don't have any of the original packaging for this stuff).
      All prices are for a face-to-face sale but we can work out shipping cost if needed (I'll ship in a flat rate small or medium box). I'll take 5% off the total price for anyone that takes 5 or more items from the list. I’m located in the Princeton/Hillsborough area:
      Lantac Dragon 5.56 Brake (threaded 1/2x28): ***SOLD*** BCM KAG Grip (KeyMod - has rattle can camo job): $10.00 BCM Vertical Grip (KeyMod - has rattle can camo job): $10.00 Magpul Vertical Grip (Picatinny - OD Green): ***SOLD*** Arisaka Finger Stop (MLOK): ***SOLD*** Carbine Buffer Spring (not sure which manufacturer): $5.00 Carbine Buffer (no sure which manufacturer): $10.00 Vltor 5-position Carbine Tube: $25.00 Magpul Fixed Carbine Stock (has rattle can camo job and I believe that it's OD Green underneath): ***SOLD*** Way of the Gun Sling (Coyote): ***SOLD***
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