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WHat happened to Garden State??

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1 hour ago, MichaelDiggs said:

Damn, I thought at least it would have went to family instead of another company doing everything over. Their 'new' website doesn't even offer information about lanes, shooting times, the details.


Give it time, lawyers/money/taxes/bills/drama has to clear.

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I had been a member at G S S C for about 2 years & definitely enjoyed going there as often as possible to use the really great range. I hope that Jeff & his new business partners have great success with the new We Shoot range & store. If I am ever back down there in the Ocean Co. area, I will have to stop in the see the new place, & maybe even pay for an hour or 2 of range time. I have a few relatively new pistols that I did not get to try out before all this completely ridiculous Bull Shit started. Hope that it will end very soon, as I am anxious to get back to doing a lot of shooting.

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I think this thread is a solution looking for a problem.

I don't get it.  I was informed about the ownership & name change within minutes of the new website going up.  I read it in its entirety, and found it quite helpful & enlightening.  In fact, it was the most seamless transition one could ask for IMHO.  And thoroughly explained, IN DETAIL, right down to lay-away, consignment balances and transfers all being taken care of.  Jeff wants to retire, so no big deal.  

So as @Ray Ray said, everybody needs to "lighten-up".  It's NOT as if the State of NJ came in & padlocked the place (like when the business was called Brick Armory & run by a guy who never paid taxes)!

Tony is good people, and he deserves a break.  Anything I can do to help them, I will!

@High Exposure did a nice Copy & Paste to ease everyone's mind.

The new website still lists The Well Armed Woman Jersey Shore OC Chapter as meeting & shooting there.  I confirmed same with their Chapter Leader last night on a zoom meeting of TWAW.  

Considering Gov. Free Stuff still has the lid slammed down tight, I think WeShoot is doing a really nice job!


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