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War belt configuration s

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How many mags do you run on your war belt. And in what configuration?


i did a carbine class a few weeks ago. I had 4 ar mags weak side in single file and 2 pistola mags strong side in front of my awesomeness sig 320. First time really using the gear. Got back from the class with bruises on me belly from the 2 front ar mags. Not to mention 2 awesome scars on my neck from @Mr.Stu brass.

anyhow I’ve switched over to double stacking the ar mags at like 8 o’clock and put the pistol mags in front.


jus curious how guys setup.


also I have a dump bag at 6:30 and a trauma kit and tourniquet at 6 o’clock 

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Not sure if this is what you're looking for but, for USPSA I have my pistol at 3 o'clock and three dual mag pouches running from roughly 7 o'clock to 10 o'clock. I've only used that set up for 2-3 matches now, but it seems to work for me.

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Sorry about the brass down your neck - I was trying to help you to train to fight through despite the distraction - lol.

At about 1:30, far enough forward not to snag the pistol draw, I have a multitool in an HSGI pistol mag pouch.

My pistol holster is on a drop leg at 3 o'clock - Safariland Drop flex adapter with a single strap leg shroud. That carries a QLS plate so I can swap holsters easily.

At 4:30 is a TQ pouch which also holds a set of surgical shears and a resuscitation mask. Directly behind that is my IFAK. Both are reachable with either hand - to get the IFAK with my left hand I need to reach behind me. The TQ & shears I can reach from front or rear with either hand.

At 7 o'clock is a dump pouch.

There is a double AR mag pouch at about 8 o'clock - again HSGI. If was to fix anything it would be to swap these out for a more rigid design. Getting the mags into them has become more difficult as they wear in and lose stiffness.

Between 9 and 10 o'clock I have 2 single HSGI pistol mag pouches for pistol mags.

I have space for 6 more AR mags and 1 pistol mag on my plate carrier.

I have been advised not to carry anything at 6 o'clock. SoB holsters aren't a great idea either, as an aside.

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When I hear War Belt I think old school 782 gear.  All ALICE with a web belt, two magazine pouches, 2 canteens, First AId kit, and poncho.  I have spent a lot of money on newer setups and cannot say that they are any better.  I personally don't like all of the magazines on the chest.  I have a box filled with newer gear and should just sell it, it looks cooler than the ALICE gear, but I don't find it any more functional. I must be getting old...

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