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Golf battery

Giving a shout out to a new ffl

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So me and dave archibald.   Btw.  Very knowledgeable great guy.  Had a few rifle transactions.  I used his ffl. Tactical concepts nj llc  chris gunther   

located in bayville nj

seems like chris started up too not long ago.  Kinda like bully.  Which has been been railroaded by covid 19   God bless you bully.  Stay strong.  It will happen. Were all there for you.  So hes an at home ffl.  Doing transfers now and getting in minimal inventory that suppliers can supply.  Shortages on metals and bead plastics are making it near impossible for manufacturers to keep up with demand.  Talking with him he does have a slow steady inventory coming in.  Being new    Large companies are letting loose of some things but not the quantity he can sell.  
the jist of this post is.    Very knowledgeable guy.  Trying his hardest to make it happen as an at home ffl.  We had a long talk today.  Good guy.  Transfers are 35$.  Which is fair.  And wants to do this full time.   Hell.  So do i but no way in hell can i get an at home ffl license in my twsp  

overall   Awesome dude

tactical concepts nj

574 forest hills parkway

bayville nj


he said he still has limited supply or ar’s coming in      Sucks to be the little guy   But those are the guys that fight fight for you the most in crazy times    










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Nice post... good to read something positive around here! :D

Dave Archibald is a good guy to deal with. Bought from him in back in the fall and obviosuly has probably forgotten more gun knowledge than many of us know!

Glad to hear theres another FFL start up giving it a go out there!

@Golf battery  move 30 minutes south down to North Hanover.. We need a local FFL... and you'll be close to the joint base and the beautiful veterans cemetary you visited back on memorial day.. ;)  :p

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