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    • By Maksim
      Let the crazy deals on Ammo begin.  Seems like Vista (owner of Federal) needs to make their numbers so the rebates are out in full force.
      Free shipping on 25 boxes or more.   Rebate is $.05 per round or $1 per box.  Must buy at least 15 boxes for the rebate.  Maximum rebate is $500 or 500 boxes.

    • By medved11
      Up for sale The rifle is a Ruger Precision Rifle (Gen 2) with a Magpul PRS stock (Gen 3). The rifle is  on consignment with Howell Gun Works, so the sale would be done directly through them and is available now. 
      SOLD .223 caliber (but can handle 5.56 as well according to Ruger) "Like New" condition with only 60 rounds of Federal Match .223 fired through it Comes with the following: Magpul Gen 3 PRS stock (folding) 1 Ruger polymer magazine Original Ruger adjustable buttstock Picatinny and sling stud bipod attachment points (the picatinny rail is attached now, the sling stud is in the box with the original buttstock) Keymod QD sling mounting point (currently installed on the left side of the handrail) Ruger factory muzzle brake  
      Here’s an older picture of the rifle. The scope; scope mount; bipod; and bipod mount shown here are not included in the sale

    • By Henry1111
      WTS Ruger Mini 14 Target Rifle cal .223, stainless steel with composite stock, in excellent overall condition, scope rings included. One 5 rnd clip.
      Bonus several boxes of ammunition. May be sold with 3-9x40 Tasco scope.
      Price $640.00 obo
      for more info please call 973-919-0812 or e-mail henkrol74@gmail.com

      Thanks for your attention
      Happy shooting!
    • By My1stGlock
      Federal has another rebate going on now. Max rebate is upt o $200.00 just read the fine print.
      Just gotta find the deals with the low shipping or even free. Please post here if you find any on sale and cheap. 
      Palmetto State Armory has some @ $5.99 box of 20 but shipping gonna cost ya.
      Rebate link:
    • By My1stGlock
      Not what everyone wants to hear but we live in this great state of NJ. 10 round mags and a ammo box is reasonable if you lookin for them.
      Anyways Looks like a clearance sale. Order them before they're sold out.
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    • Having just reloaded a bunch of 45-70, i am of the opinion that the consensus is to put a wad. Also never use smokeless lube with BP or Pyrodex....but ymmv
    • Rifle alone was $1070. Not sure what's next.  An O/U is one of the other things that has been calling my name since at least the first shotgun shoot I went to.  Also on list are a Vudoo V22 in an AICS chassis and a AI AW/AE/AT in .308 or one of the 6.5/6.8 calibers, though those  are a long, long way off, unless I do decide on consolidating and sell off a ton of guns.  I wanted the Anschutz for 9 years, but I've wanted an AI for at least 20 years
    • Without a doubt, flying lizard calligraphers.
    • 3 seconds added per string — thats 15 seconds per stage total — this rule is the same for both monthly steel matches at OBRPC Doesn't really matter much — you are there to have fun, not win a cadillac   Rimfire pistol no holster no penalty
    • I shot a steel challenge a couple weeks ago ( i wasnt terribly competitive). I overheard some guys talking about a penalty for not having a holster, starting in the ready with a 9mm. The goal was to shoot 5 steal targets, the stop plate being last.  As far as terms go, a run (string) is 1 part of a stage?  So if im understanding what you're saying, each run has 2 seconds added. So essentially 8 seconds to each stage correct?
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