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What do you guys think of this model? Don't know much about weatherby except that they've been around a while and I think make a pretty good hunting rifle/shotgun.

Have the opportunity to buy one of these for a pretty good price. It's a 30"

Held it and feels good when I lift it to ready to shot. Haven't shot it and won't be able to. Using the link below just to show model.

Really want a Beretta, but really don't need a Beretta, maybe someday. But do want a O/U


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A friend of mine has one of these. I’ve handled it but not shot it. It was nicely made, the finish was spectacular. 

I have a Weatherby MkV magnum hunting rifle, and it’s a very nicely made, very accurate rifle. 
If that shotgun is anything like the quality of my Wby rifle, I’d say go for it.  

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Thanks guys,

 I read the online reviews, they pretty much seem ok, was just wondering if anyone had one or had hands on experience with one, 

And yes if I get it you guys can shot it and the next meet up.

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44 minutes ago, Displaced Texan said:

Very nice!! 

9/26 clays shoot at Stafford Forge WMA...


That's kind of a hike for me about 2 hours, but you never know.

20 minutes ago, Zeke said:

Can I shoot it?:D

Of course.

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