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    • Finger off the trigger Cock the hammer Rack the slide while maintaining trigger discipline Engage thumb safety Holster it or put it in a drawer Without knowing much about you or your abilities, as @GRIZ mentioned, messing with spring rates is probably left to someone with some experience in a particular platform.  Changing one will affect several other things.  Looking at the firing pin stop would be what I would recommend as if the bottom is square as opposed to rounded or chamfered it will be harder to rack without cocking the hammer.     Additionally if you are not familiar with the platform a 1911 is not the pistol that I would recommend as a first timer's home defense firearm.  A full sized 9mm striker fired pistol would generally be my recommendation.  Glock is my personal preferred platform but they're not for everyone.   Good luck.
    • Nope, great opportunity to dollar cost average into a nice position.   Futures today show another drop, so I’m guessing there are still some fear sellers that will come out today.
    • Yes, because it is not a shotgun nor a rifle. Could the frame be assembled into a rifle from a new reciver and then legally brought in a state other then your residence because its no longer an other, it has become a rifle? Is buying a used stripped lower in a different state different then buying an entire rifle?
    • I've purchased a few stripped Glock frames from them on a two occasions. 
    • I first would advise you not to swap out springs.  The main function of the recoil spring is to return the slide.  Springs are timed to one another.  You go to a lighter recoil spring and you may create feeding issues. A lighter spring will also beat the slide as it goes back.  A heavier spring will beat the frame.  Last I looked Colt listed the same part number for all full size 45 1911s.  Doesn't make a difference if it's a service pistol or a Gold Cup which is designed to shoot lower powered semiwadcutters.  I know I don't know more than the engineers who designed the gun. I've only been shooting 1911s for over 50 years.  I've always stayed with stock springs with any semiautomatic. Instead of holding the grip still with your dominant hand try pushing it forward while you're pulling the slide back.  It makes it easier.   Another solution is build more muscle.  Many new shooters avoid DA revolvers because they have a "long and heavy" DA pull.  Those who say get an action job and lighter springs for a revolver or only looking for instant success. JMO
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