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On 8/15/2020 at 11:14 PM, Heavyopp said:

Do you have a FFL you like nearby?  Do you know their price for a transfer?

Any idea on round count thru this?

About 80-90 rounds. I still have some ammo left

Don't know any FFL.... would need to shop around

Location Clifton NJ

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Firearms - New Jersey State Police

STATE OF NEW JERSEY. CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY. (This form must be completed for each transfer of a Shotgun, Ri.e, including black powder or BB Ri.e)
Both seller and buyer must be in possession of NJ Firearms Purchaser ID Card

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10 minutes ago, Henry1111 said:

Firearms - New Jersey State Police

STATE OF NEW JERSEY. CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY. (This form must be completed for each transfer of a Shotgun, Ri.e, including black powder or BB Ri.e)
Both seller and buyer must be in possession of NJ Firearms Purchaser ID Card

 All transfers (outside of immediate family) now need to go through a FFL.  

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    • By Blackjack988
      Just looking to purge and de-clutter a little bit so putting up a number of spare guns, accessories, and optics for sale.  Will be updating this thread as I add more items.  I am located in Middletown NJ but am willing to meet and/or ship at buyer's expense. 
      Guns (all firearms must be transferred at an FFL and will only be sold to those with matching DL and FID, happy to discuss which FFL):
      $1500 - Walther Q5 Match SF 9mm - Lightly used (less than 500 rounds) will come with RMR-compatible plate and 6 magazines (4 factory 10 rounders and 2 factory 15's perm pinned to 10) $450 - CZ P10C 9mm - First generation handgun (one of the first in the country).  Will include 6 10 round magazines, A&R Design Holster, APL-C.  Magazine release was upgraded to Single-sided and sights upgraded to Dawson Precision $350 - SW22 Victory .22LR - Will include 2 magazines, upgraded parts from Tandemkross, and aftermarket Volquartsen barrel with compensator. SOLD $650 - Tikka T3 Tactical .223 Rem - Will include upgraded bolt handle, one magazine, and APA little bastard muzzle brake. Wear on the rail and barrel (pictured) $850 - Ruger 10/22 - Customized Ruger 10/22 based on basic Ruger receiver and bolt. Includes Kidd Barrel, Trigger pack, Rail, Charging Handle, and other upgrades.  Victor Company Titan stock. Optics:
      $650 - Aimpoint Micro T-2 - Will include ADM QD lower 1/3rd cowitness mount and low profile QD mount.   $400 each - 2x Trijicon RMR (RM06).  3.25 MOA dots.  Will include accessories that I can find and original boxes. Accessories
      $400 - Modlite OKW package, includes light body, OKW head, Arisaka in-line Keymod mount, and Unity hot button (pic model)  
      The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale

    • By Henry1111
      Rare to find:
      Remington 700 VSSF Varmint HS  Call .308
      Fluted Stainless 26 inch barrel.
      Target style trigger, very light.
      H-S precision synthetic stock with
      Full aluminum bedding block.
      Excellent overall condition, less than 100 rounds through.
      Topped with Nikon Monarch 6-24x50SF M FC  featuring:
      - 4x Zoom Range, 4 inch Eye Relief
      - Interchangeable Target Style Turret Knobs and Caps
      - Locking Side Focus Parallax Adjustment (SF)
      - Fine Cross (FC) Target Reticle
      - Ultra ClearCoat boosting Light Transmission up to 95%
      - Waterproof, Fogproof, Shockproof
      - Nikon Lifetime Full Warranty
      Price  $650 without scope.  or BO
      Scope $440 extra

    • By Heavyopp
      I've been wanting to switch over to liquid tumbling with stainless media for a few months now. I wasn't really thrilled with the commercial offerings for tumblers so I decided to build my own. Looking around there was a great thread over on arfcom about building a tumbler -- My inspiration came from there.
      Anyway --- Right to the pictures...
      I decided the frame would be made of aluminum, I happen to have a great supply of 3" 6061 channel so this is the obvious choice --
      The small 1" stubs of round rod are for the rubber adjustable feet

      Laid out... Ready for tig welding

      Mostly welded up

      Plate over the angle pieces for the motor mount

      Rubber feet mounts

    • By 7-3-2
      Hey guys,
      So I purchased this little gun in order to be able to get more range time without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, things just didn't work out that way as I still just go the range about the same as before. I really have lost interest in shooting 22lr and I am looking to make some room in my safe for a new toy.
      This little revolver is a 8-shot 22 lr with fiber optic sights, I have a wolfe springs kit for it as well that ill include (I put the stock springs back in however). Asking $450.00 and the gun is practically brand new as I've shot less then 1000 rounds through it.
      * Edit * Just so that everyone knows, this gun has been shipped back to Ruger in the past because spots were appearing on the stainless that I concerned might have been rust. Ruger, (who has awesome customer service btw) had the gun back to me about a week later (6/5) completely refinished and all components replaced (Cylinder, Pawl, Trigger plunger, Firing pin Assy, Hammer strut Assy, & rear sight base).

    • By Jmac92
      I want to buy a Ruger 10/22 Stainless Rifle in .22LR.
      Let me know what you have!
      New or used
      stock or upgraded
      willing to pay!
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    • I got a GSG-1911 ADOPS and I sent it in for repair through my dealer. The company told them I will receive a replacement and then they said they couldn't ship it to NJ. My dealer sent them the NJ assault weapon law and explained that it is okay to have the threaded barrel. A month goes by and I decide to call the company myself. They explain to me that the faux suppressor that the specific model I got is a barrel shroud. This is the firearm for reference According to this, technically it is "attached to" the barrel. And technically it can permit me to hold it without getting burned. The barrel is fixed so I assume the firearm would function normally as well. This would mean putting a compensator which would have the holes farther up or linear would also be considered a barrel shroud since technically you can hold it without getting burned. At least to my knowledge, you can put a compensator on a threaded handgun in NJ.   So is the company correct classifying the faux suppressor as a barrel shroud?
    • How does the 60 day law  work,   hopefully not the same as the 30 day law
    • Wow! Handgun functions even when dripping wet! Mom fatally shot home intruder to defend kids, she says (ky3.com)
    • I lived in Randolph until 1994. I don't think this delay would have happened under Chief Booser. Who is your Chief now?
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