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Mrs. Peel

Hurricane Laura - So Far, Looking like a Bad One!

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Yikes! This storm has really picked up speed steadily in the last 24 hours. It's currently got 150 mph sustained winds (cat 4) and they think it could even accelerate to a cat 5 before it hits land. Devastating storm surge expected... with impacts felt as much as 30 miles inland... along with the usual potential for tornado activity. Bad mojo all around!

Weather forecasters screw up all the time, but a storm this large won't just "poof!... disappear" in the next several hours. So, let's say a prayer for the many folks who live in the region. It doesn't seem like "shelter in place" seems like the best plan with this one (at least for those on the coast), but I realize not everyone is readily mobile either... and the severity of this did speed up pretty quickly which could leave many people scrambling. I would imagine it's quite the vulnerable, foreboding feeling to know that a storm that massive and powerful is bearing down on your town... to know that your life and your loved ones could be at risk, along with everything you've worked for your whole life. I really feel for those people! :(


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Damn, Trump, it's your fault.  They're going to force us to wear raincoats in our homes now.  

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3 hours ago, Displaced Texan said:

My office is on the north west side of Houston, in the Woodlands. They are bracing for impact. 
Everyone I’ve spoken to has told me they are leaving the area until the storm passes. Thank God...it’s gonna be brutal. 


How far and which direction do you go to evacuate, to Kansas?  That is a problem in Florida, they don’t know which coast it’s going to hit until the last turn is made. Last year they said will go up the east coast, so people fled north-west to panhandle, well it changed course and hit the west coast and panhandle. Also, weirdly enough that south-east Georgia is like one big flood zone, where my little northern corner of FL is not. 
I hope they are safe!

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