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6.5 ammo for hunting

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I had posted this in the hunting section but I don’t think it gets much traffic.

I’m working on setting up a elk out in CO this fall and plan on bringing my 6.5cm out with me. Anyone here hunt with that caliber? I’m looking at various hunting ammo and not sure where to start. My rifle barrel was cut for the Hornady ELD/ELD-X rounds but I’m reading the ELD-X doesn’t work all that well on elk. Breaks up too easily and doesn’t penetrate. Looking at other rounds such as Nosler Long Range Accubond, Barnes TSX/TTSX, or the Hornady 120 GMX Superformance. 

Ultimately the will depend on what my rifle likes the best as accuracy will be critical but any opinions are welcome. I would say 400 yards would probably be max distance I would shoot. 

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I'm certainly no expert, but I would think that a 120 would be kinda light for elk.  

You may want to look at the 140 class solid copper bullets.  Obviously, they're not impossible to put down, but being "overgunned" on an animal that size would be tough.  It's all about being as humane as possible, which I am sure you know.  


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Guess I should update this thread.

Back in October I took my first trip to CO to take part in my first elk hunt during 1st rifle season. It was an absolute blast. Took my very first elk at 711 yards with my Ruger RPR 6.5cm. I was shooting the 127g Barnes LRX rounds. I was up on a ridge line shooting down into a opening in the timber. She was standing broadside and I placed the crosshairs just off to the side of the front shoulder. My bullet drop was a little off and the bullet actually hit a few inches higher, and appears the wound cavity was large enough that it severed the spine. The round dropped her in her tracks without taking a step. She fell awkwardly on the timber leaving just her head exposed. While she was practically dead, she was still moving her head around so I chambered another round and put a final round thru her neck to finish her off. 2 rounds, 2 hits @ 711. 

Both shots penetrated both sides of he elk and continued into the ground. It was late afternoon and sunlight was disappearing quickly so I didn’t have time to dig around looking for the round. I’m impressed tho. Will definitely be using these LRX rounds for future hunts.

The rifle

Shooting lane ( the opening area in the timber)

The elk

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