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Pizza Bob

IDPA Match 9/13

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For those of you casting about, looking for a match to shoot - good news: This coming Sunday, 9/13, Bob Raike will be holding his first post-covid shutdown IDPA match at Old Bridge's outdoor ranges.

For those of you that shot at Somerset, back in the day, you may remember Bob Raike. He was a regular there until the Match Director spot opened up at Old Bridge. Bob told me that originally this first match was going to be open to OBRPC members only, but he recently contacted me and said that he was opening it up to the public at large. 

So for those that have been looking (attention, former Somerset shooters) and those that want to try this out, here is your opportunity. Here is the link for registration...

Just a word about registering - since this was originally a closed / members only match, there is a field on the registration page that asks for your OBRPC member number - I just filled in: N/A and it accepted my registration. Once registered, it may also tell you you will be notified when you are cleared to squad - you do not have to wait, you can squad immediately upon registration. Currently there is only one squad, but I'm sure that as it fills up, he will break it down into more squads. You also will get a Practiscore notification reiterating that this is a members only match - you can ignore that part of the notice.
Team Kulak will be there, hope to see you.
Pizza Bob
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