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LWRC - is it NJ legal muzzle brake?

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Well, according to LWRC website this device is muzzle brake and not flash hider. Right?


The only concern here is I found front view picture and it has small opening like most flash hiders. Correct me if I'm wrong but rule of thumb (or finger in this case) is that if pinky doesn't fit it's not muzzle brake but a flash hider. 

So is it NJ legal or not? Or even NJSP is not going to know for sure?






Thank you.

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That break is NJ legal - as it is a brake and not a flash hider.

You have it backwards - Brakes and comps generally have a closed front with a smaller aperture sized to fit the round exiting the muzzle. Hiders generally have big openings that let the gas and flash escape out the front - So the theory is - if the pinky fits, it is a hider and not a brake.

However, as Fishnut said, the “pinky test” is BS. What matters is how the device is marketed and sold.

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