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Delete Thread WTS Primers/Bullets/Cases

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Want to sell reloading supplies.  Will reduce prices if multiple items are purchased at once.  Work in Bergen and live in Sussex - would like to meet anywhere along or north of Route 80.


Winchester primer rifle 5000                                                 $120

Winchester primer pistol 5000                                               $120

CCI Primers cap type 1.4s 5000                                              $120

CCI #300 large pistol primer 4000                                          $100

CCI #200 large rifle primer 2100                                            $50

Win wlp pistol 4700                                                                $100

Win non-mercuric #116 primer 3000                                     $30

Win western staynless primer 1200                                       $20

CCI #400 1000                                                                         $25

Rem #9 1/2 m primer 1000                                                    $25

CCI #500 100                                                                           - I'll include with other primer purchase

Win shotshell primer 100                                                       - I'll include with other primer purchase


Sierra 30 cal .308 175 gr hpbt match 2275c 500                    $150

Sierra 30 cal .308 175 gr hpbt match 2275 150                     $50


Sierra 22 cal .224  77 gr hpbt match 9377 *300                  $100

Sierra 22 cal .224 77 gr hpbt match 1477 150                       $50

Sierra 22 cal .224 77 gr hpbt match 1478 100                       $40


Rem 30-06 cases 600                                                              $200

308 win cases 100                                                                   $40

223 cases 50                                                                           $20

















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Well I posted first for all small pistol primers and sent a pm.... and then others come after me and they get them so..... I guess standard “first I’ll take it” doesn’t apply here :whatever:

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Sorry for the lack of answers, I work overnights and am helping a neighbor do some demo when our schedules aline.  I got the first direct message from a member who didn't chime into this thread.  He asked for the two largest (Win large pistol and Win large rifle) and is contemplating a few others.  Once I sort things out with him I'll update what is left and get back to the direct messages.  I'm selling items that I basically got as payment for helping a friend move out of NJ and don't reload so I'm not sure what, if any, of the primers that I posted classify as small pistol or small rifle (which seems to be what everyone wants).     

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I believe I've contacted everyone who messaged me.  All primers may be sold, but I will update if anything becomes unwanted or if a sale falls through.  The bullets and cases are all still available.  If I failed to respond to your direct message I apologize, just send me another message letting me know. Thanks for following

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