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Colt CLT CRXM177E2

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So many better AR platform guns out there for the price.  I would even look at a Non-NFA "Other" Firearm (AR type) like the Troy A4 Other.  

The chamber dimensions for the 5.56 are slightly larger than a .223 chamber.  The leade (or throat) is the area between the front of the chamber and the point where the bullet itself connects with the rifling.  5.56 rounds are slightly longer than .223, which means 5.56 ammo can be a little bit hotter, and cause overpressure in a .223 chamber.  Basically - get an AR with a barrel chambered in 5.56 or .223 Wylde.  That means it can shoot both 5.56 and .223 safely.

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My friend that is such a loaded question...lol. In my humble opinion as a noob myself I've researched this pretty deep and just bought my first AR-15. There are so many options, features and accessories. I just bought Precision Firearms Katana 3 tactical AR-15

  • Matched Billet Upper and Lower
  • PF Stainless Midlength 223 Wylde 1-8 Twist Barrel Medium Weight w/ Fluting
  • Samurai 13 inch handguard Mlok 
  • Geissele 2 Stage Trigger 4 lbs total weight
  • PF Super Match NiB Carrier Group, Optional Phalanx Coated (Mellonite)
  • PF LMD Brake , Optional PF NOX Flash Hider 
  • Integral Triggerguard
  • Hogue Rubberized Grip with Beavertail
  • BCM Gunfighter Mod 4 Charging handle
  • Milspec 7075-T6 Buffer Tube (not the cheap 6061 tubes common on the market now)
  • Magpul ACS-L Stock or Magpul STR or BCM SopMod
  •  Magpul AFG
  • Soft Tactical Case USA Made in West Virginia
  • PF Single Point QD Sling Included
  • Available in Black, FDE, OD Green, Tungsten, Burnt Bronze, Storm Gray
  • Vortex Strikefire 3 Red / Green dot

$1900 give or take.

You really should learn as much as you can about all aspects of the riffle. Just humble advise from a guy that didn't know this was so deep! Also keep in mind if that riffle is used in a HD situation .....it will be taken by the police.


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12 hours ago, kc10dave said:

Looking for home defense purpose.  Is the Colt CLT CRXM177E2 a good, better or best AR weapon for the money? (approx. $2700)

There are many very fine ARs for home defense that can be had for under $1000.  IMHO you will not be any safer/better off by spending more than that.

This article might be helpful.

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