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    • By MichaelDiggs
      Hi there. Finally got my Primary Arms Platinum 1x-8 ACSS Rectile Scope. Glass is super clear and is very forgiving. Down to the problem. The turrets for elevation and windage lift up and then you can turn them. Simple. Low and behold my brother unscrewed just the turret cap and the turret cap came off, no big deal. BUT what I don't understand is how do I know what exact position to put it back in on? Like what mark was it lined up with? Does it matter? I basically want to screw it back on exactly where it was, but that is impossible now, so my question I guess is, how would I take this scope back to like factory defaults with the turning turrrets? I just don't want to slap on the turret before knowing how to put it back on in the right place. Is there a way this can be done? I have not zeroed it yet, so making changes to the turrets is fine with me. Thinking of zeroing it at 50 or 100 yards since I won't be shooting out so darn far. If you know what I mean and think you may know the answer I'd be greatly appreciated. I can always contact Primary Arms and ask them, but I get really good feedback in here sometimes with you guys. Well, take it easy!

    • By MichaelDiggs
      I have a couple red dots and want to enter the scope world. For mostly 1000 yards and less. Most of the time a lot of time at the range at 500 yards or less. Possibly for hunting, but I'm not a big animal killer and don't like deer meat too much. Still trying to find out what exactly every number means in the specifications of the model, but I think I have it down pretty good. Let me know if I'm wrong. The "3-9x" would mean that's what the magnification is. "40mm" would mean the size of the glass circle itself. The larger, the better and more surface area you have when viewing using the rectile. Would that mean a scope with a larger mm size is just larger and is better and has a larger viewing area? I'd like the largest that is within being normal of using it on an AR-15. These are the ones I have had my eyes on. Don't need anything at all that cost $3000+ from the bank. Getting tired of my red dots, want a change and what better to change out my old red dots!
      And when they say ILLUMINATED, does that mean the rectile/scope itself is illuminated? I understand there may be a red dot which needs to light up so it can be seen, but is there anything else illuminated while looking through the scope itself? Yea, I like to ask lots of questions, since when I do read too much online I do get even more confused since everyone has their own opinion on what something is. I've found this forum to be really cool with great people. Thanks, and I will take any of your recommendations of scopes not listed below. The ones below just caught my eye because of their price. Thanks again!!!!
      Sig Sauer Whiskey3   3-9x 40mm  Quadplex Rectile   $119
      Leupold VH-5HD 30mm 2-10x 42mm Duplex Rectile    $599
      Leupold Mark AR MOD 1  1.5x-4  20mm   Illuminated Firedot SPR Rectile   $299
      Leupold Mark AR MOD 1  3-9x  40mm  Illuminated Firedot Rectile  $299
    • By jrfly3006
      Ok so its glass time for my SPR build..need some help choosing from listed field
      Gun has 18" Rainier Barrel 1/8 Twist .223 Wylde Chamber..gonna be throwing 69gr and up
      Some parameters
      1. Shooting from 50-300 yds
      2. Looking for a nice balance of precision and versatility
      3. If I go higher magnification model then the plan is to offset mount some sort of RMR..if going with     one of the 1.5 models then just sticking with that
      4. All listed fall in my price range (Burris 1.5 is top end..Vortex would be cheapest)
      5. All will be mounted in ADM Recon QD mount
      6. Illumination is nice but not required
      7. Don't necessarily need FFP
      8. All have lifetime warranty policy
      Any and all help is greatly appreciated as I am completely overwhelmed with the choices and am trying to follow the "buy once, cry once" mantra..
    • By hotel71
      So doing the research I found out if you take the BACK sight off it reveals a dovetail..
      Anyone recommend a mount and long view scope??
    • By bhunted
      Anybody see or use this contraption. Stumbled onto it will on the SniperHide forums..



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