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WTS - 40 S&W factory ammo & bullets

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Selling some 40 S&W factory ammo & bullets:

100 rds Winchester 165gr FMJ Target 40 S&W - $30

50 rds Speer Lawman 180gr TMJ 40 S&W - $20

~900 Berry's Bullets, #72953, Double Struck, 40 S&W/10mm, 155gr Flat Point - $75 for the 900 that are left in the box

~375 Better Bullets, Super Hard Cast Alloy Bullets, .40/10mm, lubed & sized .401, 175gr, Semi-Wadcutter - $30 for the 375 or thereabouts that are left in the box

Must be able to meet in Colts Neck area (Rt34 & 537) to pick up factory ammo.  Must have FID, matching DL, and cash when picking up factory ammo, no exceptions.  I can split the bullets into smaller amounts, take PayPal F&F for the bullets, and ship if the buyer will cover the additional cost of shipping.

The first to post "I'll take it" in reponse to this post wins the sale.  Then follow that with a PM that includes your name, what you're looking to buy, and a date/time you'd be able to pick up.  Will respond to messages in the order they're received.



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