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WTS-LAST PRICE DROP_PTR 91 HK/G3 clone and 308 ammo

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PTR 91 (HK/G3 clone) Condition used 350-450 round count. Something happened in storage. There is a scratch  on exterior receiver above ejection port that does not affect performance but is what I consider more than "normal wear" (shown in pic close up) Comes with four 10 round mags and mag pouches. Price $925. Price drop $875 Last price drop before this hits gunbroker $825 firm.

308 Ammo factory new steel case. Total count available is 1,000. Each 500 rounds with carrying case and dessicant included is $375. Price drop $350 Last price drop $325 per can or $625 for both cans.

Total package cash $1,400 for all.

Located Bernardsville NJ. For gun must meet to transfer at FFL within 30ish minutes of 07924. All associated transfer fees buyers responsibility. All legal documentation needed for transfer is between buyer and FFL.(examples Jim Flynns in Clinton and Cheyenne in Manville)

Ammo can meet at my home or will travel that same 30ish minutes distance from 07924 NJ drivers license needed for ammo purchase.

Will not ship guns or ammo. Cash only at face to face meeting.

Minimum ammo purchase is 500 rounds.

*Posting multiple threads as I have time to photograph and upload over the following days. Items include, ARs, AKs, PTR91, Browning Hi Power pistol, 22/45  pistol with associated  ammo.*

The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale followed by private message 

**Buyer MUST contact  the FFL we are meeting at in advance to make sure they have the time to do it at that time or they can hold the gun for you while you wait for paperwork. I will not travel without these arrangements made in advance. I apologize for this but just wasted more than 2 hours to find out that specific FFL had a 5 day backlog and would not hold firearm for buyer during that wait.










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Updated original post to reflect that because of the sheer volume of transactions currently taking place; it is the buyers responsibility to make arrangements with the FFL of their choice in advance of setting up transfer. Or to make arrangements for your FFL to hold the gun for you while you wait.

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