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Nappen defends Trump's bumpstock ban...

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I'm not going to cut and paste the article but WOW...

It was all a part of Trump's plan to defang the Left so they couldnt conflate bumpstocks with semi-autos in an effort to essentially ban all firearms...

Again, WOW.

What a frigging stretch.  Blatant lie.   

And nothing about the fact that Trump did it by decree which sets the precedent for future gun grabbers like Harris who is now threatening to do the exact same thing...




How about the fact that Trump's ATF is persecuting almost twice as many people as they did under Obama.

Is that all part of the plan too???

At my direction, the Department of Justice banned bump stocks.  Last year, we prosecuted a record number of firearms offenses.



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The NRA pushed for banning bump stocks too.  When their membership lost their minds over it, they published a 1 page letter in their magazines.  Basically said that they had to push to ban bump stocks for secret reasons we can't know about but...trust us.

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ATF under obozo let obozo's bff's plead down or dropped most multiple charges down to one. 

That's why there's more now because Trumps crew is ACTUALLY enforcing the law. 

Look at all the sex/child abusers and traffickers being caught while the "news" censors or ignores that. 

Hmmm just like they are protecting rat biden and crack boy hunter.  

The rats have infested everything. Many obozo rats still in the DOJ and other branches.  Many toilets to flush. 

I never liked Donnie. BUT:  I'll die in my boots before EVER voting rat again

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