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Updating the SPF

All 22 round nose spoken for. I found a bulk box of jacketed hollow points for .12 cents a round 

9mm I have 100 maybe 200 rounds left

223 brass I have ~2,000 left

5.56 couple hundred left

223 steel 3000 left

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Updated counts in first post for 223 and 9mm. Sold out of 22. I found a couple hundred more rounds of 5.56 still have ~400-500

38 wadcutters SPF,   38 round nose available 

All loose Remington 12 guage SPF. The 9 boxes of federal still available 

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Original post updated. 22,9,38 and 45 sold out or SPF. I have a buddy with 9mm in south jersey if anyone interested I can give you his number.

Exact count and pic of 5.56 still available updated. 

All other types updated amounts that are left.

Also I thought I sold all my 32 ammo when I got rid of the gun a couple years ago but found 1 full box left. Added to original post.

Thanks to all the buyers so far for making things easy to sell.

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    • I don't know why anyone is surprised at 22lr.  Remember how many people train with 22lr when 223 gets rich.  It's still a far cheaper range trip than other common calibers.  I don't think we saw higher than this during Sandy Hook however,
    • I have one.  It's a good alternative to an AR, similar ballistics (perhaps not quite as accurate), but doesn't look tactical.  I call it my FU gun, because there's a good chance they could remain legal under an "assault weapons" ban.  There are lots of You  Tube videos about them.  Watch a few, then get one. 
    • Every ones pretty jammed with work.... My usual turn around is a day or so.. we are about 3 days give or take now.  May i ask what kinda brake your having installed?  Was there something that needed extra attention?   When was the last time you spoke to him?
    • Thanks again.  I think the 3.5 hours may turn into 6 or 7 for me but it seems doable.
    • I've had a full frame apx for about a year now. I got it pre covid for 350 and it was a solid buy. Trigger stock is pretty fantastic for a cheap plastic framed gun. I put a reduced power striker spring in and it felt really nice pre and post install. The mag release is very positive and easy to hit. Slide hold open is hard to use like a standard Glock one. I wouldn't mind an aftermarket extended one like Glocks have. Especially hard when used as a lefty slide release. Fit and finish is solid. The modularity is inferior to that of the sig. It requires a lot more operations and the spring and pin fiddling can be a pain the first few times. Not really a big deal unless u like swapping frames around like a mad man, but I do have one with finger grooves and one with out and I've swapped back and forth at least 2 or 3 times. And it's easier to do each time. However, actual field stripping is simpler than even the Glock. However, the pin can be rather stiff to rotate initially. The dingus for the firing pin black is weird but I don't foresee it causing any issues. Not particularly sure why it needed to exist but w/e. Sights are good. Nothing to write home about but are easier to pick up on when drawing the pistol. The slide design is meh. Tim from MAC is right. It's not as easy to grip as traditional slide cuts are, but it does the job. I have not put it through a mud test to see how slippery it may get, but I can assume MACs results are quite representative of the nature of the beast. Mags are steel which is cool. Solidly built.  And weren't stupid expensive when I started getting myself a uspsa setup.  Overall for 350 bucks it was a steal when I got it on GunBroker pre covid pricing. I know they are gone up since. I'd say even at a price comparable to a Glock 19, a Glock needs a trigger to feel like the apx does in terms of shootability, so I'd say it's still an ok alternative to another Glock should you have one. But if you want really good 3rd party support, glock would be the clear winner. As that's what hurts the apx most.
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