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  1. Thanks for the info. The statement on the state police website is totally misleading since it's under the rifle/long gun section since it states, "All firearms transactions must be completed at a State licensed retail firearms dealer", unless they mean (any)state licensed retail firearms dealer.
  2. Hi All, First Post. I have read about 8 pages in the NJ gun law section, did a search on the topic as well as visited the NJSP site. Here’s the situation. My daughter who is 19 has a valid NJFID and is away at school in Akron, Ohio. She wants to purchase a shotgun in Ohio. Can she purchase a shotgun from an Ohio dealer/FFL and legally transport it back to NJ when the school year is over? I found a post from 2012 that says she can as long as the out-of-state FFL fills out the NJ Certificate of Eligibility that you can download from the NJSP website. The reason I question if this is still true is that the NJSP website says this: 3. How do you buy rifles and/or shotguns, including bb, pellet, and black powder rifles? It is the responsibility of the seller of the rifles and/or shotguns, including bb, pellet, and black powder rifles to ascertain that the buyer has a valid Firearms Purchaser Identification Card plus one additional form of photo identification and completes a Certificate of Eligibility for each firearm. The information contained on the Firearms Purchaser Identification Card must match the identification of the transferor to be valid. A Certificate of Eligibility can be obtained at any licensed firearms dealer, or this web site. *All firearms transactions must be completed at a State licensed retail firearms dealer with the exemption of transactions between a) members of an immediate family b) law enforcement officers c) collectors in possession of a valid Collector of Curios and Relics License issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. (See N.J.S.A. 2C:58-3 for further information) I’ve bolded the part that throws doubt if she can purchase out of state. It’s not clear if the above is dealing with a private sale having to go thru an FFL. I don’t know if Ohio requires a NICS check to be performed for purchase. If they do not, does she need to request that they perform one in addition to filling out the COE? It doesn’t look like it needs to be sent to anyone at the NJSP. If she finds a used shotgun in Ohio that she wants to purchase and does the transaction thru an Ohio FFL, is this legal assuming there is a NJ COE filled out? Thanks, Art.
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