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    Hey all. So we are about a year in from first getting our FID cards. Our current collection consists of the following: Sig P320X Compact RXP (9mm) Canik TP9SFX (9mm) Smith & Wesson 686-6 Plus (.357 Magnum) Kimber Custom LW Shadow Ghost (.45 acp) RIA Rock Series 1911 FS Matte Nickel (.45 acp) Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 (.22LR) Stag Arms Stag 15 Tactical (5.56/.223) RIA AG Pump Action Shotgun (12ga) We are still looking into a nice Bolt-Action and/or possibly an AK variant. Something with some wood furniture would be nice.
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    I won't let this day pass without acknowledging this important holiday... yes, we can celebrate the person whose intrepid journey brought Western civilization to this land...at the same time, giving a deserving nod to the many Italian-Americans who've contributed to this great nation. Let's not politicize this thread since it's outside of 1A... just leave it as a positive affirmation of ethnic & national pride... in line with the original intent of this Federal Holiday! Ciao!
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    Easy.....You don't register it! Registration is voluntary in NJ. So don't even think about it.
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    There is no NJ statute that defines a knife by size. If you carry a knife every day you just need an explainable lawful purpose. There is no limit to what lawful purpose you use, so long is it is not self defense. My knife is used to open boxes frequently and there is tape residue on it which could be proof if it is ever challenged. Your knife has a seat belt cutting blade at the back of the handle - perfectly lawful in case of emergency.
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    I’m joking about it but in reality it’s horrible. Schadenfreude aside, this will help no one. Two innocent people that didn’t deserve to be shot were. One has now died and one is seriously injured - this is what we all train to avoid - and this does nothing to further our cause of gun rights. This will win us no allies it won’t sway a single person towards our cause. This incident is dark comedy materiel for some, but mostly it is fuel that the Anti 2A crowd can use against us. One more tragedy on their list that they can put their finger on as they scream that guns are killing people.
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    Well most people are wearing sweatpants and pajamas around now so... no pockets?
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    That's a bit misleading. Cartridge dimensions are identical. .308 is higher pressure than 7.62x51. Basically, a firearm designed for .308 can handle either .308 or 7.62x51 (AKA 7.62 NATO). A firearm designed for 7.62x51 should only fire 7.62x51. More details: https://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2018/8/19/308-win-vs-762-nato-whats-the-difference/
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    If you're involved in a shooting make sure you mag dump. That way the perp is in possession of the hollowpoints, not you. /sarc
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    Today I had to go to Home Depot. As I approached the entrance, I noticed a female driver looking for a parking space. I flagged the driver down and pointed out a handicap parking space that was open and available. The driver looked puzzled, rolled down her window and said, "I'm not handicapped!" Well, as you can imagine, my face was red! "Oh, I'm sorry," I said. "I saw your 'I'm Ridin with Biden' " bumper sticker and just assumed that you suffer from a mental disorder." She gave me the finger and screamed some nasty names at me. Boy! Some people just don't appreciate it when you're only trying to help them....
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    It's to open those PBA donation letters.
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    It may not be 100%, but they're going. Buh Bye MA. Smith & Wesson Ditches Massachusetts Over Pending Legislation, Moves Headquarters To Tennessee | ZeroHedge
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    If it is a freak accident, it can happen to anyone. Better question: If this happened to Keanu Reeves would we be so happy to celebrate this tragedy at his expense and so eager to see him headed to the gallows?
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    I would suggest you check out https://gunforhire.com/ in Woodland park. Probably the closest to you, and an excellent facility.
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    Don’t forget to grind off those evil bayonet lugs. There is a HUGE problem with drive by bayonettings in this state.
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    Not that difficult if you put your mind to it......With 3 ar15's 5k rounds, and 4 handguns you are just starting in this hobby!
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    I remember the full auto BB guns at the boardwalk. Much better than a hammer & rubber frog.
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    is a safe citizenery. at least according to us, and now to the fbi. also, not sure if this shoulda gone somewhere else, so i dropped it here. https://www.mrctv.org/blog/new-stats-show-armed-civilians-bring-down-more-criminals-cops?fbclid=IwAR38E0dBGUN8aGkUCIgTIccwywPcQD_D09y5qLtCg9L46NefGitemlFNLuI
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    Most currencies have no real "substance" or "value". They aren't backed by anything except the promise of the issueing country that they are indeed worth something. The government of the issuing country controls the amount and relative worth of thee currency by printing more of it or taking it out of circulation. The main allure of bitcoin / crypto is it takes that control out of the government's hand (unless it is outright banned by a country). It also levels the worth of different currencies. One bitcoin is worth one bitcoin no matter what country you are buying or selling something in. I wouldn't by any means put a large chunk of my networth in it. But then I wouldn't but a large chunk of my networth in one investment ever. if the bubble does burst in crypto, there will still be millions and millions of people who made money. For every buyer there has to be a seller. If you buy some and it doubles or triples and you sell the amount you orginally invested and let the rest "ride" then you wouldn't have lost anything at all. It's not for everyone. It is HIGHLY speculative. But as others have pointed out, we are already at the point that you can complete transactions for a variety of different products and services in bitcoint / crypto. It's no longer the future. It's here. It's happending NOW. It's just a matter of if governments allow it to conitnue and compete with their fiat currencies and if it's popularity and use continues to be adopted by more and more users.
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    Being nervous about your first cleaning is absolutely normal, and maybe not a bad thing. I must have watched different YouTube videos a zillion times (ok, maybe a million) before my first time. Just go slow with a basic field strip and you'll be fine. If you get stuck don't panic, just let us know. Helped my son with his S&W 2.0 and it was a piece of cake, relax you'll do fine.
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    there are 2 people on planet earth that should know you have a gun, you and the person you got it from. if you are skilled enough to build your own than that reduces the the number to 1
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    Some Walmarts will carry them. Shooter's in LEH carries them, as does Cheyenne in Bordentown, but it looks like they're a distance from you. Likewise Pineland in Jackson & Salomon in Farmingdale.
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    You're very right. She's a keeper!
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    Actually, I think you're among the lucky few... I've noticed a lot of guys on here sometimes complain that their significant others show zero interest in going to the range with them once in awhile. So, on a happy note, at least you and your wife share the same interest!
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    I don’t understand the ‘hold outs’ who insist on calling Taylor Pork Roll…’Taylor Ham’. Since 1906, as @CMJeepster aptly pointed out in his post above, it’s been called Taylor Pork Roll. If you were born before 1906, I could probably understand one ‘holding on’ to the (incorrect) name of ‘Taylor Ham’. But, you weren’t….were you @Mrs. Peel. You are NOT 115 years old.
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    The reason you have a knife is because its a tool, and thats ok. If you say its for protection than it becomes a weapon. NOT OK
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    Well, this is certainly a very interesting stat that just came out... according to FBI stats covering last year (2020), responsible armed citizens actually killed more criminals (in justifiable self-defense) than the police did... 343 vs 298. Those numbers don't include, of course, all of the many DGUs where a shot wasn't even taken... they are justifiable homicides only... that's why these numbers are so comparatively low. [As many of you know, even low-ball, conservative Defensive Gun Use (DGU) estimates - including incidents where the gun owner just brandishes the weapon without shooting - usually number in the low hundreds of thousands. Some estimates insist the numbers are much higher - in the millions annually.] I just found it terribly interesting that even in the most violent encounters, armed citizens are certainly engaging with criminals as much or more than police. Which makes sense, I guess!... if you think about it, if someone's breaking into your home or business, YOU are the one that's there first. Of course, you will likely NOT see this reported on by the mainstream media. But, this would probably be a great article to share on Facebook pages, etc., for those of you who are on social media. Link: https://bearingarms.com/camedwards/2021/09/30/fbi-report-shows-armed-citizens-killed-more-criminals-than-police-n50436
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    Check this video out. https://www.toddstarnes.com/video/watch-florida-man-fights-gator-with-trash-can/
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    A private sale will net you the most money, if you can find a local buyer. For that purpose, you should put up a Want to Sell (WTS) ad here on NJGF after becoming a Premium Member (even if it's only for 1 month at a time) Setting up a sale on Gunbroker incurs fees (both FFL and Gunbroker charges) that you would not incur with a private local sale. On the other hand, setting up an Gunbroker auction may, in fact, bring you more net money than a fixed price sale (private or Gunbroker) if you are selling a particularly desirable gun. Trading it in or selling it to a local FFL means you are selling it at wholesale, as the FFL needs to mark it up to resell it at retail. My humble opinion: Pay the Premium Member fee and put up a WTS ad here and keep it in our NJGF 'family'. If it fails to sell here, you can always choose from the alternatives I explained.

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