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    At least the State is finally admitting they view law abiding citizens and criminals as one in the same.
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    When people talk about family and inclusion, few people can measure up to Anthony Colandro and Jimmy at GFH. I had made a request to make a wish happen for a very close friend of my twins that has a disease, which there is no cure. It only offers a diminishing quality of life and suffering. Because of her limitations, she spends a lot of time gaming and always wanted to know what it was like to shoot a real firearm. Well, GFH was the Genie that made that wish happen. I can't thank GFH enough for giving genuine joy to a young woman whose day is mostly enduring pain and hardships. Tom who was her instructor could not have been any better. He is another angel the represents GFH Family of Guardian Angels. You have NO IDEA how much joy you have given this family. My daughter in the background was simply amazed at how everything played out. Heaven / Valhalla - smiles upon your good deeds my brother(s).
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    I have no idea what is going on in your state nor at this point do I really care. But concerning the recent "Magazine Ban" Until this law gets square away...If any of you want me to hold your mags here in SC I will do so. Pack them up with your name on the box and I'll throw them on the side. If and when it gets squared away I'll send them back. Just saying. It'll cost ya the price of shipping both ways. Feel bad for you bastards!! OS
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    DOJ, SAF REACH SETTLEMENT IN DEFENSE DISTRIBUTED LAWSUIT Pretty amazing outcome. This is going to take the winds out of the sales of the anti's (although they will just probably ignore it). https://www.saf.org/doj-saf-reach-settlement-in-defense-distributed-lawsuit/ "Significantly, the government expressly acknowledges that non-automatic firearms up to .50-caliber – including modern semi-auto sporting rifles such as the popular AR-15 and similar firearms – are not inherently military." “Not only is this a First Amendment victory for free speech, it also is a devastating blow to the gun prohibition lobby,” noted SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “For years, anti-gunners have contended that modern semi-automatic sport-utility rifles are so-called ‘weapons of war,’ and with this settlement, the government has acknowledged they are nothing of the sort.
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    All the people who think / said the police would never enforce unconstitutional laws better wake up. I support the police. But they are human, have families, mortgages and "x" amount of years vested in their pension or until retirement. If all this is true, they took the unsubstantiated word of a young teenager with no due process. Think about that long and hard.
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    I have a few; when i am in the Familly room i like to use my Beretta Nano in 9MM. for the kitchen i go with my taurus model 85 in 38spl. now the dinning room things are different - i go full on 1911 in 45ACP. up in the bedroom i usually go with my PPQ or MR9 (both in 9mm). and when i leave the house i carry my... oh wait... sorry couldnt resist! actually when i am in florida i do carry a Beretta nano in 9 in an alien gear IWB holster. Simple rig that is very comfy. cheers!
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    I am working on this case now. It's real & I've reached-out to the guy in the story. No details YET, and I'm going to conduct a telephone interview & ask what I CAN release. Stay tuned folks! Rosey
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    I wondered about that earlier too, when I read the state's position on magazines. Not a good argument for them. Wouldn't it be a real kick in the pants if we were "forced" to buy standard, 30 rounds mags, like the majority of the free states?
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    This is NEW JERSEY gun forums, right??
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    The Washington Post just published an article labelling Hardiman an extremist on gun rights, who if named to the supreme court could vote to strike down gun laws in NJ, NY, and CA, leading to an increase in legal gun ownership and concealed carry. The Post seems to view this outcome as an extinction-level event. Hardiman labeled an extremist on 2nd amendment rights So, I'm liking Hardiman.
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    The reason people get jumped on here is because someone who has no idea what they are talking about posts something here as if it is fact, when if they only had the slightest bit of reading comprehension, or did the slightest bit of research, they would not make a fool of themself. And it gets really old hearing the same incorrect bullshit get spewed time after time, and confuses people who in the future google "hexmag nj legal" and bullshit like this pops up and they think their legal (10) round hexmag is illegal. There are grey areas and there are clear black or white areas, and don't act like you know for a fact in either case when you don't actually know, or we will get another 10 page topic on if we are allowed to modify a 15 round magazine to 10...
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    no, they haven't, and it'd be good if you people would stop broadcasting this shit out in the open, giving the powers that be the ideas to make them illegal.
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    When people talk about family and inclusion, few people can measure up to Anthony Colandro and Jimmy at GFH. I had made a request to make a wish happen for a very close friend of my twins that has a disease, which there is no cure. It only offers a diminishing quality of life and suffering. Because of her limitations, she spends a lot of time gaming and always wanted to know what it was like to shoot a real firearm. Well, GFH was the Genie that made that wish happen. I can't thank GFH enough for giving genuine joy to a young woman whose day is mostly enduring pain and hardships. Tom who was her instructor could not have been any better. He is another angel that represents GFH Family of Guardian Angels. You have NO IDEA how much joy you have given this family. My daughter in the background was simply amazed at how everything played out. Heaven / Valhalla - smiles upon your good deeds my brother(s). I am humbled. Thank you Scott.
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    Dr. Schambaugh, of the University of Oklahoma School of Chemical Engineering, Final Exam question for May of 1997. Dr. Schambaugh is known for asking questions such as, "why do airplanes fly?" on his final exams. His one and only final exam question in May 1997 for his Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer II class was: "Is hell exothermic or endothermic? Support your answer with proof." Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law or some variant. One student, however, wrote the following:
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    https://amp-thedailybeast-com.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/amp.thedailybeast.com/brett-kavanaugh-thinks-banning-assault-rifles-would-be-like-banning-speech?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1#amp_tf=From %1%24s&ampshare=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thedailybeast.com%2Fbrett-kavanaugh-thinks-banning-assault-rifles-would-be-like-banning-speech I love Trump
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    If police do not have a warrant, do not open the door. Don't even speak with them except to say "thanks for serving." Slide them your lawyers card under the door.
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    No sir. I had everything on a buddy's boat when... tragically... Sorry, this is tough.. The boat got swamped... and all my firearms went overboard. It was a terrible event. I'm really broken up about it all.
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    Stormy Daniels and Queen Elizabeth went to the Pearly Gates on the same day. They both met with an angel to find out if they would be admitted to Heaven. The angel said: "Unfortunately, there's only one space available in Heaven today so I must decide which one of you will be admitted.” The angel asked Stormy if there was some particular reason why she should go to Heaven. Stormy took off her top and said: "Look at these, they're the most perfect breasts ever created and I'm sure it will please God to be able to see them every day for eternity.” The angel thanked Stormy, and asked Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the same question. The Queen walked over to a toilet, pulled the lever and flushed it without saying a word. The Angel immediately said: "Okay, your Majesty, you may go into Heaven.” Stormy was outraged and asked, "What was that all about? I showed you two of God's own perfect creations and you turned me down. She simply flushed a commode and she got admitted to Heaven! Would you explain that to me?” "Sorry, Stormy," said the Angel, "but even in Heaven, a royal flush beats a pair, no matter how big they are."
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    If you're in Bergen County, swing by on a Sunday or Monday and I'll give you a hand. I have 90% of the tools and 100% of the important ones. No money required. Just shoot me a PM with your number and I'll drop you a line.
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    I agree! If you don't have the balls to keep a magazine, be prepared to surrender all of your guns. A line MUST be drawn in the sand as to how far we let this stupid state go in violating our 2nd Amendment rights. We have to make a stand so let's do it now!
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    Yesterday, I attended Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays in Coplay, PA for the first time! I went with @Mrs.Zeke to their NRA Women on Target event - more on that later. I feel very grateful to have attended (and, again, thanks to @Ms. 12 Gauge for letting me know about the event!) Here's my feedback: Sporting Clays: Yikes, what a fun shooting sport!! If you don't know anything about it, you are moving through a course and at each station there's clays being thrown different ways (varying direction, speed, even a type called a rabbit that rolls along the ground). It's challenging. And for even more challenge, they have 3 defined courses there - beginner, intermediate and advanced. So think of it like a golf course - each station is like a hole - they even have gas-powered golf carts you can rent, or little scooters (I think those are free) and little wheelie carts (also free). The operation is year-round. LVSC: I haven't been to other sporting clays ranges, so I can't compare per se, but I can say this one was really "atmospheric" - and as a lover of all things Victorian, it was just my cup of tea. It's set in a long-abandoned 1800's quarry operation. So, the old, roofless, dilapidated buildings have been taken over by trees and undergrowth - but they still hold a unique beauty (the great masonry, old arched window frames, etc. - it was like some of those photos from urban explorers who enter abandoned sites). It must look amazing in fall or after a fresh snow! Even better, one station we were at is located right over water (presumably, the old quarry pit). So, you're standing on this little covered deck, looking out across a sparkling body of water, with cliffs opposite you, trees above that and a perfect blue sky up above. Wow. Hey, did I mention it's a GREAT-LOOKING place? (LOL) Much of the course, blessedly, was in shade. And all the little stations have roofs so you've always got a little spot of shade on a hot day. The main building where you sign in was large, nicely air-conditioned (helpful yesterday of all days), well-appointed, kind of a rustic hunting lodge vibe, but very modern and clean, too (including a nice clean ladies room with the de-lead soap, etc.) The staff were all very friendly - and our instructor, Bob Broderick, was fantastic! I recommend him highly. A lot of things "clicked" for me yesterday in terms of understanding the process - that's the power of a good instructor! Here's their website: https://www.lvsclays.com/ NRA Women on Target: The NRA and their partner ranges really do a great job on these events! They are designed to attract women to the shooting sports, so they're quite literally giving stuff away. This deal was so slammin' - it was impossible to pass up! FIFTY BUCKS covered the entire afternoon program. They initially had us in a room for about an hour where we filled out paperwork and had some classroom instruction about safety, etc. We then picked up the included cold drinks, eye and ear pro, plus a loaner shotgun and instructor for each group... our little sub-group had 4 women and 2 golf carts (carts also included!!)… and we were on the course for a good 2 hours at least... with each one of us getting one-on-one attention and guidance from the instructor at each station (that alone was worth more than 50 bucks!!). Afterwards, we returned to the same room where they had snacks, more ice-cold beverages, certificates and "swag bags" which, best of all, included a coupon for 10% off of a private lesson (expires end of this year). I have no idea what that would package would cost normally, but looking at the website, I'm guessing at least 125 or more each? So, if you haven't been to LVSC yet, I urge you to check it out! It's LOTS of fun. I know CNJFO is doing a fundraiser there this month - I'm sure you'd have a fantastic time AND you'd be contributing to the 2A cause at the same time. So, I'll add that link here: In addition, I plan to get on the email list for their NRA Women on Target events (apparently, LVSC sponsors about 3 a year). Though I can't go again (it's for sporting clays first-timers only), I intend to advertise them in the future under our "events" section... so you can all pass the word to women shooters you know. Believe me, anyone who went would enjoy it. All the ladies who went yesterday (I'd say it was about 15-20) had a real blast!
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    surprised no one's mentioned this little gem. here's the money shot: The plan would raise the cost for handgun purchase permits from $2 to $50; firearms identification cards from $5 to $100; handgun carry permits from $50 to $400; retail gun dealer licenses from $50 to $500; and wholesaler/manufacturer licenses from $150 to $1,500, among other hikes. https://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/06/murphy_wants_to_make_it_more_expensive_to_buy.html the laughable one to me is the handgun carry permit. may as well make it $10,000 while you're at it. do you know what i want to see? a federal law mandating that legislators who sponsor and executives who sign into law bills which are deemed to be unconstitutional must be held accountable financially for their transgressions. these ppl know this stuff won't stand legal challenge, but they don't care because it's the taxpayer who foots the bill, not them. it's how you get wave after wave of ludicrous nonsense in these states.
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    The difference between a nut and a revolutionary, is how many people are standing behind you when you launch the first arrow.
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    They argued (among other things) that magazines over 10 rounds are dangerous and unusual weapons not protected under the Second Amendment, are not needed for self-defense, and are a danger to the public, even in the hands of law-abiding citizens. The entirety of this paragraph irks me to my very core. However, I feel even more angry with the, “even in the hands of law-abiding citizens.” They, without regard, have impugned my character and all other decent gun owners with no evidence or facts. Arguing mags greater than 10 rounds are not common should be interesting. We just need to a manufacturer website and see most standard capacity mags are greater than 10. Also gun crime stats would prove illegal guns are used in the overwhelming majority crimes. I feel my tax money is dangerous, especially in the hands of libtards.
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    Im pretty sure this is normal. Think of it as an indictment hearing, to determine if there is merit for trial. It would be nice to get an answer now, and it seems trivial to go through all this effort for an injunction when the courts could just use the time to figure out if the law is even constitutional. This means it went well. ANJRPC's oral argument was enough to convince a judge that their case has merit, and the state failed to convince the Judge that they do. Moving forward with a "full blown hearing" is a good thing. If anything it means that the states argument was so weak, the judge is giving them a extension to find something to argue.
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    Reminder: Injunction hearing is tomorrow, July 12th. Update from ANJRPC: https://www.anjrpc.org/page/NJUSGunBanGroups
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    NJGFBC says it will be MrsPeel. Rumor has it she was seen leaving a Prius surrounded by black minivans.
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    Expectations are low and I get the best parking spaces.
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    and then you'll vote multiple times..
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    Take your magazines and pack them away with the 20s and 30s you "illegally" put away when Florio got his way. Buy some 10s for range use.
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    So you bought your guns legally to defend against tyranny, only to get rid of them when the government becomes tyrannical?
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    I've done a lot of work in the state, I never heard that you need permits or inspections to replace cabinets. They're considered fixtures just like the oven, refrige, washer, dryer, etc.
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    I was thinking the carry permit should be $4000. It might evoke a response by those retired LEOs who aren’t having a problem with the current changes. It will highlight that belief that “the monster will eat me last” syndrome is a bad way to think.
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    I don't know about you folks, But I find it disturbing that not one word has been said about how we can cut the budget . Its business as usual in New Jerkey, Typical hey lets tax our way out of our spending issues. Gun tax Millionaires tax business tax Plastic bag Tax Raise the Sales tax WHAT DILUSIONAL FK WORLD DO THESE DEMOCRATS LIVE IN.
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    Read the request for injunction. I did. Any judge, regardless of his party affiliation, that refuses to grant the relief requested in the filing belongs on the gallows in the public square for treason against the Constitution of the United States.
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    Ain't that something? And @Greenday since you seem to be newish to the gun game, let me offer this piece of unsolicited advice; everytime there's a school mass shooting panic driven shortages and price increases set in. We are now at pre SandyHook price levels. It doesn't take a lot work to find brass 9MM for about 17c/round. Federal even had a rebate program sometime ago that lowered the cost to 13c/14c. That same ammo was 28c/30c in early 2013 if you could find any and that was the biggest issue. Between the hoarders and resellers camping outside the walmart before opening time, there was no ammo to be had. The market, now, is awash with ammo. It's time to stack it deep and wide. Get a few surplus ammo cans and fill them up to the brim. It's will last years. Don't be caught short.
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    Training is a good idea yes but mandated by the state no...
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    Hey everyone, Just want to say thank you very much for reaching out and giving me options and knowledge on the topic. We really appreciated it. I’ve found secret option 4... contacted my cousins husband. They live out in PA and have a farm with a lot of land. He said no problems shooting there. So we’re going the tannerite way. Nice explosion with powder. Thanks again to all!
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