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    For all you whiners out there that are always complaining about how the NRA doesn't do anything for us - feast your eyes on this... http://www.anjrpc.org/ February 5-ANJRPC announced today that it has filed suit in federal court to overturn New Jersey's draconian restrictions on carrying a handgun outside the home for self-defense! Under New Jersey law, a permit to carry a handgun may be issued only to those citizens who show that they face a unique need for self-defense - such as specific, documented death threats or actual attacks. Ordinary citizens are barred from carrying a handgun outside the home for self-defense, under threat of up to 10 years in prison. The new lawsuit seeks to overturn New Jersey's carry law on the ground that it violates the Second Amendment. Click here to see a copy of the complaint in the case. In the landmark 2008 Heller decision, the U.S. Supreme Court held that the Second Amendment protects the individual right to keep and bear arms for self-protection, and it struck down a District of Columbia law banning the possession of firearms in the home. "The core Second Amendment right of armed self-defense is just as important to an ordinary New Jersey citizen when she is traveling through a dangerous neighborhood as it is when she is safe in her home," said ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach. "The Supreme Court has said that the States cannot ban people from keeping firearms for self-defense in their homes, and New Jersey's restrictions on carrying firearms outside the home will meet the same end." Federal courts in New Jersey have previously upheld the State's restrictions, but the new lawsuit-which was filed in cooperation with the National Rifle Association-asks the courts to take another look at the issue, based on a recent federal decision striking down the District of Columbia's similar law as flatly unconstitutional. "We thank the NRA for its incredible support and guidance, which made this new lawsuit possible," continued Bach. "The Supreme Court has repeatedly held that police have no legal duty to protect individual citizens from harm, which means you're on your own in an emergency," Bach continued. "The same government that abandons its duty to keep you safe should not also block your Constitutional right to protect yourself. Right to carry's time is coming in the Garden State, and ANJRPC and NRA are at the forefront of that movement." Although the lawsuit has already been filed, ANJRPC requests that anyone recently denied a carry permit in New Jersey contact us ASAP at lawsuit@newjerseycarry.com. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    What the Fuck is wrong with you guys? This shit is exactly why people and vendors give up on this place! You turn a post about a burglary into trashing the guy’s business? Do yourselves a favor and stay on topic or shut the fuck up. You have issues? Speak to him privately. Don’t bash him in public. As with anything else, you don’t like his company? Don’t go.... Fucking arm chair warriors! Un-fucking real! And while you are at it, take your expertise in forensics and get yourself out in the real world and show us your ingenuity. What? Have none? Again! STFU! [emoji35]🤬 Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    OK, last thing..... LOl. Yes you can come see ME with your hero file of certificates and I will square you away. As far as the $125.00, I just spoke to my Director of Training and that course was developed on 06/16/2014 by a previous employee. The class was a bit more inclusive, my understanding, and though it was high then, it was also longer. Anyway, in reviewing it more closely, I am lowering it to $75.00 which in my opinion is more reasonable. Also, and for the record, I have always taken the members of this group as kind, well intentioned and responsible gun owners that have passion and pride for the industry. Likewise, I have taken a lot of guidance and advice to help grow this company and to that point I thank you all. My doors are always open and I am not stupid enough to not except change. Change for the betterment of my customers and the betterment of my wallet. lol
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    Such a beautiful piece. I’m honored to own one. The trigger really is as nice as I’ve heard. The bluing is a mile deep. The grips and assorted small parts all seem original to the gun. No box/papers but it does have the letter from Colt’s archives. Built late ‘71 or very early ‘72. Shipped in Feb ‘72 to a dealer in NYC. I am the third owner. It’s had a very easy life. Maybe a few hundred rounds thru it. I plan on adding a few to that number. No too many, but a few.
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    If you have a better business plan, have the guts to put your house your life savings and risk all you have to open a very very expensive business to operate, well have at it. Till then, keep your unfriendly comments about this tragedy to yourself. It is unfair and frankly classless. You have a suggestion to better our pricing? I am at the range most days 8-4 I am all ears.
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    This thread sucks Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Ahh, there it is, I was waiting for it to put in an appearance, and it is no surprise that it was in a post from AVB-AMG. The "C" word - compromise. The tool used by every snake oil salesman, just before they sell you down the river. Gun owners have been sold the "compromise deal" ever since someone decided that the general populous having guns was a bad thing - and screw the 2A and its "shall not be infringed". Lets see, there was the GCA of 1934, the GCA of 1968, the ban on full auto weapons under the guise of the FOPA of 1986, the AWB of 1994, not to mention all the "me-too" legislation enacted by various states and municipalities. I think that someone needs to show our politicians the meaning of the word "compromise". Here's how Webster defines it: settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions. What concessions have we received? Where is the compromise in all of the above? Gee, the government has allowed us to keep guns it approves of, but it keeps coming back to the table for another bite of the gun control apple. There should be no more compromises - we've given up enough, it's time to draw our line in the sand. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    This guy is really funny. How many here know a guy that he is talking about. He has some other really good videos.
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    Sanctimonious, virtue-signaling twits who don't seem to realize that CAREER CRIMINALS are the threat, not us. Some may be well-intentioned, but they're still grossly misinformed. Things are going to get ugly if this cabal is influencing the legislation.
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    Aren't you the same one who was asking about going to another state and buying long gun there without NJ FPID ? Let me repeat the response again. Law abiding citizens follow State and Federal Laws. Criminals don't. There is no loophole. Criminals don't drive all the way to some gun show to take advantage of a non-existing "loophole". They can buy stuff they want at the corner in Newark or Camden, no problem. And you can thank Democrats for that situation.
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    There is no need to register that firearm. If you inheritied legally, the firearm is NJ compliant and you are not a prohibited person you need to do nothing.
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    So, as promised I am giving you my follow-up report. I was dressed in Business attire on my way home from work and stopped by my local PD. I was greeted by a friendly woman and told her I would like an application for a concealed carry permit. Her smile washed away and the questions started. Are you a ret LEO- me No Are you a a Jeweler-me No Are you a security blah blah blah- me No Her- we NEVER have given an approval here ever. Me- That's ok. Here's the app and it must include specific photos, filled out and signed in front of a notary, along with $50 app fee and you must use XYZ for fingerprints More $. Her-But I told you no one has ever been approved. I said thank you, see you in a few days. My take is this is a cultural thing with these people and how DARE you challenge us....I'll be back. I expect to be part of every lawsuit that happens. People, you either stand for your beliefs and do this or take a seat in the stands to watch. I Prefer to be in the 3% that will stand up to tyranny. What will you do?
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    That term is a lie put out by the leftie liberals. Its a farce to encite other lefty liberals to justify their emotional irrational cause.
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    How did this thread that was about the fact that bad guys broke into a store and stole stuff turn into an attack and defense of their business model? Now why the attack on the definition of a tragedy? Sure it is a tragedy when someone gets killed or non-replaceable objects are taken. But anyone that has built a business will feel it a tragedy and a personal attack when what they build is attacked or destroyed even if it can be replaced with money. If you have never built a business perhaps you can't feel that, but I understand where Pete is coming from. As for pricing, well every business builds their own business model. Some are low priced others are high priced. They each target a different demographic and have different means of achieving their goals. If you operate in a high cost area and offer huge inventory and lots of service and support you are typically going to have higher prices. Any business typically offers three things- price, service and quality - as a customer you typically get to pick any two of those that you want and the business sets the other. That is why there are many different businesses around. My suggestion for those that don't need service and support buy online since they just want the cheapest price. If you want to be able to hold the product and compare it to lots of others and be able to ask many people behind the counter about the product then you will likely pay more at a full service business. So, have the bad guys been caught, any lead on them?
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    Wow, when I read the title of this thread I was thinking something completely different. I was going to lend you my Korean cookbook.
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    Putting this in a separate thread so it doesn't get lost in the sauce. Sounds like there's a lot of former military on here.... fyi, there's an effort afoot to honor a JROTC student who was killed when he was helping others escape from the building during the 2/14 shooting. Just FYI, in case someone wants to participate. Far healthier IMO to honor the brave than to keep plastering the face of the shooter all over the place. Link: https://www.redstate.com/sarah-rumpf/2018/02/17/military-members-rally-honor-peter-wang-jrotc-hero-killed-florida-school-shooting/
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    If the cops come to your house with a search warrant you have bigger things to worry about then illegal mags. Don't ask don't tell...INCLUDING here.
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    If Murphy reduces magazine capacity to 10 rounds I say the state of New Jersey owes me a ton of money for making my legally purchased property illegal with a stroke of a pen! Let them pay for the replacements or blocks!
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    it's not unreasonable to ask. but it is VERY unreasonable to require. and illegal. and unconstitutional.
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    It's up on YouTube now. Sent from my SM-N950U1 using Tapatalk
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    I TOLD YOU GOOD FOLKS LAW SUITS WERE ON THE WAY & I WASN'T LYING! The Coalition will be supporting these actions. Our Board of Trustees meeting will decide when & how. Tomorrow we chat with Cheeseman & Bach. More details to follow... Rosey
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    Except your sense of security, your reputation for keeping guns out of the hands of bad guys*, your reputation in the community*, and your peace of mind. trag·e·dy ˈtrajədē/ noun 1. an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe. I would say tragedy fits the description of this crime to the owners, employees, and members of the business, as well as the local community in general and anyone that may be a victim to one of the stolen guns. * Note: I am not saying RTSP did anything wrong. What I am saying is that Anti-gunners, anti 2A politicians, and the media will blame RTSP for the guns getting out into the community, instead of the burglars - where the blame rightly belongs. Unfortunately, right or wrong, the only person that has to care about the bad publicity is RTSP.
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    I think the point, Ray, is that people are brutally fucking stupid, and when you work someplace where brutally fucking stupid people are playing with guns for the first time, they do brutally fucking stupid things, that could easily get you killed.
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    Fixed one of them.
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    Sumdood was being un-safe on the range. Placing his pistol on the shelf at the range with the muzzle pointing left or right instead of downrange between courses of fire. The slide was forward, so you couldn’t tell it was unloaded just by looking at it - so basically while you were shooting, there was a potentially loaded gun in the next port pointing at you. The husband and wife sharing the port were obviously new shooters. They just didn’t know what they didn’t know. Zeke handled it very well. A polite tap to get his attention, a smile and as he demonstrated where the gun should point at all times and the problem was corrected without embarrassing or haranguing the new shooter - which would have possibly turned him off from going to the range, if not the whole world of shooting sports altogether. I think his point was don’t be afraid to help the newbies and baby shooters you may see out there. Do it with a smile and be a helper. Encourage, mentor, teach, lead by example. Don't lecture, scoff, or condescend. Protect the sport by not allowing stupid shit to occur, but don’t be possessive or a tyrant about allowing new folks into the “circle of trust” that is being a Fellow Shooter. Be an ambassador of the sport.
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    Are Leo, National guard, military... not American citizens also? hmmn, read up on history bud, and current events.
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    I got back in and left a message for the Fudds! Fudd in red......Me in black.
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    I agree with you 100%. Here you had a group of knowledgeable women who discussed, among other things, the empowerment that firearms can provide for women who choose to own them and the entire subject was avoided. Disgraceful!
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    I've said repeatedly... the 2A side needs to PUSH women to the front of all media events. It makes it VERY difficult - in today's environment - for people to argue AGAINST a woman's right to self-defense. That's EXACTLY why they didn't include any of it on the show, I'm certain!
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    Next time I spend my summer weekends canvassing neighborhoods collecting signatures for Recall Sweeney or volunteering making calls on behalf of the NRA during the governor's race or volunteering for Kim's "Get Out The Vote" campaign I'll make sure to look for you among the other volunteers.
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    DSGT Bloom is a solid guy. I can’t say enough good things about him.
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    This may be the work of a friend of mine: NJSP Det. Sgt. Brett Bloom. He is assigned to the Firearms Unit at NJSP. He attended NJSAFECON (again), and spoke to the assembled crowd as a guest speaker. He took notes. One of the items brought up at NJSAFECON was the permitting system and its' faults. If I were a betting man, I'd say Det. Sgt. Bloom is to thank for this. Rosey
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    Fukin internet know it alls. Nothing I hate more than the keyboard safety officer, worse than the safety guy on a construction sight. Shit, the man is just trying to help people out, get off his nuts. I liked the video Glen, keep up the good work.
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    Peel, I'm more hopeful now than I've been in years! The time to fight is HERE! I've just written to Bach & Colandro asking how best the Coalition can help in this effort. We offered to file an Amicus Brief, and do other needed things. I'll let everyone here know what they tell us. In the meantime, Mark Cheeseman's case is also on CNJFO's plate & we want to do great things for Mark. It all costs money. So now for the shameless plug: I don't have docket numbers, so is NOW a bad time to bring-up all of the promises made here on this forum by well-meaning members that stated they'd contribute to the cause? Probably NOT, right? So here's the link to JOIN: http://www.cnjfo.com . Remember we can accept tax-deductible donations too! TOGETHER we can slay the Dragon! Thanks for you consideration & nice to have seen some of you last Sunday at the Shotgun Shoot! Rosey
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    @IndianajonzeWhy don’t you read the actual law instead of spouting complete nonsense that is wrong. You have no obligation to retreat from your dwelling, unless you are the one causing the situation requiring the use of force. And finally, why would you use slugs for HD? Probably the worst round you could use in a house.
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    Good to see some peeps and shoot. Especially ISIS.
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    My grandmother used to say... "People know the price of everything and the value of nothing". For whatever reason RTSP sets their pricing policy, it's just that, their policy. If you don't like it, shop somewhere else. I've never been to RTSP but I've heard mostly good things about them. Would I buy a firearm from them? Probably not, because I am a bargain hunter. Not everyone shops like me and I don't expect every retailer to accommodate my buying habits. As a general rule, I spend about 1/3rd of my shooting sports budget locally. I do this to support our state's LGSs. I have seen dozens go out of business over the years because of the cost of doing bidniz in NJ. Am I paying more than I would at Bud's or PSA, well, sure. But I'm getting something I can't from Bud's, live in person service, advice, expertise, the ability to touch it before I decide to buy and the ability to take it home today. It's called value added retail. That's what you are paying for at a LGS. I've also found that if you do business enough with someone, you become a regular customer. As such, I can usually negotiate good deals. Relationships matter and you don't get that from an on-line retailer. If RTSP's prices are so outrageous, they will go out of business because people will shop somewhere else. From what I see though, they are not going out of business any time soon. They must be doing something right. Concerning the break in. I can only guess that someone who is blase about it has never been burglarized or robbed. Whether it's your home or business, it's still personal. It's not like a multinational conglomerate retailer was broken into, it was a locally owned and operated LGS built with hand and heart by the proprietors. There is no greater sense of being violated than having something stolen from you.
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    Just curious, do many people have posters blocked? I just skip over the ones I don't want to read. But then I'm hopelessly old-fashioned.
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    So I've been cleaning out our warehouse at work. I found a pallet of art supplys with glitter. Now all the work truck vents are full of glitter and awaiting a driver.
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    Scott Adams: Why Gun Control Can’t (ever) Be Solved in the USA http://blog.dilbert.com/2016/06/22/why-gun-control-cant-be-solved-in-the-usa/
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    Why "Holy Cow". 83 going on 35. Our toys keep us young. Besides, you never know what an "old fart" is carrying in the big ass trunk of that Crown Victoria!!!.
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    Kind of surprised that the Times ran an op-ed that was pro-gun. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/12/opinion/politics/background-checks-gun-violence.html
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    I'm guessing the only reason this wasn't done sooner was to not embarrass Christie during his presidential bid. It would be difficult to convince the country you are pro 2A (as he tried to do) while your home state's citizens are suing the state you lead for violating their 2A rights. What ever the reason. I'm glad it's coming. Hopefully it comes speeding towards them like a fully loaded NJ freight train coming off the tracks. They will either not fight it too hard as DC choose to do or will fight tooth and nail because they know once DC fell that they can't allow NJ, then NYC, then Maryland and CA to follow. Because DC's "Good Reason" justification is no different than NJ's "Justifiable Need" which is no different than any other needs based qualifications that are illegally imposed to deny citizens a right. We will win this. Patience and send money!
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    RTSP is operating a shooting range and firearm RETAIL store in one of the most hostile states in the nation towards guns, rights, freedom, prosperity, liberty and the pursuit of happiness bar none. ANY firearm RETAIL store operating within the borders of NJ is already starting off on the lower pan on the scale of equality and deserve every NJ gun owners respect regardless of what people feel they charge for their merchandise. The services and opportunity they provide to the NJ gun owner and shooter should not be taken for granted by anyone and that is true for any individual who CHOOSES to open a firearm related business in NJ. The overhead at a gun range must be astronomical in this state and that comes with a cost to all of us who shoot within this state. I have been shoping for my next purchase a S&W revolver and have researched 4 different NJ retailers and they all fall within about 10 dollars, We can all buy our pistols from tanners for 50 bucks less and than pay all the transfer fees to bring them right back up. If anyone thinks its expensive now wait until we get every bad law across the nation rolled into one and forced on us by the fifth columnists in trenton. I wish nothing but the best to any NJ citizen who chooses to open a firearm related business to serve the gun owners and shooters of NJ as the more people we can get interested in and understand the politics of guns the better off we all will be. I hope RTSP can continue to expand their operation and prosper as that would mean our hobby, rights and freedoms are expanding.