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    Any more than that and you'll go blind.
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    That is a completely wrong mentality and against the spirit of why the community exists. Yes, majority of the people visiting here are here to learn and very few actually have the will or nerves to register to ask a question... at the fear of being called an idiot @Smokin .50. As gun owners we say "there is no such thing as a stupid question" when it comes to firearms, yet some old timers can't help but be internet commandos themselves. Yes, I did check out the username and email and it is a legit person. @Sniper holding off answering the question is ridiculous especially as those answers are going to answer 5 or 10 others who have the same question but did not know to ask it, were afraid to ask it at the fear of sounding stupid, or will ask in 3 or 4 years finding it on Google. Or do you suggest they go post 20 things about why Trump is great and democrats are stupid before they are allowed to ask gun questions?
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    I miss the good old days of face to face sales.
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    More time to yell at kids to get off your lawn.... And you think Pork Roll is called talyor ham. Yup definatly twisted
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    Zeke be like, Then, PK be like, And now, Scorpio be like.
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    So, I did a little reading on firewood, this is what I found to be the general consensus among those who use firewood as their primary fuel source. There are some woods and plants you should never burn indoors. Softwoods, ie evergreens, conifers and soft deciduous like Larch. They burn too fast and produce excessive smoke containing soot and creosote that can cause chimney fires. Softwood may be burned outdoors in open pits for heat but should not be cooked over. Under any circumstance, do not burn pressure treated lumber, any plant or tree that has the word poison in it's name, poisonous plants that don't have poison in it's name, like foxglove or oleander. Driftwood contains a surprising amount of toxins. Rotted wood will off-gas mold, mildew and bacterial toxins. Green wood, aka unseasoned firewood, contains a lot of water and sap. It will not burn efficiently, the fire will not get hot enough to produce complete combustion. The byproduct of incomplete combustion is excessive soot and smoke. Green wood will also hiss, snap, crackle and pop more, increasing the risk of throwing glowing embers out of the fire. Firewood should be seasoned for a minimum of six to nine months. The best time to split wood is during winter months when the air is driest. Logs split in humid seasons will retain, or even absorb moisture and are prone to fungus and mold growth. The ideal length for logs is 18 inches, and logs greater than 12 inches in diameter should be split into pieces no smaller than 4 inches in diameter. Larger logs are cut and split so that they will fit into a stove, fireplace or pit. The length and diameter of split wood is subjective and dependent on the application. Some degree of uniformity in length and diameter helps with regulating burn rate. Processed firewood is typically 4-6 inches in diameter. Fatter logs may be used for longer overnight burns, conversely, thinner logs are used to make a very hot fire for boilers and other high heat applications such as blacksmithing. Now, the question of the day; To split, or not to split? Un-split logs are known as "rounds". Depending on the size of a fireplace or fire box door, rounds may be as wide as 12" in diameter. Rounds have less surface area, so they do not burn as fast. Rounds in the 4 to 6 inch range are generally preferred over split wood in the same size range. Whether or not to split an 8-12 inch round is a matter of preference.
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    @Maksim I don't name-call. I respectfully disagree. There are plenty of stupid questions. Trolls use them as bait. If this guy is legit, so be it. Many aren't. Some are even prohibited persons. We're constantly being "probed" by crazier & crazier questions from who knows where. Moms Demand? OAG? All of the above? My apologies if my rough outsides didn't expose my tender "Mentor" middle. Every once in a while I still have a sweaty flashback of a dude hunting a 300 pound hog at 25 yards w/ a .338 Lapua Magnum & heat imaging scope that ran North of $14K & weighed-in at 30 pounds. Missed two shots & hit the hog in the ham on a quartering-away shot, blowing-out the entire opposite shoulder. It was GONE! When we got what was left of the animal to the butcher, the butcher asked me, "Does he like bone in his sausage?". Maybe Lapua Boy should have asked some stupid questions? Like "do I need a tarp so my BMW X3 mini SUV doesn't get filled with pig blood & melting ice"? (Luckily the guide service we hired had some spare tarps!) It's worth a cup of coffee to make this right. I'll send a PM. ~R
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    True. FUDDs don’t realize Murphy is after their shit too. The cancellation of the bear hunt wasn’t pro-bear but anti-gun.
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    NJ represented with Scorpio64 and a bunch of CNJFO members with banners. Got to shake Dick Heller’s hand.
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    Quite a bit in the making but yay! Join on YouTube at 9pm ET.
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    God Bless the NJ Division of Taxation! We get this story a day ago on Fox News/Hannity that the NJ Division of Taxation will require any pumpkin sold for "decorative purposes," and not intended to be eaten, be subject to Sales tax... as it is not considered a "food" item... Boy am I glad I got out! https://hannity.com/media-room/tax-everything-new-jersey-government-confirms-decorative-pumpkins-now-subject-to-taxation/
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    I keep hoping that in one of these replays he will violently fracture his femur and it pierces his aorta in the resulting fall.
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    Lemme go out on a limb here, and say that despite the title of the video, this is NOT the "Ultimate in Personal Protection".
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    Are you guys going to make out? Because if you are I'm going back to the firewood discussion.
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    It's an accurate rifle out-of-the-box for the money. I would recommend replacing the MIM cocking piece. It's a known problem on the RPR. Anarchy Outdoors has a nice billet replacement.
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    Yet another move to look like you're trying to do something without actually addressing a root issue. Wanna reduce gun-related crime? Get to the root of the problem!
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    ...ummmm its called a Hi Power...
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    This whole thing is pretty weird because one of the demands among anti-gunners is to pass laws requiring gun owners to carry insurance, similar to car insurance, an analogy they are fond of using. And yet, they then turn around and call it "murder insurance." I'm pretty sure this would eventually be found unconstitutional, but NJ just makes laws, and the Constitution be damned.
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    Everyone needs to switch to Sanka...
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    So, what was the point of your first post? There is no statement or question by you. Only a link, which is cearly in violation of the rules. @Mrs. Peel Seeing that you directed it to another member, this could have taken to a PM. Oh I get it now, you're the Class Clown. Owned. Beotch.
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    protip: SCOTUS is not big on hearing all viewpoints, that's what the paperwork is for. Most people who want to speak during oral arguments are told to go pound sand. The solicitor general gets to. It is literally his job. The solicitor general LITERALLY has an office in the supreme court building. They also appear before the court more frequently than anyone else. Saying that because the solicitor general gets to speak, we need to hear out every fucktard who can file an amicus brief is stupid. It's stupid no matter the subject matter of the case. It is nearly as stupid as suggesting that because there's a conservative jsutice showing up and speaking, that we need to let all voices from the left be heard there. You can read the pile of shit argument here: https://www.supremecourt.gov/DocketPDF/18/18-280/112062/20190812163502955_Amicus Brief of Corpus Linguistics Professors and Experts.pdf I will put forth as something to keep in mind with regard to their argument this question: Do we generate more documents, especially the government, with regards to the machinations of war, or with regard to Farmer ted running around with his hunting rifle? Because the entirety of their argument is that because the majority of written use is referring to one context, nothing written down could be of another context. Despite the fact they slyly admit that not all usage was referring to a military when discussing the bearing of arms. It would be kind of like me arguing you can't be an artist without being famous and citing as evidence the sheer pile of news, media postings, etc. that refer to famous musicians and actors and such as artists and then saying there are lots more of those occurrences than other uses of the word artist. Thus, first amendment protections on art as free speech should only apply to artists that are famous because that is the most prevalent use of the work and thus its dominant meaning in all cases. Which is total bullshit. It's a gun grabbing academic smelling their own farts and telling you they smell fine. It also completely ignores the fact that even if you do accept that bearing arms was primarily used in a context discussing military entities, you are talking about the context of a document written at the time where the only military was supposed to be the people. We weren't supposed to have a frikin standing army. So what frikin military were they reserving that right to?
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    This is a great point. And frankly, aren't there an estimated 80-100M gun owners in the country? And yet, the last I heard, the NRA had only... 5M+ members? Can you imagine if they had 25M members? Damn! And, can you imagine if they - on occasion - did campaigns that were coordinated with and even promoted by the other pro-2A groups (like GOA) ...instead of them bickering with each other as is most often the case? You see these other groups on the gun control side being all lovey-dovey and uber-cooperative with each other... we need to be doing the SAME thing! I truly think part of the problem is mindset. The whole act of being a gun owner requires a certain element of self-reliance/independence - although those are arguably good traits, I think those same traits sometimes interfere with being a "good follower", because good followers need to be compliant. This presents challenges from a social organizing perspective, I think, for the pro-2A side.
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    I think its just another example of how money-hungry NJ has become. Rather than be like the rest of us and live within our means, they want to tax-and-spend.
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    Thanks. I enjoy doing the brisket for y’all!
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    My copy was lost in a move, but I'm positive the date was well before the rules changed...
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    Where is the ‘facepalm’ emoji when you need it...
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    Split wood lights a lot faster too. Logs have the least surface area per volume of wood, and it's protected by bark. Split wood has more surface area, and the exposed wood is a lot easier to get burning.
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    But logs dont fit in wood stoves split wood does
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    well if you knew the person before....lol
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    City folk...........bless your heart (said in my best southern accent)
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    You're supposed to vent your stove outside your house buddy...
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    So if the "enemy" is "probing" us with questions what's wrong with giving the correct and LEGAL answer. Would that not show the probes, trolls, enemy, or who ever elce that were all legal law abiding gun owners on here?
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    How would you know what the weather is like from the basement? Did your mom have windows installed down there?
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    Drive across the bridge and finish it there.
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    We have one in stock if you would like to discuss it..........
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    One option to get what you may be looking for (and use a permit) is a Sig 320 trigger pack (which you will need the permit to buy as the trigger is the serialized firearm) and a slide, a barrel, and put it into a Fire Control Unit X01PDW.
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    What if you decide to do both? Would that be taxed at half the going rate? Has a law been passed that assault pumpkins fired from pumpkin guns are expressly prohibited by the state? It is probably also against the law to toilet paper Murphy's house even though there is a big pile of leftist crap there.
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    IMO a NJ Legal AR pistol is not worth it. Can’t have handguards, has to be under 50oz. There is o my one company that I know of that makes one and that is Extar, and I think they aren’t around anymore or don’t make the NJ legal version if I remember correctly. The next best thing/closest thing to what you see other states have as an AR pistol is an SBF Firearm, which is totally legal in NJ, and you don’t need a pistol permit for.
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    The court has never applied strict scrutiny to any other Amendment in all circumstances. The pending case involves transport not right to carry on the person in public.
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    If you’re arriving on Griz time, we will have already eaten!!
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    I kind of want one. It is simultaneously completely stupid and awesome.
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    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Transport it in a secure package or in a trunk directly to the dealer.
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    Like 10 round magazines? Guess I'll need a bigger hole in the backyard.
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    Here is another indication for us to hope. Trump's Solicitor General asked for asked for leave from the Court to participate in oral argument was granted. The guy that was denied was an anti-2nd amendment lawyer with a specialty in linguistics. He wanted to take apart the language in Heller largely placed there by Scalia. The conservative justices on the Court wanted none of that! 18-280 NY STATE RIFLE & PISTOL, ET AL. V. NEW YORK, NY, ET AL. The motion of the Solicitor General for leave to participate in oral argument as amicus curiae and for divided argument is granted. The motion of Neal Goldfarb for leave to participate in oral argument as amicus curiae and for divided argument is denied.

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