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    @Sniper - I see posters asking reasonable questions/making reasonable points, and in a reasonable tone, and then I see you responding with condescension and insults. Get out of fight mode, pls. Walk away from the keyboard. Go walk your dog... or have a glass of port. Come back when you're less belligerant. This is a community. Let's be civil.
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    I'm usually not big on lawsuits, but this guy should own the town when he's done.
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    Thank you for the kind words of encouragement... In other news, first month and security are all in. Keys in hand. My wife and I along with a good friend took a look at the space with fresher eyes and decided on what we're going to do in there to make it mine. I'm psyched to have a wife like I do that puts up with my incessant crap and craziness and friends like I have. Truly a blessing. Bully GunWorks is on the way.
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    Litterbox in 3................2..........................1 Do you want to hear a Architect joke? Oh sorry I'm still working on it. Why are architects banned from Heaven? Because Jesus was a carpenter.
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    Maybe if the Democrats in the House and Senate weren't so caught up in "impeach 45" there would have been more of a heads up.
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    So these otherwise law-abiding citizens will suddenly become a menace if the counties ignore the state’s unjust and unconstitutional gun laws? What a clown
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    Ohhh, AVB-AMG! I've been following this topic for weeks now... and almost posted on it, but I thought your head was probably already exploding so why add to the mess? I realize that many architects are shocked (shocked, I tell you!) by these proposed guidelines, but I think they make a lot of sense. You (and others in your occupation) tend to merrily skip right past the key points. For instance, this blithe assertion: Well, gosh! Isn't that a generous admission! Harrumph!! The fact is... that when an architect leaves a monument to his own ego that ONLY other architects appreciate, it doesn't help when the field "moves on from those styles". The building remains and it is The People who have to look upon that ugly building for decades to come and who are left with its soul-sucking ugliness tainting their daily lives and adding blight to their view. More is the shame when it's a Federal building - particularly of a government designed to be For The People!! Also, why does it offend you so that non-architects might be called upon to pass their judgement on an architectural design, particularly when it's for a building designed to serve that very same pool - ordinary people who aren't all architects? Not only do I think the guidelines are a great idea (and still leave tremendous room for creativity) but I think the idea of a committee review by non-architects is a FABULOUS idea!! In fact, it's a stroke of bloody genius! As one who used to live and work in the DC area, let me say - I used to marvel at that city's gorgeous classical buildings... and despair at some of it's ugliest non-classical ones placed in unfortunate juxtaposition. NEVER AGAIN should any federal building be as ugly as the FBI Headquarters!! The first time I laid eyes upon it, I literally thought: "The person who designed that monstrosity should be hung... or at least, never allowed to design a building again." I can assure you, a panel of ordinary Americans with even a modicum of taste would NEVER have allowed that hulking monstrosity to pass through a design review! I would have more confidence in them than a "'peer review" by other architects, I'm sorry to say. If our readers want perspective, here's a couple of other resources, the first a podcast, the 2nd an article: https://www.city-journal.org/why-classical-architecture-matters https://www.city-journal.org/america-needs-classical-architecture - and this article makes a great point - why shouldn't any client (including the US Gov't) be able to set the parameters of their own building's design? Isn't the client always right? I think US Federal buildings should be immediately recognizable as such - for people of various cultures, language abilities, etc. The very look of them should say: this represents the U.S., its government and its people. They should evoke grandeur, symmetry and be awe-inspiring. In modern terms, it's a "branding" issue! We've had far too many awful design "misses" in decades past - and we're now STUCK with them!! Anything we can do to avoid the same mistakes is a good thing in my book! There's plenty of non-Federal projects in the country for those who want to chart a course for something uber-unique. (And btw, when a one-of-a-kind building runs into construction problems, as unique buildings so often do, at least it won't be us taxpayers picking up the tab for costly overruns and rehab work on a building that everyone except it's own Dr. Frankenstein simply hates). Power to the people, AVB!! And the people love classically-designed buildings.
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    should arrest and fire the cop.
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    Just keep him outa Bayonne, we have enough trash. Joking
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    Ha... considering they only have less than a weeks worth of food. What's going to be "coming out"?
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    Kind of a big-ish day today... I went to the building department and applied for my zoning permit. I spoke with the zoning official this afternoon and he seems to think I should be all set in a few days. I dropped the lease off at the location and am going to swing by this evening and give them my security and first month’s rent. My buddy is going to meet me there with a tape measure and we’ll come up with a game plan to get some rudimentary benches built. Zoning application fee - $75
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    For all you dog lovers.....
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    You say that like everyone should already know that, and yet, you demonstrably didn’t. You couldn’t figure out that these variables would make people react differently to a similar crisis based on where they were from. You thought people in the UK, or Canada, or the Antipodes (wherever this photo was actually taken) would react the same as Americans when faced with this international health crisis. You thought that it would be acceptable to post photos of another country and try to pass it off as America - Because we all panic the same... Well, which is it? Does it not matter because we all panic the same way? Or does a people’s specific environmental and societal situation affect how the react in a crisis? You can’t have it both ways...
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    Sniper knows everything. At least in his own mind. Saying I don't know or I was mistaken is deeply threatening to his psyche. In case you haven't noticed.
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    What color is the boathouse at Hereford?
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    If the panic buying is in another freakin’ country? I’d say - Yes.
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    Context matters. Where were those Costco pictures taken?
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    That's a knockout punch right there. Stay down, Chelsea. Stay down. Check out the other replies. She is being torn a new anus.
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    'If you like your sloped roofs, you can keep your sloped roofs. If you like your architecture, you can keep your architecture.' - Pres. Barack Obama
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    You must not be in the roofing business, we love them.
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    LLC came thru today. I'm an actual "business". Kinda weird for me, honestly. I never thought I'd get here. LLC fee - 304 + 75 Grand total so far - 389
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    Make no mistake, AVB-AMG is the one with training and expertise in this area. I have zip. I'm just a person who tends to be highly opinionated about subjects I'm passionate about... a trait that is either quite charming or irksome as hell, depending on one's perspective!
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    @AVB-AMG I'm not posting to disagree with you. I have some knowledge of architecture but bow out graciously to your expertise. However, I do have an opinion of what looks like it should look like. The Guggenheim in NY looks like an art museum. I like the way it looks almost as much as The Cloisters which is light years different in appearance. I enjoy seeing these buildings as much as I like seeing what's inside them. Ive probably been in more Federal buildings and courthouses than most people. One only has to go to Newark and look at the Post Office (a classic Federal building) and across the street at the Rodino building. The Rodino building has all the charisma of a quonset hut. Do not despair though. A short walk east down Walnut Street will take you to the Martin Luther King Courthouse which looks like a courthouse. Columns in front and a spacious lobby. If you do go to see this stop at Ward Coffee on Broad St. for an amazing selection of coffee, tea, nuts, and sweets. It's been there 100 years or so. The Federal Courthouse in Brooklyn (Eastern District of New York) looks more like a commercial office building where the focus is on having as much rentable space as possible. Compare that to the Federal Courthouse in Manhattan that looks like a courthouse. A bit off topic but along the same lines were the "Welcome to the USA" signs that were designed by Peter Max. These sat in storage for a few years and in use a few years. Their appearance was garish. Another waste of taxpayer's money "for the arts" IMO. You can read about them here, https://www.cbp.gov/about/history/did-you-know/peter-max
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    White Flyer is made in the USA. Clay pigeons are not legal in China because the Chinese would eat them!
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    A lot of gas jockeys at my local stations
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    "To the victor belong the spoils" William L Marcy "Elections have consequences" Barack Hussein Obama
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    The perpetrator was a black, and a democrat, in a gun free zone. He was pissed off about how he was fired from a job in a union shop. This goes deeply against a number of democrat narratives, so their media arm won't be talking about it a lot.
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    I completely agree, surprisingly I have no problem with people eating dog, cat or any other animals. As long as the animals are raised, transported and slaughtered in a sanitary, humane and quick painless way I have zero issue with it. But the conditions those animals in the video endured is sickening and stuff like that goes on all over the world every day.
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    I will be signing the lease tomorrow morning. I guess that this is where the worrying stops and the work begins.

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