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    Sorry NYC - you had 6 years to change the law. Sux that you held out until the SC swung to conservative majority. Now get ready for a decision that’s going to pave the way to overturn lots of infringing, anti-2A laws. I hope Bloomberg strokes out.
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    I am happy to report that the Supreme Court today denied NYC's motion to put the briefing of this case on hold while it considers amending its unconstitutional ban on travel with a gun outside the five boroughs: "Motion of respondents to hold briefing schedule in abeyance DENIED."
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    They should have posted more Dragon-free zone signs around the city.
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    Doesn’t stop the department of corrections.
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    Men marry women hoping they will never change. Women marry men with the intent to change them. If you owned guns before you got married, then she married a gun owner. If she no longer trusts you to own guns and deems you too irresponsible, then your marriage is doomed. Buy a safe, lock up the guns and let that be that. If she presses the issue and says to you... "You decided guns are more important than me". Say, "no dear, you decided you cannot trust me, if you cannot trust me to protect you and our family, we don't have a marriage". It's that simple.
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    If your interested in what the firearms unit has to say read the Email they sent me back in 2017.
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    Thank you. Yes. They are fully funding our Rogers case that will hopefully get granted very by the supremes in the next week or so and they are funding our mag ban case as well. All we have left in NJ is the federal courts. Ant.
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    Ok, I found this pretty funny, though I'm easily amused. A bit of a story... Most of you know I moved to New Hampshire. I made the escape last year and have commented a bit on just how different the gun culture is in NH from NJ. I worked my way into a local LGS that now I get a call from him whenever something gets traded in that he thinks I'll like, and his prices are great - I've posted some of my finds. NH is a low-population state. The entire state has about the same population as a combined Essex and Hudson county. Most folks that I've met have guns. They are nothing special up here except for maybe some of the MA transplants since I live close to the MA border. Anyway, the NICS check in NH is interesting - call it NhICS. Basically, the store makes a phone call to the state, someone physically answers, takes the information and does the check. The store gets a call back, usually in about 5 minutes, with the approval. Last time when I bought I got a "pending". That's when I learned I'm forever cursed with a link to NJ. Seems like NhICS makes a phone call to your state of birth. Damn. Anyway, to the original question in the thread. I was in today and bought another "find". He called in NhICS and as soon as he gave the woman my name, her first question was "Him again? What's he buying this time?". I damn near spit my drink on the counter. So, You know you're buying too many guns when the woman doing the NhICS check over the phone knows you by name. My score today was a Kimber Eclipse Target II. For $650. I love this state
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    When I take a new shooter to the range the first time they shoot anything more than a 22 I have them do the "Barney Fife Drill". Load one round and fire. See how they control the firearm and handle the recoil.
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    #45 CNJFO'S COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR CONFIRMS GINSBURG IS ALIVE! GETS ADMITTED TO SCOTUS BAR! INACKER ADMITTED TO THE SUPREME COURT BAR! CNJFO COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR TAKES OATH! by Black Wire Media Monday May 13, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Theresa Inacker, Communications Director for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, did swear an oath and was admitted to the United States Supreme Court Bar earlier today in Washington, D.C. A bucket list item for the former Managing Editor of the Seton Hall Constitutional Law Journal, Inacker took her daughter Mary on the trip to show her to always follow her dreams. The mother-daughter duo watched Justice Kavanagh read the Apple opinion, and Justice Thomas read two others. Associate Justice Ginsburg and Chief Justice Roberts both came to speak to the admissions group after the formal proceeding. Inacker has been an attorney for 19 years since graduating from Seton Hall Law School here in NJ. An avid gun owner, target shooter and pheasant hunter, her volunteer career in 2A advocacy is known throughout NJ and we're proud to have her as our Communications Director! TV appearances, interviews, quoted by state & nationally syndicated newspapers, representing the Coalition at 2A Rallies, Inacker pours her heart & soul into the 2nd Amendment. From all of us at the Coalition, Congratulations on this great achievement and continued success in all your endeavors!
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    I was asking an honest question, not trying to be a smart ass at all and I never criticized your asking price. I know nothing about clone building so it was an honest question. After your response to my question I did look up these lowers and your asking price is completely reasonable. Thanks for the information.
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    The NJGF Members haven't yet decided for him.
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    It seems that I have been buying revolvers at a prodigious rate. At this point I won,t be able to pick-up my latest acquisition until the first week in July. Even though it's not in hand yet, I thought I'd share it with you... It is a full custom S&W 65-5 with a 3" barrel. It was done by Mike LaRocca of LGW (LaRocca Gun Works) out of Worcester, MA. Mike was Frank Pachmayr's lead gunsmith for years and, literally, wrote the book on building Combat .45's. He went out on his own in the mid-80's and this is an example of his work. It includes a complete refinish with certain parts accented in high polish; A bobbed hammer; A radiused and smoothed trigger; A recontour of the front sight and an anti-glare treatment on the barrel rib; A full action job; A "melted" cylinder release and other enhancements. Even the base gun is a rather unique piece. I believe that this started life as a Lady Smith, because they were the only fixed sight, K-frame .357 Mag with a 3" barrel and an ejector rod housing. The "Lady Smith" moniker was polished off during the refinish. Three inch K-frames are among the most desirable carry revolvers extant, because the slightly longer barrel allows for a full-length ejector rod to fully extract the long .357 cases and the K-frame gives you 6-shot capability. Watch for my post in this section during the first week of June. I'll be featuring some rather unique S&W revolvers. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    Like others have said..... If you cannot have an adult conversation about gun safety and come to a valid compromise, then your issues go much further than the firearms..... My wife married a car nut..... she knew it, and embraced it...... when I spend big dollars on a upgrade or repair, she does not say a word... I got back into guns after we got married...... she does NOT like guns, we talked, and I calmed her fears, and made sure she was comfortable on how I handled this hobby. Thats what marriage is ...... respect by both parties......
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    Another thing to consider is that the recent stream of negative attention the NRA is receiving is AGENDA-DRIVEN. With a conservative leaning Supreme Court, the anti-gun lobbies and Democrats are absolutely afraid that the NRA could back/push court challenges that would end up hamstringing the horseshit/meaningless state gun laws that they champion in order to win favor with the electorate. If the NRA can fund court challenges that kill the feel-good "look what "i've done for crime" laws , then they're a dangerous threat.
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    guess you didn't see this one...
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    Bumping this thread, as @Franklin Armory poked the bear, me. I whole heartedly agree with @e92m3allday on this. As per Federal Law, one may acquire a stripped AR receiver, install the lower parts, add an arm brace, slap on a front vertical grip to a 10.5" upper, then hook the upper and lower together. Woola!! You've built a 26" firearm. It is not a pistol, as it is designed to be fired with two hands. It is not a rifle, because it does not have a stock which is designed to be fired from the shoulder. It is not an AOW, as it is over 26" and not concealable. In fact, it does not need to comply with the NJ AW Ban because that pertains only to rifles, pistols and shotguns. Okay, so who can word a letter properly to the NJSP or NJAG to address this legal issue, ie the shockwave approval letter. @JasonSeidman
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    Its very simply. If you want one - buy it If you don't want one - don't buy it. No need for 2 pages of non-sense. I do want one.
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    Nah, they’re all loaded with birdshot. Bring a rifle, You’ll be fine.
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    Looks like a Cheaper than Dirt catalog threw up in the corner @Ray Ray
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    Not gonna lie, I'd love to smash my face into those pumpkins.
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    I'm a former Boy Scout Charter Organization Representative (C.O.R.) with almost 20 years in & around the scouting program. Our Troop would accept ANY flag that has THE stars & stripes on it for proper retirement & burial. And YES, that includes "Blue Line" US Flags! The Elks actually publish the complete written set of rules covering flag etiquette. Published long ago, they're not "up-to-speed" with "Blue Line" US Flags with the stars & stripes, as no mention currently exists. Yes, it's a personal decision AT THIS TIME. But everyone here ask yourselves a question: Does the Blue Line flag symbolize everything good about this country, AND recognize the fallen who have died on the line for us? If you answer in the affirmative, IT'S A FLAG and needs to be retired with DIGNITY the same as every other! STOP picking at nits & just DO THE RIGHT THING and SET AN EXAMPLE for our youth! Rosey Sacred Heart Church Troop #95 Charter Organization Representative (C.O.R.) Central Jersey Scout Council (now Monmouth Council) P.S.: Flag Day is June 14th. OBR&PC is collecting flags to be retired. Retirement Ceremony to take place at: Old Bridge American Legion Post 177 17 Emerson Street, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 In years past, the .22 Youth League at Old Bridge R&P would collect un-serviceable flags and transport them to their retirement HERE. After a somber ceremony and a dousing by East Brunswick Fire Co., the ashes were later buried off-site. Then all in attendance were invited to stay for burgers & dogs courtesy of the Post. I know all of this because MY SON & I WERE THERE! I could make a call or two and find out if they're having it this year...just give the word!
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    Ill just throw this out here... If your blue Line flag represents the US flag to you then treat it as such... if it does not then dont. I do not think there is an official way to handle these flags.
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    I must have failed civics because that doesn't look like any official US flag I've ever seen.
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    Jussie Smollett may know a couple of guys you could hire.
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    Hate to say it but this marriage is doomed.....
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    This calls for extreme measures. Hire someone to break into your house, tie up your wife, threaten to kill her, and steal something. Then let us know how she feels. Just kidding of course.
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    A fellow forum was asking about a display case for his wife’s pistol I believe. So I decided after seeing some display cases for insane prices, to make my own out of more or less cheap prices. This one will be for my Nighthawk Custom Falcon 1911. I started out with a humidor I had when I was on a cigar kick with the club. Humidors make perfect cases for your gun. Why? Its designed to keep moisture in so your cigars don’t dry out. Ones that are well made have a nice tight seal. ‘But John, we don’t want to keep moisture in. It will hurt the gun’. Correctomundo! But using it to keep moisture out works too! If you are not a cigar smoker, a humidor keeps the cigars from drying out by putting a moisture pad inside. We simply won’t be using the moisture pad nor the cheapo humidity gauge they usually give you. So lets start. One used but still in great shape humidor with glass lid. If you don’t have one, you can pick up something decent for about $50. I added a lik leather NH tag to use to open lid. They are air tight and easier to open with something to grab. If you use a humidor, they sometimes come with a lil shelf and divider. Toss them. Next, we added a little antique bronze clasp. 5 for $12 on Amazon. They come with tiny wood screws. You’ll need a jeweler type phillips head and a small awl to start a hole. Do not screw in without a starter hole. Also a mini pad lock with skeleton key. Next, you’ll want something to lay in there like velvet. I chose purple velvet. Rather than buy it by the yard, I actually got 2 - 14”x14” pillow shams with zippers on Amazon for about $11... This is a lot cheaper than buying it by the yard plus you don’t gave to sew anything. Just stuff it and zip it. You will need something to stuff it. That is your choice. I already had a bag of poly fill from another project. You can even rio open al old pillow and use the guts. Next is rechargeable Silica packs. I got a 25 count bag cheap also on Amazon. I chose to line the bottom of the case and also throw some inside the sham. Once you beat it and adjust it to get in the right position, you can see how the gun sits and adjust as needed. Next is optional and not cheap. I picked up 2 - Sensor Push bluetooth temp/humidity sensors for $50 each. One for the box and one for my safe. After calibrating them and pairing them to my phone, I inserted one into the display case. You don’t have to do this but I’m a bit of a tech nerd so.... [emoji6] You can also use a cheap digital one too. This one transmits data and stores 20 points which you can set alarms in the app if moisture increases. Kind of more important in my safe but....[emoji16] Here is a sample of the data. I just put them in so it will take time to level off. That’s pretty much it. Outside of the sensors, its cheap, easy and looks great. You can fo crazy with it or go simple. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here Ray, I snapped this Pic and those in attendance remain anonymous, maybe the tattoo will be a give away! The Chili was enjoyed by all Hint there ain't a Texan in this pic!
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    For those not on Facebook, here's the article I wrote & the still photos shared to me for publication: CONTAINS PHOTOS OF HARVESTED ANIMALS IN THE FIELD! CNJFO's SPRING HOG HUNT YIELDS FOND MEMORIES & FUNDS! 14 HUNTERS TACKLE FELLED TREES, MUD, BRUSH, AND SCORE! by Black Wire Media Monday April 29, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners' last Hog Hunt of the 2019 season was held Saturday April 27th on the 150 acre island in the middle of the Susquehanna River in Bainbridge, PA. It was EPIC! 14 hunters safely navigated felled trees everywhere, thickets of plant life over 10 feet high, gusty winds, mud holes and heavy brush to obtain their 275-300 pound hogs. Using hardware ranging from AR-15's to 12 ga. slugs, our hunter/patriots overcame all obstacles and each harvested a prime specimen with the expert assistance of our professional Guide Service. Proceeds from the hunt will go to our lawsuit fund to fight bad NJ gun laws. A big thanks to all involved! CNJFO HOG HUNTERS BRING HOME THE BACON! THE WELL ARMED WOMAN FIELD DRESS A HOG! by Black Wire Media Monday April 29, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us CNJFO members Jacquelyn Reid and Lorraine Crescimanno, both members of The Well Armed Woman, a national group responsible for training thousands of women how to safely & effectively use firearms in self-defense, are shown here teaming up to harvest one hog each & field dress Reid's hog. Reid is a Chapter Leader in both NJ & PA and Crescimanno is a NRA Range Safety Officer at her PA Chapter. A dozen additional hunters, all of whom are Coalition members and/or supporters, joined this sharpshooting duo for the fundraiser, but only Reid & Crescimanno field dressed a harvest. Lorraine's husband Len harvested his own hog, and caught up with the two ladies as fellow hunter & CNJFO member Christopher Quaglin videotaped the pair field dressing Reid's hog. Quaglin also shot the harvest video seen in yesterday's story. Ed Rucki wasn't camera shy either, and displayed his AR-10 (.308) & Ruger .454 Casull sidearm he used next to his harvest. Wild weeds 10 feet high, trees crashing to the ground in heavy wind gusts after a bad rainstorm and a tornado watch the day before, heavy brush you can't see through & boot-sucking mud to slog through on a 150 acre island in the middle of the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, PA. Perfect conditions for a challenging, end-of-season Hog Hunt fundraiser to benefit CNJFO's mission of providing 2nd Amendment education & awareness! Every hunter received a complimentary Goody Bag filled with useful gifts from NRA's newest member of its' Board of Directors, Anthony Colandro, owner of Gun For Hire's Woodland Park Range in Woodland Park, NJ. Gun For Hire is a Platinum Sponsor, supplying Goody Bags at all of our fundraisers! A prize raffle was held on the island during a lunch of previously Hog Hunt-ed brats & chips. Sponsored by NRA-ILA, Henry Repeating Arms, NJ Concealment Furniture, ANJRPC, Bullet Branch Cigar Humidors, and CNJFO. Eight hogs were delivered to CNJFO sponsor V. Roche & Son Butchers in Whitehouse Station, NJ for their expert processing & smoking, and are due back to our hunters in 2-3 weeks. Thanks to all of our hunters for your trust & continued support in our endeavors to enlighten the public about their loss of rights and why we need to ban together to defeat the Anti's! From our house to yours, enjoy your harvests & GOOD EATING!
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    You're quite welcome and feel free to express your opinion on anything I post here. I always listen to folks that haven't seen what I've seen, as I learn from it. We're all firearms enthusiasts, and we all need to understand and wrap our heads around the multiple uses of these tools that "take the measure" and protect a free society. I personally started hunting very late in my "shooting career". I grew-up the son of a WW2 Vet in General Mark Clark's 5th Army that killed many Krauts (after landing at Anzio--a real blood bath if there ever was one!) with a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) and Ma-Deuce .50 cal Heavy machine Gun in the Po Valley Campaign in Italy. He wasn't a Hunter of 4-legged creatures, and I was never taught the ways of the field until much later in life after he'd passed. My hunting mentor is 80 years old. We just shared wine over a nice lunch this afternoon. Hunting is as "American" as you can get! Hunters contribute YUGE sums of money to conservation programs all across the country. Many species would be extinct if not for conservation laws put in place at the request of skilled hunters. It's OK in my book if you never want to try doing it. I appreciate (more than you'll ever realize) your candidness and appreciation for respecting the rights of hunters in this experiment we call The United States ~R
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    You're VERY entertaining Peel! You've led a sheltered life (coming from a Democrat family used to buying selected cuts on Styrofoam platters) of "neatly shrink-wrapped meat", but I still LOVE your writing style. I'll try to answer you as "dead serious" as I can, and w/o mocking or making fun of your self-admitted lack of knowledge in this area. BTW, I just told my Amazon Echo to play "Born Free" by the Chairman of the Board (Frank Sinatra) as I type this I had the movie on VHS! Yes it's normal for harvested animals to quiver. The old expression, "Runnin'-around like a chicken with its' head cut-off" is based in REALITY! Chickens can run headless until they bleed-out. Hogs can shake like this OR NOT and deer can run like hell for 50 yards OR NOT (a lucky spine shot), dead on their feet from a well-placed shot into their "Boiler Room" (heart/lungs area), and not pile-up (fall-down) until the loss of blood translates into loss of oxygen to the brain. Pheasants sometimes need their necks broke after being downed by a scattergun blast. My Hog Hunters all wear sidearms for dispatch shots to the brain, should the need arise. We frown on dinky 9mm rounds and ask them to bring .357 mag OR BIGGER to dispatch an animal as quickly as possible, the humane way, as a true Sportsmen would. On this hunt one Gent brought his Ruger .454 Casull & used it for a dispatch. There's excitement & congratulations from fellow hunters and the professional guides, but no "Blood Dancing". I've had hunters say a prayer to themselves before posing with their harvests. It's not that uncommon. Hell, I've done it after a long day tracking. The 2nd hog harvested in the above video was taken with a single .308 soft point in a quartering-away presentation that resulted in a one shot harvest. These two women are friends of mine & fellow NRA instructors that realize that some folks will not like the video. That being said, they still gave me permission to share it so other women would become empowered, and not let themselves be refused the opportunity simply because of having different sex organs. Lorraine is a deer hunter, and this was her first hog. The pair field dressed Jackie's hog under expert supervision from our guides. There's a You Tube video of it here, so don't click if yer squeamish: I fully realize that some folks, who've been sheltered from what goes into harvesting animals, will find hunting "gross". Hunters, since prior to the Revolutionary War, have been teaching marksmanship to Patriots that have defended this great experiment of a Representative Republic. Having 2A people go hunting is more natural than most 2A people think. In Pennsy they close the schools for the start of deer season and 10 year olds go with Moms & Dads to learn the ways of the field. May you be blessed with many enjoyable experiences in whatever form of harvesting suits you. I too enjoy finding steaks & burgers ON SALE in the meat case WRAPPED IN SHRINK WRAP at my local Shop Rite. Friday they had ground beef for a $1.99 pound Respect, ALL WAYS & ALWAYS! Rosey
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    Due to the popularity of the "Survivor" shows, Texas is planning to do one entitled: "Survivor - Texas-Style!" The lucky contestants will all start in Dallas, drive to Waco, Austin, San Antonio, then over to Houston and down to Brownsville. They will then proceed up to Del Rio, El Paso, Odessa, Midland, Lubbock, and Amarillo. From there they will go on to Abilene and Fort Worth, and finally , back to Dallas. Each contestant will be driving a pink Prius with 15 bumper stickers which will read: 1. "I'm A Democrat" 2. "Amnesty For Illegals" 3. "I Love RAP" 4. "Boycott Beef" 5 "I Voted For Obama" 6. "George Strait Sucks" 7. "Elect Hillary In 2020" 8. "Vote Eric Holder Texas Governor" 9. "Rosie O'Donnell Is A great role model" 10. "I Love Obama Care and Chuck Schumer" 11. "Kaepernick Is My Hero" 12. "I Side With Jane Fonda" 13. "It's all Bush's Fault” 14. "Islam Is A Peace-Loving Religion" - and the last sticker is; 15. "I'm Here To Confiscate Your Guns" The first contestant to make it back to Dallas alive wins.
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    I wanna thank everyone for there positive input, it was a great help. I was able to land a nice used sig p365, very happy gun owner here.
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    The negative posts in this thread are a good example of how people in NJ are "different" from people in other states. Something about NJ seems to make people negative about everything, including being negative to people trying to provide alternative solutions to the gun law problem in NJ. The same is true for any 2A issues, the negativity stifles everything.
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    They will sell in NJ for that price point... People might burn a permit on one if they cant figure out what they want or just dont want to lose a hard earned permit.
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    It’s more like a Ginsu bomb. After it chops everyone up, they should have the tail end pop off and shoot confetti in the air to celebrate. Or better yet, bacon!
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    Stop shooting cannons and you'll be healed! Lol.
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    Patrolman, yes I'd agree that they are not a good source of legal advice. However did you even take a look at who that email was written by? Not some rookie patrolman! Fundamentally the fcuking answer is right in front of you, just read the God damn email! The reason threads like this go out of control is because of fear mongers like you. If you want to play it extra super safe fine no one cares but the answer is right there for you to read
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    Well, this is the "Want to Buy Guns and Accessories" sub-forum, isn't it??? There aren't a lot of shops with used pistols in North Jersey, so if OP can get a good deal from a forum member with a closet-queen it's a win-win for everyone, right?

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