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    My township PD has been very communicative. This a fantastic FB post. Straight copy/paste below. No editing. Good afternoon Old Bridge 2A residents We just wanted to update our residents on our progress in the processing of a permit to purchase, a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card (FID) or a permit to carry. As a lot of you know, we have been and will continue to be out in front of the pack in processing times in comparison to other municipalities or agencies. There are however some pieces of the investigative puzzle that slow things down such as out-of-state mental health checks or clarification/disposition of a criminal record. We are often waiting on a court to provide us with an official disposition of an applicant’s prior criminal arrest charge(s). This takes time. Some states are slow in response to a mental health record check which is also conducted via U.S. Mail. We do not take any shortcuts in our background investigations. If there’s a question that needs answering, we will find the answer or wait on an applicant to provide needed documentation so we are confident in approving, or if need be, denying an application. Now, with that said, we want our residents to know what our average turn around times are. Again, these are averages and cannot obviously be applied to each and every applicant’s unique background check. When we are suddenly inundated with applications, things slow down a bit but they do not stop! We remain diligent in our processing of your applications. We have an average of 14 days for permit to carry applications that do not involve out-of-state checks. This means that from the time we receive your complete application till the time we send it up to Middlesex County is about 2 weeks. For those carry applications that do involve out-of-state checks, we are averaging less than 30 days. Carry permits are entirely done on paper and utilize the postal system for documents. They are reviewed and approved on business days. We email the applicant when we forward the application to the Middlesex County Superior Court. Under the statute (N.J.S.A. 2C:58-4), the judge assigned to review such applications (in our county that is Judge Joseph Rae) will either approve or deny it. We have no control on the how Judge Rae will do so as that remains the judge’s prerogative. For permits to purchase and FID cards, we are averaging about 8 days. We are constantly reevaluating how we process both the electronic and paper applications in an effort to become even more efficient. This, we feel, better serves our residents. Please remember that you can either email, call or stop in should you have any questions concerning your application. Our dedicated staff is well versed and eager to assist you. Thank you! Acting Chief Donald Fritz, Jr.
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    County: Hunterdon Fingerprinted: 6/30 - Easton, PA Applied via: NJSP Washington 6/30 Approved by NJSP Washington: Approx 8/9 Approved by NJSP FIU: 8/15 Received by court: 8/18 Docketed by court: 8/19 Approved by court: 9/14 I don't have it in hand yet, but I'm told it is restricted to the guns I qualified with. When I get the paperwork I'll know about any other details.
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    Just wanted to update. I just had my appearance in front of Judge Silvanio(Gloucester) he approved and stated that I can only carry what I qualified with. He is forwarding the permit to my LPD so I should have it next week. Almost there.
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    Well I just got my permit...there were 4 other people picking theirs up at my PD...so of the 25 that appeared in Gloucester county yesterday 5 were from Harrison Twp
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    Just had my hearing in Burlington County. Judge confirmed I’m the first in our county. Just asked to confirm make and model. Read restricted places to me. Carry IS NOT restricted in our vehicles. Said he’s signing today and putting in the mail and that I should have physical permit by the end of the week but that I am approved.
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    I got a call back from a detective at the FIU. They received my permit from the court on 9/16 and sent it out via inter-office mail (aka the pony express) the same day. Hopefully it won't get lost. The detective was very helpful and we chatted about the whole mess for a while. He gave me his personal cell number if I run into any more problems. The FIU only has 7 staff to cover the whole State and they are being inundated. I feel sorry for them because they are gun guys and the senior management are just not providing the manpower to handle the workload. My app was one of the first 10 that came through their office so I'm a bit of a trail blazer. He did say that there are definitely definitely things in the works to get PCH into FARS.
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    Here is Bit of GOOD News for a change, I just got this response from the ANJRPC-Strikeforce, a response to my e-mail concerning the "no carry while driving" restriction, I am sure they don't mind me sharing...Great to hear this, there is no way that restriction will stand even if we have to sue. "We’re already on this. Thank you for your report. Dan"
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    Cleaned up the thread - keep it on topic, people. If you wanna rant about stuff - there's the 1A lounge.
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    Updated 9/19/22. HG = Handgun Green = County has issued Permits Red = County has NOT issued Permits Yellow = County has issued at least 1 permit but there are other issues (see list below) Atlantic County - No (Court Delay) Bergen County - Yes (HGs listed, Unrestricted checked) Burlington County - Yes (First person picking up 9/20) Camden County - Yes (Not sure of restrictions) Cape May County - Yes (Not sure of restrictions) Cumberland County - Yes (No restrictions) Essex County - No (PD/Court Delays) Gloucester County - Yes (Must appear before Judge, Restricted by HG) Hudson County - Yes (Restricted by HG) Hunterdon County - Yes (Restricted by HG on Court Order) Mercer County - No (Court Delay) Middlesex County - No (Court Delay - Judge Absence?) Monmouth County - Yes - 1 (Special case from FPC Lawsuit - Restricted by HG + Additional restrictions) - Court Delays/Additional Investigations on new applications Morris County - Yes (Restricted by HG) Ocean County - Yes (May be Restricted - with extreme restrictions including Car Carry) Passaic County - Yes (Restricted by HG) Salem County - No Somerset County - No (Court delay from "high volume") Sussex County - No (Court Delay) Union County - No (Court Delay - possibly waiting on Objection time period) Warren County - Yes (Unrestricted) - Some permits issued but now court is delaying
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    First - Please define what someone who is a “good shot” is. I bet my definition is a lot different than yours. What metric are you using to determine if a cop is a good shot or a lousy shot? Second - What data are you using to formulate this opinion that cops are all lousy shots? What data are you parsing that shows “cops can not shoot minute of man at 7yards”? Third - In your opinion, what process would adequately test a shooters proficiency? What should a cop (or anyone) be capable of with a firearm to satisfy your criticism? What’s your suggestion? The idea that all cops can’t shoot is frankly ridiculous. All NJ Police Officers are required by law to do the following regarding the carrying of firearms: • Train to realistic standards. ie: shoot on the move, use cover, shoot at moving targets, shoot in low light, participate in shoot/no-shoot or Force on Force situations • Pass a qualification consisting of a Day Time (full lighting conditions)and Low-light course of fire as prescribed by the NJ AG via the NJDCJ. They must pass this course of fire 2x a year with a minimum score of 80%. This qual course consists of 90-100 rounds (depending on if the agency uses HQC1 or HQC2) on an FBI Q target at ranges from 1 yard, out to 25 yards. • Police have to qualify on any weapon they plan on carrying on and off duty. There are separate day time and low-light qualification courses for other classes of firearms as well - such as shotguns, sub-guns, carbines, PDWs, and scoped rifles. Any agency can put further restriction in place (higher minimum passing score, restriction on gun type or caliber, etc…) or require more training if they wish. At the end of the qualification, if you don’t pass the qual, you are relieved of your firearm, placed in administrative status, given a time to train/practice, than an opportunity to qualify again. A failure then means termination. If you can’t shoot an 80% on the course, you can’t stay. Based on my observations at public ranges and teaching both civilians and cops to shoot For the last 18 years, I’ll bet that the average NJ cop can outshoot the average NJ gun owner on a HQC and HNQC test. In fact, I’ll bet that 75% of gun owners could not pass the entire police qualification course - the one that every working cop has to pass twice a year in addition to any training they participate in. I’ll bet another 10% of NJ gun owners will score in the 80% range, another 10% in the 90% range, and another 5% could clean the course and I bet the final 5% consists of shooters that can outshoot most cops by a fair margin by every measurable standard. The notion that “The cops who only shoot once or twice a year to pass that qualification are terrible shots.” is unsubstantiated unqualified nonsense. If they have to pass a qual 2x a year that the majority of non-cop shooters could not pass, just how “terrible” are they? Just because they don’t know what color the boathouse is at Hereford, does not mean they don’t have the skills to accomplish their jobs. No, not all cops are shooters. Not all Cops are even gun people. But they all meet a minimum standard of 80% 2x a year. Cops have to wear so many hats and be mandatorily trained on so many topics now-a-days that there isn’t enough time or money to make them all into DeltaRangerSEALsnipers or steely eyed killers. On the other hand - some cops shoot at the GM level in competition circuits. Some were/are members of SOF or SMU organizations. Some are attached to LE Agencies/Units/teams that require a higher standard than 80% 2x a year. Some shoot as a hobby and enjoy training with firearms, often spending thousands of dollars chasing high-end instruction form some of the best instructors on the planet. Some are in agencies that promote martial abilities, but some are not. It’s not as cut and dry as “all cops suck at shooting”. Part of what @GRIZ was talking about when he said “Shooting isn’t fighting” (outside of the mindset and tactics portion that makes up 90% of any gunfight) is an important distinction. Shooting a qual course and getting 100% does not guarantee you are a gunfighter, or will win a gunfight, or even hit your target in a deadly force situation. No one knows what will happen in the transition between shooting paper with your colleagues and friends under impossibly blue skies filled with cotton ball clouds, next to rivers of chocolate and trees that give beer, and when you are alone and fighting for your life with a very real possibility that you will die. This is not Cop specific and is a universal truth across the board including military, cops, competition shooters, bad guys, and armed citizens. Until you see the proverbial elephant, you don’t know how you will react to that level of personal danger. There is no test, no qual, no training that can predict that.
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    There are already examples of disregarding the law. Cannot carry in a vehicle - illegal Can only carry specific handguns - illegal Placing restrictions on a permit without holding a hearing to allow the applicant to address the Judge's concerns - illegal Openly refusing to process any applications - illegal
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    Reviewing multiple threads, forums, websites, etc. I think I got a good feel of the status as of today (9/12/2022) Edit 9/13 - At least 1 person got theirs in Monmouth County (but this may be from the 2021 FPC Lawsuit) Atlantic County - No (Court Delay) Bergen County - Yes (restricted by HG) Burlington County - Yes (not sure of restrictions) Camden County - Yes (Not sure of restrictions) Cape May County - No (Court waiting on Guidance) Cumberland County - Yes (No restrictions) Essex County - No (PD Delays) Gloucester County - Yes (Must appear before Judge [Zoom], Restricted by HG) Hudson County - Yes (Restricted by HG) Hunterdon County - Yes (Restricted by HG on Court Order) Mercer County - No (Court Delay) Middlesex County - No (Court Delay - Judge Absence?) Monmouth County - Yes - 1 (Special case from FPC Lawsuit - Restricted by HG + Additional restrictions) - Court Delays/Additional Investigations on new applications Morris County - Yes (Restricted by HG) Ocean County - Yes (May be Restricted - with extreme restrictions including Car Carry) Passaic County - Yes (Restricted by HG) Salem County - No Somerset County - No (Court delay from "high volume") Sussex County - No (Court Delay) Union County - No (Court possibly waiting on Objection time period) Warren County - Yes (Unrestricted) - Some permits issued but now court is delaying
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    When I am in my car and someone approaches with a gun drawn... They don't intend to shoot my car. They don't intend to shoot my money. They intend to shoot me. So I have every right to preempt them.
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    The court order is literally demanding you brandish your firearm before entering you're vehicle. It is the only way to abide by the order. Yo cannot even enter your car and then put the gun in its case and then bring it to the truck. The moment you enter the vehicle while carrying the firearm, you are breaking the order. Therefore you have to carry to your trunk, unholster, drop mag, put in case, put in trunk, and then you can enter your vehicle. And then obviously reverse order when leaving the vehicle. #11 of that order is a direct threat to public safety and the safety of the permit holder, and extremely negligent of the court.
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    Jesus. You guys need to get new friends… You are all overthinking things way too much. Anticipate your friend’s attitude and behavior towards you being armed and act accordingly. Consider the kind of party and act accordingly. Is it a rager keg party? Are you solo? Are you with a group of like minded people in a sea of strangers? Is it a quiet dinner party with significant others? Are you looking to hook up? Decide ahead of time if you are going to drink and act accordingly. Just be cool. Don’t overthink it.
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    Cleaned it up - drop the name calling and derailing - Start another topic on Insurance if you feel like it - don't clog up an existing thread.
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    I'm not disagreeing, but 11 handguns later it's high time you get a revolver or two.
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    The artist formerly known as prince
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    Mostly agree. I'm not convinced about how deferential one should be if the application has advanced to Superior Court and those employees of the people have not discharged their legal responsibilities in the required time. I'm more inclined toward a solution of mailing them a polite (but firm) registered letter citing Gregg A. Grant's 06-19 directive, itemizing exactly how they have failed to meet the requirements articulated in that directive, and demanding that they take action to recitify their failing(s), along with notification to the applicant regarding exactly when that can be expected to happen. I would cc: Strike Force and/or a private attorney on that letter. Frankly, backlogs at and understaffing of the courts isn't our problem, and shouldn't be our concern. We citizens rarely, if ever, get any slack from the bureacracy when circumstances impair us in following the letter of the law in the time that is legally required. I fail to see any good reason why we should grant them more latitude than they would give us. Maybe they should hold themselves in contempt.
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    Shenanigans. I have been carrying a gun daily for 20 years now. I used to conceal a G35 with a magwell and X300U all year (IWB at 4:00) - in summer with nothing more that shorts and a T shirt and I’m not a big guy. It’s all about choices in clothing, belts, and holsters. Now I primarily carry a G19 with optic and light AIWB all day, every day, and can conceal it under nothing more than t-shirt with no issues. The G19, IMO, is probably the perfect sized carry gun. I also have a G48 MOS with optic and light that I have started carrying more often. So far its been great. It may take over as the perfect carry choice for me - but realistically, there is really no appreciable difference between the G19 and the G48 in regards to how it feels to carry and how easy it is conceal. At the end of the day, bad guys carry full-size guns all the time. There is no reason, outside of a lack of experience/knowledge or plain laziness, why good guys can’t do the same thing. Stop overthinking things and make smart choices. It’s really quite simple. Carry guns should be measured against these 5 criteria. In order of most to least important: • Reliability • Caliber • Personal ability/How well you shoot it • Capacity • Overall size Find a reliable firearm from a reputable manufacturer, chambered in an effective self-defense caliber, that you shoot well enough to bet your life on, and has the max capacity you are legally allowed to carry. Then figure out how to conceal it.
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    Seeing that it's now SHALL issue, there should be no reason to go to the courts at all. We need to support Jay Factor's Lawsuit #087269 fighting against the "requirement" of a case-by-case review in Superior Court. Judges will no longer have the ability to question applicants on an UNCONSTITUTIONAL CASE-BY-CASE basis post-Bruen SCOTUS decision of June 23, 2022. Judges will no longer be able to instruct their staff to DELAY applications, slow-walking them through a 50+ year old overburdened and antique RED-TAPE series of built-in DELAYS. CNJFO has a matching funds page - the org is matching up to $5000 to help fund Jay Factor's fight to make this better for all of us. https://www.cnjfo.com/page-18138
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    u r far too kind or too naive to believe that its not the judges fault. they knew it was coming and even if they didnt. we are well over 60 past this new ruling, they couldve easily revised their process of approving the permits. judges do not need to be involved anymore since there is no case to be presented to them and they are issuing them anywway. they could easily excuse themselves from it and let the PDs handle it. so many things can be done to get this nonesense resolved and get people their permits. instead they are fucking around and wasting time scheduling in person meetings and adding some illegal restrictions that goes against statue and code and law all together because "they can"
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    The law requires nothing more than "safe handling of a firearm" . In fact, simple passing of a test in use of force laws is good enough. No need to "out" anyone, that's the control freaks talking. And those counties need to be sued.
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    I would hope contact to the court by an attorney would be enough. But who knows. If formal legal action needs to be taken to make the court act, that needs to be thought out very carefully as the first case could set precedent for all future cases. Seriously, the first case should include as plaintiffs a wounded and decorated Veteran confined to a wheel chair, an elderly person who was critically injured in a robbery, a homosexual who has been the victim of gay bashing, a Muslim who was beat up because of their religion, a black who was beat up because of their race, a woman who was raped, and/or a battered woman seeking to defend herself against an abusive ex-spouse. ^^^ The above is not a joke. As some may recall, the Heller plaintiffs included a gay man who had defended himself from gay bashing in another state with a gun given to him by his mother, and a guard at the U.S. Capital, who was trusted with a firearm to protect members of Congress but who was not allowed to purchase a handgun to protect himself at home. Unfortunately, optics matter.
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    Update, just received a call from the Sheriffs office my PTC was approved and I need to go in and pick it up.
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    They'll fix that shortly, to allow just 10 clicks before you have to reload the page, then 10 more clicks, then reload... It is NJ, after all.
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    Its great to see so many new people to this forum. Through this topic. I suggest you all. Try some idpa. Uspsa or icore matches. It will. Improve your firearms shooting abilities. It will humble you in your abilities. And make you more aware. And more proficient
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    I just wanna know if @Variant's grandma will also knit me a holster? Sorry. aboutthatthreadderailmenttho?
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    I think they are looking for advice on how to restrict civilian conceal carry holders to the fullest extent possible, they are not looking for advice on how to streamline the process of issuing permits.
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    Morris County update. I called down to the Morris County courthouse today to see if my application has been received. It wasn't in the stack just yet. However, I took the opportunity to have a chat and find out from the person that handles our applications directly what the deal is for Morris County. - Since July, MC has issued approximately 90 permits. - He has about 100 apps on his desk right now - He says once received, they do process very quickly - I asked if Morris County judge is requiring court appearance. He laughed pretty hard and said no. He said court appearance would be requested only in situations where there are actual questions, such as: Applicant has had lots of contacts with law enforcement, convicted felon living in the home, maybe someone living in the home going through some sort of drug recovery, etc... I will continue to check back and see what the status is with mine. I did appreciate that he genuinely thought it was funny when I asked about the court appearance.
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    Keep your yapper shut and your firearm concealed.
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    I know to a lot of people, me included, guns stores are like barber shops. You stick with the one that does it the way you like. The ones that don't do it the way you like, you don't go back.
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    To clarify, your "good enough" standard complies with the actual applicable NJ statute and adminstrative code section on requirements for a carry permit. Even those standards are unconstitutional, although we are forced to live with them, for now. I challenge anyone who supports the contention that a citizen should be required to meet a qualification standard with a course of fire designed for LEOS or RPOs in order to bear a firearm to show me the part of the Second Amendment that adds the caveat "for anyone who meets qualification standards" to "shall not be infringed".
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    Can't catch 'em all - I usually look at the activity feed. Feel free to report a thread so we can move it... but yes - political posts/rants/etc - we don't want to see in the PUBLIC area of the forums that others (outsiders, guests, search engines, etc) can find.
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    Kinda weird that our government has no problem processing mail in ballots that have discrepancies because the court systems have rules that "these minor errors should not be used to disfranchise the voters constitutional rights" or something to that effect.... If the PDs have sent the applications to the judges they must have been complete enough to do the important background checks ext.... These sounds like petty issues which should NOT deny a person their constitutional rights!
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    I just wanted to post a quick msg - didn't even coordinate it with the rest of the staff, but simply because I'm confident they would agree with the point I'm making. I'm posting it HERE (in this particular thread), because it's getting the most activity, and also because a lot of our new members are on here (and we're so delighted to see all of you new folks, btw)! This post is applicable to ALL of our forums... As you know, it's a turbulent time in NJ's 2A community at-large. It's exciting, of course, that the Bruen decision was decided as it was. But, there are also frustrations as many of you anxiously await your CCW approvals so you can exercise a Constitutional right (a right that was denied us for far too long in this state). Though I understand those frustrations, please be mindful that this is first and foremost a COMMUNITY and we do require a reasonable level of decorum from all posters. With that in mind: 1) If you haven't done so already (or haven't done so in a while), kindly review our Forum Rules! As you'll see, they're not onerous or even overly detailed. They're about what you would expect from any online community - mainly, it's about TREATING OTHERS WITH RESPECT (no personal insults, etc.). Forum Rules - Forum Rules - New Jersey Gun Forums (njgunforums.com) 2) We are all (presumably) reasonable people here. Therefore, as your fingers furiously tap those keys - remember, breathe - reflect on what you're typing - and quickly review it BEFORE you hit the send key. In other words, please moderate your own posts... so we don't have to step in and do it for you (which is a far less pleasant route for all of us, I assure you). Let's keep the tone either cooperative - or at least - one of respectful debate. We're lucky to have some incredibly experienced folks on here from many facets - LEO, Military, Civilian - so bring an open mind to the discussions, because there's much to learn here. Appreciate your cooperation with this!! Enjoy the forums.
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    Back on topic, anyone from Union County get their permit yet?
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    All while praying that you don't have a failure to feed, have enough space to manipulate the slide without short stroking, and...having 1 less round available to you.
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    Just had my hearing in Burlington County. Judge confirmed I’m the first in our county. Just asked to confirm make and model. Read restricted places to me. Carry IS NOT restricted in our vehicles. Said he’s signing today and putting in the mail and that I should have physical permit by the end of the week but that I am approved.
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    The original article writer, John Petrolino responded to my inquiry as follows: "Please feel free to share the following: On Gun For Hire Radio Episode 588, August 27, 2022 (https://gunforhire.com/blog/the-gun-for-hire-radio-broadcast-episode-588/), Anthony Colandro had Dan Schmutter (the attorney litigating the case) on the show to discuss several different pieces of pending litigation and other topics. Schmutter opened with talking about this case and here is a transcript of the conversation: Schmutter: So unfortunately, guys, I have to open with some not great news. We just heard from the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. In the magazine case, we were hoping to keep the case up at the Court of Appeals and have…ask the Court of Appeals…and we have asked The Court of Appeals to decide the case on the merits right now. The state was urging them to send it back down to the trial court, the District Court. And unfortunately, we got a two one ruling today that the Third Circuit decided to send it back down to the District Court. And what that does is it just adds another layer of delay. And cost. And so unfortunately, you know, now we're back at the District Court, we have to do that all over again. We'll probably end up back at the Court of Appeals, you know, whichever way it goes, somebody's not gonna be happy. So, you know, it's unfortunate. We were, we were urging the court to not, you know, give in to the state's request to add more delay in cost. And it was a two, one decision. We got a very nice dissenting opinion from Judge Paul meaty. And he agreed with us that there was no reason to send it back down to the trial court, you know, the usual…it is very typical for when something comes down from the Supreme Court for the Court of Appeals to send it all the way back down to the trial court. But that's not unusual. It's actually quite typical. The problem is, in this case, it's not necessary. And there's plenty of precedent for not doing that where it's not necessary or appropriate. And I think we made a very strong case that it's not. But, you know, the court did with the court didn't so we have to live with it. And so we'll you know, we'll fight the fight down at the District Court. But it's disappointing. I mean, they really, you know, our feeling was they should have done the right thing here and just kept it, decided it. And, you know, but that's, that's life. Colandro: Now, what do we face at the District Court? Is it one judge? Is it a panel? Schmutter: Yeah it's one judge, the original trial judge that heard it the first time. He gets it back, but he gets it back under a new set of rules. He gets it back now under the rules from the Bruen decision. And so you know, in a sense, he's not starting from scratch because there is a record. It's not like we're starting with a blank slate here. There is a record and there is a favorable record. So, in the sense that we think that the some of the findings that the court made the first time around are very, very helpful to us. So, you know the court is presumably gonna reach out to us at some point soon to, you know, we'll probably have a conference, the court will probably want to know how the parties think the case should proceed, and we'll go from there. And we'll develop our strategy as to what the what the right way to move this forward is. And we'll move it forward. It's just disappointing that we're going to be doing this in a in a court where we really shouldn't have to be. But you know, as you know, we know, as it's a slog, it's a marathon, and we're going to continue fighting. I mean, it's, there's no question or option we're gonna keep this moving. And, you know, we like our chances. We think that…we've talked about this quite a few times now, about how we think Bruen gives us some very, very good tools. And we're going to bring those to bear in the District Court on this case. We'll see what happens. When there's a development, you'll certainly…I hope you'll have me back to talk about it. And we'll see what we'll go from there. ### The remand from the Third Circuit back to the lower court can be read here: https://reason.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/NJRifle.pdf As Rooney pointed out in his article (https://savejersey.com/2022/08/3rd-circuit-punts-n-j-10-round-magazine-ban-case-back-to-district-court/), Judge Paul Matey's dissent is worth a full read. The quick answer is we've been punted back down, again, but that does not mean we're starting from square one. Will we see 15 rounders again in New Jersey? Will we see them by year's end? Will we see magazines larger than 15 rounds in NJ? All great questions, but it's hard to read how this is going to go down. As far as the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision goes, it's clear that putting a restriction on a standard capacity magazine would be unconstitutional, as such restrictions would not have been acceptable at the time of our founding. Hope this helps. Please feel free to zap me a line if you have more questions or have other tips, leads, etc. Regards, John Petrolino www.thepenpatriot.com" I invite you to contact John directly as he is a 2A supporter and a NJ Resident
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    Football season oldie The Husband and Wife were getting ready to go to bed, as they laid there the husband got some gas pains and let go a fart, the wife asked what was that ..? The husband responded we are palying fart foot ball and the score is 7-0 , the wife later passed a fart and said score in 7-7 tie ... The husband got up and walked around, laid back down and let go another fart, said to his wife 14-7 , I'm winning ... The wife pushed all she could and let go another fart, said to her husband score now 14-14, little while later the wife let go a little tiny fart, she said Field goal , 17-14 ... The husband pushed and finally let out a juicy fart with chunks in it, the wife asks what the hell is that , husband says 1/2 time change sides.
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    You guys are funny. Some of you make grand summations and state emphatically that people are "going down" based on short video clips. In this case the homeowner is likely skating away free and clear from any criminal (and probably civil) charges. A couple of clicks to information on the web will tell you that the daughter called 911 and was on the phone with dispatch WHILE the dude was trying to break in. She is heard saying “Dad, is he trying to kill me?”. As the guy starts ramming the door the father tells him to go away and tells him that he's armed. Dude ignores this and keeps trying to break in. After the door breaks OPEN, homeowner shoots 3 times. A County grand jury voted 8-1 against indicting the homeowner on charges related to the killing, citing the state’s “Stand Your Ground” law. So the big "WHAT IF" it happened in NJ?? Who knows, but SO WHAT???? If you have guns to defend you/your family then that's a situation where you use one. If you think about lawsuits at that point you or your family will likely get hurt.

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