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    PSA Is roll marking some crazy lowers .
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    10 months old and finally got his first grouse! I did not have allot of time to hunt this season and I got out for my last day of the season this morning and I got one!
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    Aww shucks, I'm going to keep up the Beretta submissions. 92FS Compact Inox. I went overboard with the INOX upgrades and replaced every available piece with an INOX replacement from Italy. I then added on 92SB Compact grips with very custom modification to the inner surface so they fit over the larger 92FS hammer pin. I have a stainless magazine floor plate for the total look but it didn't make it out for this photo.
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    Don’t sell your .40 Glocks. Get yourself some KKM 40-9 conversion barrels and mags - that is all you need. I have converted 3 Glocks since I switched my agency to 9mm. My G23 and two G35s with conversion barrels all shoot better than my G19 and G34 They have been boringly reliable and stupidly accurate with the new barrels. My converted G23 has over 2k rounds without a hiccup. Plus, for about 1/3 the price of a new Glock you will have a gun that can shoot multiple calibers - so you can still shoot all that .40 you have and all the 9mm your going to get. Win-win! You won’t be disappointed.
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    I never heard of a case where someone was busted for carrying their handguns and ammo in a single range bag in different compartments or for that matter, the same compartment! I realize that none of us want to be the test case but I refuse to be paranoid and give into them.....I use one range bag for guns and ammo and I will not allow Gov. beaver face to live in my head rent free! Enough with the paranoia!
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    To: Maks & the Admins/Mods...our wonderful Vendors... our Premium Members... our many diligent and thought-provoking Posters... and yes, our shy Lurkers, too... a Very Merry Christmas to ALL of You! Here's hoping you enjoy a Christmas holiday surrounded by loved ones and filled with good cheer, goodwill and good food. And, if you don't celebrate Christmas... then please accept my best wishes for an equally wonderful Happy Holiday Season.
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    CNJFO's TWAS THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS: A TIME TO CELEBRATE OUR CHERISHED FREEDOMS! by Black Wire Media Christmas 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Twas the day after Christmas and all through the range, Not a port was open and man was that strange! They came by the thousands these Jersey gunners did, New sidearms they be carryin' from whence they were hid! Reports-a-plenty from .22's, 9's, .40, .45 cal, even .50 AE, When the new guns ignited they yelled, YIPPIE! Paper, plastic, targets of every shape & size, Struck again and again by little girls & guys! Smiles on faces and eyes wide as can be, As they learn about safety, tradition & American History! A lesson the schools will never again teach, How to live like a FREE People is still within our REACH! EDITOR's NOTE: Moms & Dads please get the kids to the range this week. They are our FUTURE and they must be infected with the desire to maintain what their grandparents & generations beyond had to endure to keep this country great, and uphold our cherished 2nd Amendment! And to all the family that helped Santa put a firearm under a TREE, we say congratulations & thank you to the Patriots YOU BE! ---The Editor (c) 2019 Black Wire Media Photo by: Walter Andersen
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    Yippie Kai Yay - Merry Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas to all here on NJGF! It is a joyous time!
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    Inner Peace Calmness in our lives I am passing this on to you because it definitely works, and we could all use a little more calmness in our lives. By following simple advice heard on the Dr. Phil show, you too can find inner peace. Dr. Phil proclaimed, "The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you've started and never finished." So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn't finished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of White Zinfandel, a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream, a bottle of Kahlua, a package of Oreos, the remainder of my old Prozac prescription, the rest of the cheesecake, some Doritos and a box of chocolates. You have no idea how freaking good I feel. Please pass this on to those you feel might be in need of inner peace.
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    The issue that needs to be settled. Constitutional rights transcend state borders. These are American citizens rights.
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    Last night, I was kinda noodling the pros and cons of being in/out cage. I kinda agree with Rhodes about staying out of the cage in protest, but someone has to be in the cage to deliver the speeches. If the leaders are in the cage, then they need close up support/protection. I came up with an idea a while ago, for the first Trenton rally, that we should all buy cheap holsters and walk around with a banana in it. It's a parody of a Monty Python skit demonstrating the absurdity of being unarmed when someone is trying to kill you. Can you imagine the blow back, pictures of Americans shot dead with nothing but an assault banana on their hip.
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    I don’t know if you found a solution, but just download the Xifi Stream app on your TV itself and stream the same content your cable box has. No need for a fire stick or any other device. I just connected a Samsung TV this way on Christmas Day. Plus you will save the $10/mo rental fee for another box
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    Hey guys. About 25% of the folks got their refund already... those were the folks who ordered early and live in a 1 day (or same day) delivery range... Reason why I said 24 to 48 hours after they ship... your card generally does not get charged by Amazon until they start shipping it. It is only at that point that the seller actually gets paid and can see the total you paid with taxes and all. Until it ships, you can still have it cancelled. Christmas was a holiday. So everyone else should be getting a refund within 24 hours or so. (who has not yet.) I have a spreadsheet and keeping track. Keep in mind, company is in Asia so their hours are different from ours. But so far about 40 people have gotten these and have all gotten their refunds, so nothing to worry about, and you can always send me an email and will track for you.
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    Read “On Combat” an “On Killing” By Lt Col Grossman. Goes into this as well as strategies for preventing PTSD from combat by being familiar with what is combat “normal” and why. For example - everyone knows “fight or flight” as the two choices you have in any confrontation, but there are actually two more options - “posture and submit” - that play a large role in the psyche surviving combat. Interesting stuff.
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    Stop with this "for the greater good" BS. Otherwise, there would be a LOT more changes "for the greater good", especially with regards to private property depending on the collective's various insane ideas. Its not ever increasing, its decreasing with the possible exception of firearm related suicides. Another mandate infringing on rights is obviously NOT the way to reduce violence, thats a nonsense excuse to further infringe. If government were truly interested in reducing violence, they would address the underlying causes of violence, not simply blame an inanimate object which we all know is just an excuse to push their anti-2A agenda. And they will never address the true underlying causes of violence because it will force them to take responsibility primarily because they have set the tone for our culture and society by promoting violence and the use of force on every level. From the top and their never-ending wars of aggression and imperialism to the local level, their implied approval of heavy handed policing (to put it mildly). Ours is a government which embraces and endorses violence and the use of force. Can you imagine, these are the same maniacs trying to disarm us... And stooges like you actually agree...
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    IF this is true...it’s funny as hell! MAGA!
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    What if the NJ resident has a second or 15th house in Fla? Or somewheres else in FREE AMERIKKA? I've been tellin' you people that land owners have more gun rights...here's another blatant example^^^!!! Buying anything NJ "illegal" has always been on the Jersey resident. Suing out-of-state enterprises for shipping goods goes against the commerce clause of our Constitution. When B&H Photo caved & sent sales records of NJ residents that had camera equipment shipped to Jersey to avoid Jersey sales & use tax, they did so under Jersey law. The BUYER was held responsible for the sales tax (sometimes in the thousands)! If I had a Florida bidness I wouldn't even answer the suit on Constitutional grounds! ~R
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    My wife has recently gotten into shooting handgun and likes the full size Glock but disliked the palm swell on the grip.. so on I went to investigate frames and modifications to remedy this... as with everything guns for me... a simple modification.. or frame change.. ended up in a total redesign of my Glock.. which I guess technically is not even a Glock anymore.. P80 Build PF940V2 Frame Boogeyman Customs Voodoo Slide (OEM Lightened) Lone Wolf G22 9mm Barrel Tungsten Guide Rod 15lb Spring Overwatch Precision Trigger Stainless Pin Set Taran Tactical Fiber Optic Sight Steel City Magwell OEM Glock Magazines Taran Tactical Base Plate +5
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    The SplitFix works good... they do it for the SBA3, SBA4, and another that I can’t remember. What I wouldn’t recommend is those other setups where a magazine or tourniquet pouch goes in between the flaps. Where as the SplitFix is functionally an arm strap, something shoved in the brace makes it hard to use in the intended role... which I’d be more inclined to say is a redesign. Including a shot of my AR pistol, which is currently my truck gun. When an assistant port director suggests that all of the officers have an AR of some type in their vehicles, in case something occurs off duty... who am I to not listen? Just a hair shy of 26”, so can’t do the vertical grip unless I want to do a longer A5 buffer tube... which I’m not. Don’t mind the missing half of the ambidextrous selector. Been going back/forth with Fostech, trying to get an older Echo trigger working... but said the hell with it until they figure it out. Using a nickel Mil-Spec trigger group. I was going to AOW my TAC-14 to put the folding brace on, but more and more... I’m either going to do a folding stock or Magpul, and SBS it. Only plus of the AOW is that if I ever did come down to NJ, I would think that it would be “legal,” as it is a “firearm” that is following NJ and ATF regulations... and not a shotgun.
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    I hope so too. Because if they don't, they might as well not bother being the highest court in the land. Just wait out cert and then alter the law slightly and call it moot. You just do it for even the mildly risky cases because it's a free chance to not lose.
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    To or from a FFL for sale or purchase is legal in NJ.
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    Many shooters don't realize gunfighting is much different than gun games or the range. Jeff Cooper said gunfighting is 95% mental and only 5% shooting skill. I agree. I spent a lot of time at Rodman's Neck with NYPD. They have the best stats for gunfights. Years ago they realized how well someone shoots on the range has nothing to do how well they do in a gunfight. Mental preparation for combat shooting is possible. Not easy. Jim Cirillo is the best example I know of this. I've experience in both LE and the military. How one has to conduct themselves in fighting is very different. It took about 100,000 rds to kill one enemy soldier in WW2, 50,000 in Vietnam, and I've seen 60,000 in Iraq. 30% is not a bad average for LE gunfights.
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    Only long guns can be bought out of state. Doesn't remixer usually stock several?
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    I want a 357 Sig barrel for my G22 as well Ronald.
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    I used DP Customs last time. They are in North Carolina. 20% off for LEO. I got their EDC package (front serrations marching the back, and lightening cuts in the side) plus RMR cut and Refinished in black nitride, was less that $200. They did stellar work!
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    That email was from me. =) Not Phishing. (besides I already have your emails. )
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    ..... in for the win ! .....remember you really get one shot...make it accurate....make it ethical...put some food on the table and always treat your prey with the utmost respect.... and honor its life to extend yours...... Keep us updated !
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    So I went back to Cabelas this morning and I took the breech plug with me. For as many employees that work the firearms and hunting equipment department at Cabelas in Delaware, I surprised at how many quickly confessed they knew nothing about muzzleloaders. They all kept passing me off to another employee, but each would refer to "Bob." Supposedly Bob was the only one in the store with the knowledge to tell me what size cap fit the nipple in my breech plug and I was on a quest to find him. Eventually I found him (he didn't have his earplug in, so nobody could reach him on the walkie-talkie). He looked at the plug and without asking any questions, he said with the utmost confidence, "This is from a rifle. Rifles use #11 caps and pistols use #10 caps." I bought #11s, checked out and went out to my truck. I remembered USRifle30Cal said musket cap was its own size so I figured I better check it out before crossing the bridge again. I opened the package without damaging it and took a cap out. It was way too small for the nipple. I took it back in and exchanged it for musket caps and those are what fits. The only replacement breech plugs they had were for the Thompson/Center rifles. They didn't have any for the CVAs so I couldn't get one that uses a 209 primer (gotta order it online if I want to get one). I got some Pyrodex Hodgdon RS Select powder, a powder horn and a measure to be able to use powder instead of pellets. I'll be hitting the range to sight it in tomorrow morning. I got a couple weeks off so I should be able to get some time in the woods this ML season. Thanks for the help guys!
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    #11 percussion caps. I've never used pellets so can't comment on whether a cap will ignite them. With percussion caps use true black powder or pyrodex. I use pyrodex in my traditional BP guns. In my T/C encore inline I use a 209 primer behind blackhorn loose powder. And yes you do not need full power loads. In my traditional gun I use 80 grains of pyrodex behind a 275 grain maxi Hunter and it's punched thru deer inside of 60 yards. In my inline I use 100gr(volume) of blackhorn behind a 250 gr saboted bullet and it's knocks em flat. Good luck with your gun. It's fun stuff. This morning would have been a great morning to walk a swamp edge holding a boomstick. Nick
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    Bed Bath and Beyond! There is 20% off too! You can drive in and pick it up.
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    The state is assuming that a "good guy" bought 30 rounders. And if the state finds that this is the case, they will make someone's life hell. Because, as we all know, a 30 round magazine makes people kill, and a 10 rounder keeps everyone calm and happy. But what if it turns out some felon, gang member, jihadist, terrorist, etc. bought a 30? Will the state even do anything about this, or just try to sign them up for a driver's license?
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    Abuse of power and state resources.
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    What really burns me about Bloomberg is he is such a $(%&^)#$ hypocrite on guns. Here's an example of the security detail he traveled with when he was mayor: He apparently loves being in Berumuda at his house there - it was an issue when he was mayor, how much time he actually spent in NYC vs. Bermuda. He apparently obtained special permission for his security detail to be armed in Bermuda when most police there do not have firearms: https://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/26/nyregion/26bermuda.html
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    It probably will be. He's just not being truthful.
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