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    Good day and I hope this email finds you well. On our chat I have had a number of questions regarding what's going on and I wanted to send out a note to reassure you. If you are not aware, since the "election" social media companies have been hard at work silencing those they simply do not agree with. Twitter has banned over 70,000 accounts and FaceBook is purging posts that have key terms like "Stop the steal." Today, the purge hit the firearms community and a site that pretty much everyone is familiar with, AR15.com. Unfortunately, this is not surprising and anyone in the domain community has known for some time that GoDaddy is Anti-Gun and Anti Freedom of Speech. So while I am irritated that GoDaddy took these actions with AR15.com, I am more surprised that it was somehow a shock to someone who should have known better. AR15.com was registered at GoDaddy, and far more disturbing, is still having it's website hosted on Amazon's AWS. Just last night, Amazon chose to cut off services to Parler, which ran on the very same Amazon Web Services' cloud computing platform. How Does this Impact NJGF and How Are We Exposed? Since DAY 1, over 12 years ago, being at the mercy of anti-gun companies has been a concern of mine. As such, the domain has ALWAYS been registered and managed at either an offshore web registrar, Internet.bs, registered in the Bahamas, or, and for the last few years, at Epik.com, a registrar owned by a Freedom loving, CEO Rob Monster, someone I have come to known fairly well over the prior few years. Before Gab.com, Parler.com and now AR15.com found Epik.com, we have been using them for NJGunForums.com registration along with many other domains in my firearms portfolio. The company is strongly in support of the First and Second Amendments and I do not have any concerns there. In either case, if there is trouble on the horizon, the next step would be to register the domain at an offshore registrar. Hosting wise, there is a weeeeeee bit more exposure. NJGF is hosted on a dedicated server, with a host we have used for the last 8 years or so. I have had multiple discussions with the host over the years regarding firearms and they are completely okay with the firearms community. More than that, we are not on a "cloud" hosting platform where the data is all over the place, the data is on a server, backed up to two drivers. We DO use Amazon for cheap backup storage however, however an outage there, would have no impact on the community. As a backup, I maintain a number of backup hosts offshore as well, currently Norway, a country that values internet freedom, and will look into adding a second in either Switzerland or Bulgaria. In the event the current host would have an issue with the firearms community, it would take a few hours to transition to an offshore hosting account. Many people have asked about what they can do, and why we have "Premier Memberships" on the forum, this is why. Bottom Line While I am deeply concerned about the "cancel culture," I am not concerned about being in the position that AR15.com is today, and what many other firearms communities may find themselves in tomorrow. For the last 10 years, these concerns were top of mind and it is why we block traffic from most of Asia, and have the domain registered and servers hosted where we do. If you want to support the community and help with the additional backup servers, please consider becoming a Premier Member. You can do that here... https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/store/category/1-premier-membership/ If you have domains left over at GoDaddy, and want to tell them to pound sand, I highly recommend Epik.com, and it is where I have the vast majority of my domains registered, please use our link, http://slav.li/epik Thanks! -Maks
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    For anyone starting (or replenishing) a well-stocked home pantry, the Shop-Rite Can-Can sale is on right now and continues through this Saturday, Jan 9th. As per usual,, they have some decent prices on pantry staples like canned tomatoes, tuna, soups & broths, etc. The can-can sale is a good option price-wise for filling any gaps in your pantry, particularly if you're not a member of Costco or another discount club. Start here to find your local Shop-Rite store - https://shop.shoprite.com/globaldata/banner-pages/store-locator - from there you can view that store's weekly flyer with sale details. Happy prepping!
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    George Washington's crossing of the Delaware River, which occurred on the night of December 25–26, 1776, during the American Revolutionary War, was the first move in a surprise attack organized by George Washington against Hessian forces (German auxiliaries in the service of the British) in Trenton, New Jersey, on the morning of December 26.
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    The enemy is still in Trenton !
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    Surefire X300U is the “A” answer. Avoid the strobe. Keep the switchology simple - light on, light off. That’s about all the brainpower you will have to spare in a real world deployment anyway. Additionally, any strobe effect that disorients your threat, will also disorient you, AND, most importantly, strobes hide subtle movement - which means you will miss threat indicators and warning signs, specifically slow movements of the hands. Get all the light (lumens and candela) you can and be able to turn it on and off.
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    This reminds me of a joke I heard a long time ago. In a parched and dusty western town, a reclusive gold prospector from the mountain rode in. The town mayor and a couple buddies who were sitting outside the barber shop watched the prospector ride up to the general store. The prospector dismounted and hitched his horse. After dusting off the caked on dirt, he then walked around to the rear, lifted the horse's tail and kissed it squarely on it's asshole. The shocked mayor got up and approached the prospector. You!, You there, just what was that! The prospector replied huh? The increasingly incensed mayor said We got laws ag'in immoral behavior like that. Why'd you kiss that horse on the bum?" The prospector replied, Oh, that. I got me a might powerful case of chapped lips. The now confused mayor asks " Is that some sorta Indian cure". No sir, it ain't no cure, but it sure as shit keeps me from lick'n my lips.
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    There are some good things that happened in 2020 - this purchase being one of them. My S&W Revolver collection is all post war, but this is the oldest S&W revolver I own... It is a 1949 S&W .38/44 Outdoorsman. The .38 refers to the caliber - .38 S&W Special - and the 44 to the frame size. These were the precursors to the .357 Magnum although they kept these in the line long after the .357 came out (ca 1936). It is a hot-loaded .38 Special very much akin to today's .38 +P. This one has some special touches. It is equipped with King Gun Sight Company front and rear sights and the hammer has been reconfigured. The stocks are Keith Brown target stocks checkered in the Roper pattern. Not sure that they'll stay on this gun, but maybe. Keith Brown is not even taking orders any more and the only way to buy his stocks is through a broker. There are about three iconic grip makers still alive and Keith Brown is at the top of that list. The other two are the Culinas and Craig Spegel - I just talked to Craig yesterday and got on his wait list - he is currently back-logged for three years. Glad for the year to go out on a high note. Adios, Pizza Bob
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    Dear Vice President Biden, Although I refused to listen to it, I understand that during your presidential acceptance speech, you were calling for the unity of Trump supporters. I remember four years ago my President Trump also called for unity. I remember how Congressional members of your Democratic Party responded by boycotting his inauguration. I remember how you and your Democratic party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution of this country to spy on my President Trumps campaign. I remember how you and your Democratic Party created a fake Russian dossier to try and impeach my President Trump. I remember how your speaker of the house ripped up my President Trumps beautiful State of the Union speech on National TV. I remember how you and your Democratic Party tried to impeach my President Trump over a Ukraine phone call. You accused my President Trump of pay to play. Come to find out Joe, it was really you and your son Hunter. I remember how you and your Democratic Party blamed my President Trump over a pandemic that he had nothing to do with. I remember how you and your Democratic Party encouraged rioting and looting of my great United States of America. I remember how you and your Democratic Party used the media to spread lie after lie about my President Trump. I remember how you and your Democratic Party stole the election from my President Trump. This Trump supporter remembers all that Joe and will NOT be unifying with your Democratic Party. This Trump supporter will be giving you the same respect you gave my President Trump. Your abject criminal dishonesty is treasonous. Ted Nugent
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    @45Doll, @67gtonut, @JohnnyB, @Pizza Bob, @NJRulz & @GRIZ and others: FYI - Now here is a truly amazing, intriguing and very touching car story about what arguably IMHO, could and should be considered one of “the last forgotten muscle cars”…. It is the story of a car referred to as “The Black Ghost” – a 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE with a 426 Hemi Engine, ordered new in triple black colors by Godfrey Qualls, a decorated U.S. Army paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne, then Green Beret, who served in Vietnam, who later became a motorcycle cop, married, then a father, who street raced this car in Detroit in the 1970’s and beat everyone he raced. (Also, there is an interesting sidebar story regarding the Shaker Hood….) The car has survived and this YouTube video is the compelling story about the car, its owner and its ultimate fate…. Enjoy AVB-AMG
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    Alas, I cannot take credit for it, but it should be EVERYWHERE
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    I created this account just to say that both of these statements are incorrect. Also, for ePermit transfers, take a look at this link. Take a look at this link.
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    Squabblers: simmer down now! Steve & Jack: thanks for giving Ira a nudge. OP: glad you got your gun back. Enjoy it!
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    I moved 28 domains last night off of godaddy. fuck 'em.
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    ? Ya know, you could have wished to come back as her boyfriend.
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    Playground? I grew up playing with Army men on a dirt hill with firecrackers. Then advanced to Mattel Machineguns in the woods playing "war". Then it was Wiffle Ball and football in the neighbor's yard. Of course, in the winter, it was snow ball fights with built fort igloos and sledding down the unplowed main street.
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    Howdy y’all, and Happy New Year! Many of the food threads I have started here over the years are based on my family recipes or traditions. I’d like to take a little time and share another one with you. One of my favorites! It has long been a tradition in my family to make sausage on New Years Day. For over 50 years, we have hunted deer and hogs between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and NYD was always our sausage making day. It was always fun, and a great way for the family to get together and enjoy each other’s company. Since my dad passed away in Feb 2020, it’s now up to me to carry on the family tradition. While I didn’t hunt this year to make deer sausage..I decided to adapt and overcome, and make something equally as tasty. I made 2 varieties of sausage., we’ll get to that in a bit. Earlier this year, I bought a cookbook called ‘Food Lab’. In it, is a section on grinding your own meat, and making sausage. After reading it, I discovered after all these years, we had been doing it wrong! Oh, the horror! Our long held family tradition was in error! To set the correct course, I incorporated the lessons I learned in Food Lab. I have to say, it’s been a great education, and we turned out a better product. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a LOT of pictures, but I’ll give you the general idea. I don’t know why they didn’t post in order...but you guys are smart enough to figure things out. Lol As I said, we made 2 varieties of sausage. Sweet Italian pork sausage, and chicken, Parmesan, and parsley sausage. I’ll briefly walk you through the procedure, and the recipe, in case you want to try this yourself at home. I highly recommend it...you’ll make a better sausage than you can buy from your butcher, AND have the added bonus of knowing exactly what goes in your food. First, the sweet Italian sausage. I bought a pork ‘picnic’ from the grocery. I chose this because it has a good ratio of meat to fat. This is extraordinarily important. You’ll want a 80% meat to 20% fat ratio for ANY sausage you make. This will ensure your finished sausage stays moist and tender. Nobody likes to have a dry piece of meat in their mouth! A good kitchen scale is vital to getting the proper ratios of meat/fat. The other important fundamental of making sausage is the ratio of meat to salt. You should have 1.5-2% salt to the total weight of your meat/fat. A scale also comes in handy here. Additionally, the salt and spices you choose to add must have adequate time to ‘work’. This is where my family sausage making went wrong..we didn’t allow enough time for the salt to do its job of breaking down the myoglobins in the meat. We would grind meat, season, and stuff it in casings all in the same day. This is not the best way to make sausage, as I have learned. The basic Italian sausage recipe is as follows. Note that the meat/salt measurements are metric. It’s much easier to calculate the ratios that way. For what it’s worth, I doubled the recipe below. 1 Kg pork with at least 20% fat content. Cut into 1” cubes. 15g kosher salt. 2 medium cloves of garlic. Finely minced. 1tsp dried oregano. 2 tablespoons fennel seeds 1/4 tsp freshly ground nutmeg. 1tsp fresh ground black pepper. 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar. 2 tablespoons red pepper flakes (if you want to make hot Italian sausage). At least 12 hours before, and up to 24 hours before grinding the meat, cut it into 1” chunks, and season it with the salt, spices, as red wine vinegar. Mix it well, and let it sit in the refrigerator until it’s time to grind it. It’s extremely important that the meat is very cold. Not quite frozen, but close. This will prevent the fat from melting in the grinder, and becoming an emulsified mess. You don’t want your beautiful sausage the consistency of a cheap hot dog. I have found that it helps quite a bit to put the metal bits of your meat grinder in the freezer for a few hours. The blade, grinding guide, auger...the whole kit and kaboodle. This will help keeping the fat nice and firm. I use an electric meat grinder, and (now) a separate sausage stuffer tool. A manual grinder works too. Grind the meat using a medium grind. If the fat starts to get sloppy looking, STOP! Put it back in the freezer for awhile until it firms up again. Again...you want an even grind of meat/fat. Not a sloppy, gloppy mess. You can stuff the ground meat into sausage casings, or make them into patties. Your personal preference. I like to use natural hog casings. They are usually available in the frozen section of your grocery store. Be sure to rinse the salt they come packed in. Some people use synthetic casings, but I think the texture is horrible. The chicken sausage used the same ratio of meat/fat/salt. I used chicken thighs, but you can use breasts if you prefer. 1Kg chicken of your choice. I used boneless/skinless thighs. I used raw bacon to add the proper amount of fat (20%) to the meat, but some people use the skins. Or, you can use chunks of pork fat. Personally, I wanted a little bit of smoky bacon goodness in my sausage. 15g kosher salt 3 cloves of finely minced garlic 1/4 cup of finely grated Parmesan cheese 1/8 cup finely chopped fresh Italian parsley 1 Tablespoon fresh ground black pepper. 3 tablespoons dry white wine. Procedure is the same as for the pork sausage. Stuff into casings, make patties, or whatever turns you on. I know some people who like to cold smoke their sausages...I’ve done this once or twice, with great results. For this batch, I’m keeping it simple, and going with non smoked. It was a fun day of making sausage!! We even had the infamous Zeke(sadly, banned from this forum), and his lovely girlfriend come over to help.....well, help isn’t quite the word. They ate, drank, and chatted with Mrs Tex and I while I did the work!!! They took home a few pounds of fresh sausage. Seems to me, they got the better end of the deal!!! I hope you’ve enjoyed my little tutorial. I encourage you to try this!! It makes for a fun day, and great eats!!
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    We just need a little bit of Chuck...
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    Name ONE country, just ONE, that taxes their people and sends that money to America...I'll Wait
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    I always find these interesting. It's an infographic of what equipment competitors were using in the 2020 US Practical Shooting Association National Championships, broken out by division. What were the top USPSA competitors running in 2020? Most of these competitors are real gear fanatics, so the list largely reflects what they feel is the best available for the sport, with a little bit of 'what's the latest fad' thrown in. It's quite detailed, breaking out everything used from shooting glasses and hearing protection brands, to gun manufacturer/custom shop, holster, belt, mag pouch, magazine supplier, commercial ammo manufacturer, bullet type and weight, and for the reloaders, powder, brass, primer, and reloading press used. Enjoy.
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    me neither, I prefer handguns for this or a shotgun I'll add to this the revolver is the perfect hd platform. change my mind
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    rivets would make permanent per the law but epoxy would not In reality, nothing is permanent
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    no one, and I mean no one does pin/weld jobs better than Steve. Not even close, used them all and you can't even tell it's pin/weld with Steve's work. I've had him do something on a cz, other firearms. go to Steve @remixer
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    I've dealt with Ira before, never for gunsmithing work but bought guns from him and sold guns to him. He is an ok guy but I can tell you that he will squeeze every penny out of you if he can. Just and FYI. He got me good once when I sold him my 96A1 with 5 mags and over 400 rounds of .40 ammo. He told me it won't sell high because it had a deep scratch on the slide. I later see on his sight that he was selling it with only 2 mags and no ammo for 25% more then he paid me and it sold in less then a week, and he sold the other 3 mags and ammo separately. Never dealt with him again after that.
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    On the lighter side, I thought I had a safe full of lead. Turns out it is gold.
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    If that was a black woman climbing through the window of the federal courthouse in Seattle and got shot, what would the media be saying right now?
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    Ask yourself this, if a unarmed person was breaking you door down or climbing thru a window threatening you would you shoot . ? What if the backpack contained 5 Lbs of C-4 . Would you shoot? No real answer to speculate ,but there are better ways to change the government than forcing your way into a government building.
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    Griz is one of the good guys, a true class act and one of the few here I truly respect. He knows his stuff and often has keen insight. I do trust his perspective
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    maybe or maybe not. yes covid is a problem but so are the fudged numbers like this one. https://notthebee.com/article/minnesota-man-thrown-from-an-automobile-listed-as-a-covid-death-and-other-shenanigans-uncovered-in-minnesota
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    Just one 230 grain pill cures it.
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    So in the end, we have learned that .223 can't be reliably resized to 7.62x39!
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    This. The “new” bill just increased the $600 but left everything else in place. All the Pork. Republicans wanted a lot of that stuff (at a minimum the stuff that didn’t help them) removed. Nobody wanted that. and yes. Narrative is “republicans voted against increase” because...media.
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    Use the shotgun! I would NEVER trust reloads that someone gave me to defend myself or my loved ones! I would however, use my own reloads for defense over factory ammo any day!
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