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    Great video You can skip to 4:39 if you want to get to the Truth.
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    I would really like to announce and Thank Mrs. Peel for joining the ranks of a fellow moderator. I needed a fresh set of eyes and help with keeping up with all the threads on here as of late. Nick does a great job of helping me, but as of late, it has been tough to keep up with.... I have no doubt with Mrs. Peel's help..... we can make this into an even more enjoyable forum then it already is.... To everyone that has PM'd me as of late asking for the forum to get back under control on certain subjects..... All I can say is, we will try.... To remind everyone..... This forum was built as designed for the Hobby/Sport of Firearm ownership.... The Main sections of the forum will continue to be about that..... I have moved the Gun Law stuff to its own section on the Main page..... It is simply divided between Current and Pending Gun Law Discussion. I know some threads will have political subjects..... they will be tolerated when dealing with the law itself.... ALL other political posts WILL be moved to the 1A section. If we move a thread into the 1A section, it is NOT punishment. It allows you to freely discuss a subject without Search Engines finding the thread and exposing us in an unfriendly light to the Anti crowd. As far as the PG-13 aspect of the Main Forum...... This is how the Owner of the forum and I want it to be..... IF you do not agree with it, that is your right. But it will not change how I run this forum. I will continue to try and make the Main areas of the forum open and available to all members to feel free to ask questions and gain knowledge of this hobby/sport we are all so passionate about. I know this is a tough time for all of us..... but fighting amongst each other will get us nowhere ...... keep it civil and keep your minds open to other trains of thought....
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    Anthony Colandro Pulls No Punches With NJ Senate Committee https://youtu.be/1jtiLoa3mlQ
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    Going to NJ.com for gun law information is like asking Zeke for grammar lessons.
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    Are you stupid? This guy is a true conservative and on our side. Dislike button pressed
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    here's an idea....stop broadcasting on the interweb what you're gonna do.
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    When did it become OK in society to wear ripped jeans or ripped leggings or a t-shirt to a wake? Have I suddenly - at 35 - become an 'old' person? I went to a wake for a friend on Wednesday, and the things some people showed up in made me disappointed. I felt underdressed in dress pants and a dress shirt, instead of a full suit, but apparently some people felt it was appropriate to wear what might be appropriate to shop at Walmart to his wake. Not just jeans, but ripped jeans. Not just leggings/yoga pants, but ripped ones. Not just Tshirts, but some were stained/rumpled, like they were taken right off the laundry pile. I know *he* can't complain, but really? Show some respect for the guy when you come to pay your respects...
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    Way to endear yourself to forum members. While guns may be a big part of our lives, for most of us they aren't our whole lives. Considerations of our employment and spousal employment have to be considered. Quality of school systems and quality of life as regards to other interests all go into the decision of where to live. There are states that have less stringent laws and lower cost of living than PA, why aren't you living there? Adios, Pizza Bob
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    She resigned from her position as Chair of the Port Authority Ethics Committee. Turns out she was in violation of...the Ethics Policy.
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    Not sure if this has been shared here, but Steve Lonegan posted a video breaking Bob Menendez' balls regarding Bob's handling of an AR during a PR stunt: Long and short of it is that Lonegan is calling Menendez out for being a hypocrite and violating NJ gun law by handling a firearm (Menendez doesn't have a FID). Lonegan tried to file a complaint with the Essex County College police (where the PR event took place) so he's now going to the Essex county Prosecutor directly to have Menendez charged. Nothing will happen, but kudos to Lonegan for pushing the issue.
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    I'm shocked to see many "Patriots" on this forum and a few other nj gun related forums selling off their 15 round mags before they are even illegal. All of you should take a lesson from the real patroits in states like Colorado and New York where very few people comply.
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    OK, so I post a thought-provoking timely article. But then @Krdshrk super-sizes the pic of the sexy girl... throwing meat to the NJGF wolves... and making them happy. I guess that's why he's the Best Mod Ever! I have much to learn.
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    You have to start using the correct terminology, instead of the liberal feel good terms. They are not high capacity magazines! They are standard capacity. My Sigcame with 18 rounds, my beretta came with 17. I did get a 20 round extended mag for my beretta. What NJ is forcing is “reduced capacity” magazine, on top of the already reduced capacity magazine law.
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    I have a free solution... I will not comply.
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    Now that I've finally thawed from yesterday---I guess I'm a cold-wimp---I want to take a moment to thank some of the people who worked so hard to pull-off the rally. @gunforhire, Anthony, as always, you put all of yourself into the rally. Your Web-site for the bus registration and fielding all of the bus complaints, yourself as the emcee of the rally, and the hundreds of other things I know you did behind the scenes. I'm a proud member of Gun For Hire (member #2 ). Thank you. @Smokin .50, Rosey, you too put yourself out there to pull this off. Again, as you do always. From fielding t-shirt questions to rallying the group, you got it all together and got us out there. I am proud to be a member of CNJFO. Thank you. I'm well aware that all of the bills passed through the NJ assembly yesterday. I expected that. But I don't consider yesterday's efforts to be wasted. It brought many (not enough) of us together. I got to meet some of the real people behind the forum names, including the infamous @Zeke , @Krdshrk,and@Ray Ray. I spent a few hours with a good group of people supporting a common cause. Post-rally there has been a brainstorming of ideas to keep trying to get out our message. That's a good thing. I just don't want to lose sight of the efforts by so many that went into making yesterday happen, from the organizers to all who attended. This is going to be a very long road and I thank all who got the public journey moving. I now return you to your regularly scheduled posting. P.S. Not to leave out @Mrs. Peel and @Mr.Stu, but I all ready knew you in "real life." Is that warm and fuzzy?
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    Here's an idea I will not comply
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    Anthony to you! LOL. Everyone in attendance kicked ass!
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    If I knew those morons were going to be there I would have cleared my schedule for the day. Unfortunately I had a guy call out and I needed to get to work to pick up the slack, but to counter them I would have cancelled the jobs. Now I am really pissed. Call I rescheduled this morning I just pulled up and there is an #Enough Brady Campaign Sign. This clown is getting the extra special rate.
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    Wow....... just wow...... Thread locked..... I cannot even comment on the juvenile banter....
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    It’s privilege for sure, just not white privileged. She is feels privileged by her position, not her race. ETA: Oh, and fuck her apology. That’s a list of excuses, there is not a single apologetic thought in her useless rant. We are all dumber for having had to listen to her. I award her no points, and may God have mercy on her soul.
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    WHEN WE'RE ALL DONE PISSING DOWN EACH OTHER'S BACKS, THERE'S STILL PATRIOT SHIT THAT NEEDS DONE! A forum is a great resource UNTIL ____________(fill-in the blank)! I'm planning a Sporting Clays fundraiser today that will expose Fudds to the Second Amendment scene. Anyone HERE interested in doing something where some one-on-one interaction can happen? Anyone wanna be a sponsor? A participant? Both? I feel the frustration, I really do! Now take that misplaced ENERGY & DIRECT IT AT THE ENEMY and NOT each other! Rosey
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    All of you have "Franken-Guns", but most don't even know it. Most people do not know why similar parts are more or less in price, but a proper education would relieve purchase anxiety. Unfortunately, many retailers only chase the dollars and could care less. Scratching and/or dinging a rifle has never effected the accuracy of any of my rifles. I'm a moron with a $3,000 AR. Also the same moron with a fully kit out Phantom, prototype spotting equipment and other tools that I use to their fullest capacity. I shoot at CJRPC/New Holland/Mifflin when I can and share my gear with anyone who asks. I don't laugh at those who shoot off the bench, have expensive rifles, cheap rifles, unsure of what to do, nervous, not look cool, because I remember being there. As a riflemen and Patriot, it's our duty to promote the wonderful craft and spread the truth. When we see "those guys" (who usually can't shoot even if their lives depended on it) at the range doing stupid things and making "the lesser" feel inadequate, we should be correcting them. My simple range trip usually takes a lot longer than planned. Most of the time, people come over and ask questions with regards to parts, shooting, advice, help, etc.... I always try to help to the best of my ability, promote the craft, and encourage them to spread the word. Shame on those who snicker and sneer at others at the range or on forums. I'm the moron on the right with my $3000.00 1,000 yard steel ringing AR. The guy on the left fired both of my rifles for the first time and his expression is what a range day for the newbies is all about for a rifleman.
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    Happy birthday Mrs.peel! I got you a cake.
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    As a service to NJGF members, I am offering a program which will allow you to comply with certain currently non-existent laws. I will take your 11-15 round magazines off your hands so you don't have to worry about compliance. For this service, I will have to charge you a small fee of $1 per magazine, or $20 flat fee if you would like to dispose of a large box of 11-15 round magazines. I will also accept firearms, again for a small fee from you of $25 per item (and COEs filled out). If I must travel over 25 miles to pick up your item, additional fees may also apply. I may opt to not charge any extra fees for certain collections on a case by case basis. Rate may vary if certain legislation passes. Please take advantage of my offer early and often, as the peace of mind of being compliant with laws that aren't even laws yet is priceless!
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    OMG... so that list was in order?? I'M #1! I'M #1! Woo-hoooo! Word of the Day: Egregious e-gre-gious Adjective Outstandingly bad; shocking. In a perfect world, Zeke's egregious spelling and grammar on NJGF would merit some serious warning points.
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    Colorado grandfathered the ownership of over 15 round magazines that were possessed prior to the bill. So people in Colorado keeping theirs were not breaking any law. In New York, an over-10 round magazine is a misdemeanor, and there are provisions that get you out of trouble under certain circumstances if you can convince them you didn't know the law changed. In New Jersey, an overcapacity magazine is a full blown felony, period. If you are going to be keeping the ones you have, the smart advice is to not post it on a public forum.
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    BTW, thanks to @gunforhire, Mr Colandro did an outstanding job as MC! Thanks Ant! Thanks also to @Smokin .50, you were great too Rosey! Thanks!
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    I'm sorry I missed you. I grabbed one of the red NRA signs. I propped it on the steps where I was seated... frozen in place like a human popsicle, lol. Oh, damn, it was C-O-L-D. (Thanks btw to @Smokin .50 who passed me a pair of those chemical hand warmers - that helped). So, let's talk turkey. As others have mentioned, can we try this again in warm weather? On a Saturday? With 4 mos notice... and lots of advance communications/press coordination? I'd like to see 10,000 in attendance... and I'm quite confident it could be done. Hell, I'd even volunteer my time to help with that. I'm sure many of us would. There's categories of speakers or at least participants I'd like to see more of: 1) more young faces (scouts, jr rifle league members), 2) a national/Olympic shooting champion or 2, 3) speakers with their own horror story of government overreach (Shaneen Allen, etc.), 4) some people with DGU stories, 4) an NRA headliner speaker - Dana Loesch? Colin Noir?.etc. Can we brainstorm any signs/t-shirts well in advance, pre-print them, deliver them in advance? Maybe even have lawn stakes that people can pick up afterwards to get a second life from the same sign by displaying it in their yard? I could go on... and on... an on. I'm TOTALLY glad to see what happened today... to see the people who showed up... and stood up for individual freedoms. Because that's really what it's all about. That said, I walked away convinced that we have to think MUCH, MUCH bigger. If nothing else, while the 2A org's hopefully let the injunctions and lawsuits fly, each of us can do 2 things: 1) recruit more people into the shooting sports (just "bring a guest" - how hard it that?), and 2) help make sure the abuse and over reach we're seeing from Murphy's administration is burned into the consciousness of every voter we meet. We have 3+ years to get that done. IMO, the time to plan the summer rally is RIGHT NOW. That's how I see it.
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    Had an interesting day.....with a couple of good lessons resulting for ALL of us to keep in mind. I was cutting the grass this afternoon, and saw a big plume of smoke coming from my neighbors house. I grabbed my fire extingusher, ran across the street while calling 911. The fire was on the side of the house, was not sure what started it, but I was able to put it out before the FD arrived on scene. Another neighbor showed up with his garden hose and soaked it down pretty good, reducing the chance for a reflash, while awaiting the FD. The fire caught the siding on the outside of the house, and a curtain on the inside of the house on fire, causing limited damage to one of the bedrooms inside. Damage to siding, wall, and framework outside. All of the fire was contained before the FD arrived. Once they got here, we got out of the way and let them sort the rest of it out. It was determined that one of my neighbors has thrown a lit cigarette butt into a trash can that was against the house. The fire chief told me that 2 more minutes, and my neighbors would have had a VERY bad day, instead of a pretty crappy one. We got it under control before it became an extremely ugly situation. I’m not telling you this story to pat myself on the back, I’m telling you because there are some good lessons learned here, and I don’t want this kind of crap happening to my ‘online family’ members. Please pay attention. The lessons here are 4 fold. 1) The most obvious....don’t be stupid and throw lit cigarette butts into a trash can. This is just moronic. Don’t do that. 2). Have an ABC fire extingusher...for EVERY floor of your house. LEARN how to use them. Most FD’s I am aware of will teach you how to use them properly!! Check the damn things annually, because they DO expire. Replace them when they are expired or if they don’t indicate a full charge. If you don’t have at least one in your house ( the fire ‘victims’ AND a few of my surrounding neighbors, do not have ANY), you are an idiot. No excuse for this, IMHO. The damn things are cheap enough and are widely available. 3). When someone screams LOUDLY that your house is on fire, GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! Don’t stand on your porch with a stupid look on your face. Don’t run back in the house to get your bloody phone. GET CLEAR if you are not going to engage the fire with an extinguisher. 4) Most important lesson. When seconds count, help is minutes away. I am NOT knocking the FD, PD, or EMS, they can’t be everywhere at once...in any emergency, it takes time for them to respond. It took them about 9 minutes to get a fire truck on scene, and they are about 4 blocks away. Again, not knocking ANY of the first responders, I am just making the point it takes time to respond. Be prepared!! I am a bit cheesed off with the 911 operator, who was more concerned about getting my name, addess, and phone number before she dispatched the FD. Get the first responders on the way first, then worry about my damn name, and contact information.
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    Thank you all. We of course know the outcome but I always feel the need to make them here my rants! F them!
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    This states gun laws are built on hanging people on technicalities. So to dish said technicalities back to those creating them is justice in my book.
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    Wait it is stupid for a potential politician to call our another active politician for breaking the law? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS....
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    it goes beyond guns about me moving. I am tired working for "the man" and then getting raped by the gov't. I dont have kids, but pay $9k in taxes. NJ sucks! -Im no longer greedy.......time to find a cheaper place to live.
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    This is what the State is using to try to push neighboring states to change their laws. NJ and Murphy are blaming PA and other nearby states (as well as a few further away) for all of NJ's gun crime. Not realizing that it's not an inanimate object committing the crime, but NJ criminals.
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    So next time NJ requires help, as it has in the past, to get power lines back up, trees cleared, etc after major storms I'm sure they'll be refusing such help from pro gun state's. Right?
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    Let's not fight amongst ourselves. Thank you to those who attended the rally yesterday. For those who were unable to attend due to work and family obligations, we'll see you at some of the other events. What IS important is for us, as individuals, to talk to people. To open the eyes of the fence sitters. To turn lambs into lions.
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    I wonder what she’s getting more hate for: the handgun or the Trump shirt.
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    why even let the landlord know? its his right. does the lease explicitly state anything against firearms?
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    .223 and 5.56 use the same bullets, both are actually .224"diameter, it's the cartridge spec that's different. NATO spec ammo is not known for precision. But, as they say, it's good 'nuff for government work. Good accuracy comes about as a result of a combination of several things, bullet weight, profile, barrel twist rate, velocity, barrel quality. even the powder burn rate can affect accuracy. Finding good ammo is not difficult but finding the ammo that shoots best in your particular rifle is all trial and error.
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    I'm glad I went too. I made the 'Everyclown' and 'Murphy's Law' signs, some of which were shown by the media.
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    And so it begins.... I'll get right on that.
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    Yes, we all knew the outcome. Our goal was to make sure they heard us and that we will not go quietly into the night.
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    Stand and Fight - If you keep running away, there will be no place left to run to.
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    Because they have no idea how to address issues in NJ such as property taxes, state pensions, teachers union, or the money that's been poured into school systems in failing urban cities. They pick on easy prey to show they've accomplished something. NJ is ranked 49th in desirable states to live in and are in the top 3 of states people are moving out of. Maybe that should be looked at damn frauds that they are.
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