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    Try this out. Send it; then wait to hear the wailing. Lets Go Brandon - Color Changing Mug (gearbubble.com) Hint: When you hit the page, hover the mouse cursor over the cup.
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    OP, next time you're in need and there's no one on, try 1-900-HOTGUNTALK ?
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    This whole system sucks.
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    Sunday Smiles – HotAir
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    Listen you gun nuts terrorists, a stock that moves makes the gun a lot more deadly. Joy Behard told me that you can't eat a deer shot with a fifty five point six because there is no meat left just an explosion of pink slime. If the stock folds it i'll fire double the rate and triple the velocity so fast that all deer in the area just explode. Someone think of the children!!!!! I'd assume MFG really want to cover their asses when selling into the state.
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    IMO this guy had enough of everything. California Authorities Raid Gun Owner's Home, Seize Massive Stockpile of Firearms and Ammunition – RedState California Attorney General Rob Bonta today announced the arrest of a suspect in Richmond with a large cache of illegal firearms, including assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and approximately one million rounds of ammunition. The suspect is alleged to be legally barred from owning weapons.
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    Normal carbon buildup like @Mr.Stu said. You can leave it alone. It does not impact the function of the gun. The bolt will fail/need to be replaced before it builds up enough carbon to effect function. If it bothers you, the CAT Tool linked above works well, but it also adds unnecessary wear to the bolt tail. Make sure the gas rings and extractor are in spec. Then wipe down the firing pin, clean the lugs and bolt face, wipe down and lube the rest of the bolt. That is about all that is needed.
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    I prefer the 48 to the 43x. They both have the full size grip, you may as well have the benefit of the full length slide. I shot both the 43x and the 48 before choosing and I see no benefit to the shorter slide on the 43X unless you are going to put a comp on it. The shorter slide does not help you conceal the gun and - to me - it is noticeably snappier when shooting. Whichever one you decide on, get the MOS version so you have the light rail and the option to add a RDS if you ever want to go that way in the future.
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    Yep! 100% legal and very effective. I have about 1/2 dozen on rifles. I recommend you grab a SF Warden as well. Comes in handy at classes so you don’t blow out your partners eardrums.
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    I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be in the minority in this one, but the federal government warning about terrorists coming over the border reminds me of this meme. It sounds like just another excuse for a power grab, like they did with Patriot Act. I trust the federal government as much as the illegals, they both hate us and want to steal our cookies.
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    Yeah definitely can make the gun more deadly. When the stock was pinned the gun was very calm and docile looking. As soon as I unpinned it, it looked very angry and I'm certain that it wanted to kill me. So it's locked up in the gun safe for now because I don't trust it, it could go ballistic at any moment. I will be wearing 3/8" steel plate armor when I open the safe again, and during the pinning of the new stock. Can't take any chances! Joy is an absolute idiot. How the View stays on air is a mystery. Folding stocks are the devil! Can instantly make the AR the size of a subcompact handgun according to "experts".
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    Plus if you dont pin it, it will blow the lungs out!
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    This is New Jersey government you are talking about. There has never been any joined-up-thinking here. The process says check the mental health records going back 10 years for an initial application, and renewals are to be treated just like initial applications. It doesn't matter to them that you lived in NY 8-10 years ago and they got those records before. They have to get them again - you know, just in case 8-10 year old history changed since they last got a copy of those records. It required dragging them kicking and screaming to accept that being fingerprinted every time you applied for a PCH was pointless. You know, fingerprints that they use to identify you because everybody's are unique and unchanging have to be taken again, just in case they changed.
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    Me and the crew are registered for this Sunday . Might even do Wednesday if im feeling frisky
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    Hawaii can say aloha to my tourist dollars.
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    That's just carbon build up. Not a big deal. It is one of the consequences of a DI system. A tool like this makes cleaning it much easier. https://www.amazon.com/CAT-Outdoors-Scraping-Scraper-Cleaning/dp/B09QY26MKS
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    1.What do you call a pantry full of lesbians? A licker cabinet 2. What do you call an Eskimo lesbian? A Klondyke 3. What do you call two lesbians in a canoe? Fur Traders. 4. What do you call a lesbian with long fingers? Well Hung 5. What do you call lesbian twins Lick-a-likes. 6. What's the difference between a Ritz cracker and a lesbian? One's a snack cracker; the other's a crack snacker. 7. What do you have when you've got 50 lesbians and 50 govt workers? 100 people that don't do Dick.
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    From our Federal 4473 form, item 14, check one: Shouldn't the third one now be a disqualification? After all, you are mentally disturbed.
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    Only if you are a carry permit holder do you have a duty to inform even if only transporting. If you don't have a carry permit, the old rules apply and there is no duty to inform. You should answer honestly if asked if there are guns in the vehicle, however.
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    Today, on the 115th anniversary of his passing, we shall put our differences aside to remember and give thanks for the greatest man that ever lived - John Taylor. Whether we call it Pork Roll or Taylor Ham, on this day we can all agree it was a gift for all mankind!
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    It wasn't just 1 judge. It was a unanimous decision by the Hawaii Supreme Court. The insanity that surrounds us just fucking amazes me sometimes.
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    This one's timely:
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    Been planning a Florida trip(s) and was just checking USA Carry and about month ago they now honor NJ permits. Glad I checked since mine expired. https://www.usacarry.com/concealed-carry-permit-reciprocity-maps/ 1/8/2024 – Florida accepts all state’s resident permits.
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    You basically do.... Proving you have standing otherwise has shown to be extremely difficult as they work on hypothetical situations that have to basically be certain to occur. Either way, he still would have had to most likely meet the requirements of the current permitting system, and also been denied a permit under their "draconian" system. Say he met all the requirements except for a "justifiable need" and was thus denied, I would say he easily has standing if he was arrested while carrying. That's what Bruen was explicit on.
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    I am only really concerned with a relatively consistent muzzle velocity that makes power factor for the competition division I'm loading for, and that the bullets don't keyhole. So long as they are good for 4" or so offhand at 25 yards, I'm fine with them.
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    My point was the OP has been here for a year, and has 3 posts. Including this one. Odd
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    100% legal. It's a bolt action rifle.
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