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    Defense Distributed sued Grewal in TX. TX court ruled no jurisdiction over NJ AG. Defense Distributed appealed to 5th Circuit. 5th Circuit disagreed with lower court, said yes, Grewal can be sued in TX, remanded to lower court for trial. Grewal appealed 5th circuit decision to SCOTUS. SCOTUS denied cert. 5th circuit decision stands. Trial will proceed in TX, where I'm sure Grewal's attorneys will be warmly received for putting the screws to a Texas company. Somehow I don't think we'll be getting a tweet about this on the official NJ OAG twitter account.
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    I disagree! I see one critical difference here... on this lawsuit, the main 2A orgs in the state are finally working together, without any notable exceptions! This is a great development. It's one that I figured might be coming, when some months ago Alex Roubian was featured on Anthony Colandro's radio show, but nonetheless, I'm glad to see it's come to fruition. I'm hoping this partnership holds together and becomes a permanent 2A strategy within the state. So, sure, I'm happy to see the lawsuit itself.. but I'm even happier at the collaborative union the announcement reveals. It's smart... very smart!
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    Their endgame is: Confiscation and the elimination of civilian ownership of firearms. Then the real tyranny and persecution can begin.
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    Several weeks ago I visited the newly renovated and reopened range at Collier-Mills WMA. Thought I would post my impressions. (I am having problems posting my images. Will do so later once I resolve the issue.) - Overall a substantial improvement over the prior range facility. - The shooting benches in particular are a great improvement over the old shooting benches. The countertop area is quite spacious and accommodates both left and right handed shooters. I found the ergonomics were great when shooting my Ruger Precision Rifle(556/223). The benches/tables are made of smooth concrete. Recommend bringing a towel or moving blanket(Harbor Freight) as the concrete seats can be cold/damp depending on the weather. - One of the eight shooting benches has no seats in order to accommodate handicapped shooters(e.g. wheelchair). - There are two handicap parking spaces directly next to the shooting positions. Other than that, you need park in the same area as before. It is possible to temporarily pull your vehicle down the hill near the benches in order to offload/load your gear. I was very much hoping this would be the case. In the past, I didn't like having to lug all my stuff to/from the car in hot weather. (Am not as young or fit as I once was.) - The line of shooting benches are approx 25 years further back from the berm. So the range is now approx 125 yards rather than the pervious 100 yards. This also means you are 25 yards closer to your vehicle when you go to/from it during the course of your visit. - The roof over the shooting line is large and provides much more protection from the sun and rain than the old concrete bunkers did. - There is a slanted concrete structure in front of the shooting line to stop bullets from going over the top of the berm. I.e. when shooting you do not have line of sight of the top of the berm. - My only criticism, and it struct me as quite odd, is that the shooing line is skewed to the left relative to the berm. If you imagine a straight line from each bench to the berm, only the approx left 3/5's of the berm is being used. I do not believe this is an optical illusion. Another shooter there thought the same. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with NJ Wildlife Management Area ranges; you need a NJ Hunting License or be the guest of someone who has one. For the Collier-Mills WMA in particular, you can shoot rifles (up to and including .30 caliber) and shotguns(slugs or buckshot only). No clay shooting nor handguns are allowed. Refer to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife website for information on the various WMA's and what types of shooting is allowed at each of them.
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    Let me start by relating an experience from my US Army Officer Advanced Course which started in August 1988. I was the only Vietnam and combat experienced soldier in the class. No I wasn't a special operator, assassin, sniper, or any of that I was a regular soldier. Nothing against my classmates. They just didn't have a war to get involved in and according to what I know, when they did, they all performed admirably. Military people like order. As a result most of them are conservatives. The 88 election was coming up and there was one guy in the class who was going to vote for Dukakis. Everyone bombarded him and convinced him, by his admission, to vote for Bush. Although misguided we all got him to vote for the best candidate. You don't get someone to come over to your side by calling them stupid. Fast forward to today. I showed a meme to a liberal comparing quotes from Teddy Roosevelt (one of my boyhood heroes), JFK (the last real Democrat), Trump, and Biden. The Biden quote was the one from HIS ONLY press conference he's held, where he says "If you want to get something done..." and ends it with, "like to be able to...uh oh...anyway". They zeroed in on "Trump is far from articulate". I said ignore the Trump quote, how does Biden compare to TR and JFK? The response? Yeah, but neither does Trump. I discussed this with my niece who is working on her masters in psychology. Much more professional opinion than mine in this field (Yeah, she voted Trump in 2016 and 2020). She said this is all a sign of Obessive Compulsive Disorder. No matter what the question they turn it against Trump. I have to agree. There are millions of people in this country suffering from OCD in this country. For those who say Trump didn't meet their expectations, you are totally ignorant of American politics. It's not about who gives you everything. It's about who gives you most of what you want. Also any POTUS will really show you how they feel in their 2nd term. They don't have to worry about reelection.
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    Victory? A victory would have been the elimination of FID card and P2P's.
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    The Buckmark logo can be seen on the rear windows of about half the pickup trucks in America. You have seen that logo many times, but probably never registered because you don't own a Browning.... Commie.
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    I'll do you one better. Wait until you yourself is a senior parent and is now living in a senior building in order to make financial ends meet. I have 100+ neighbors here who would absolutely shit themselves if they knew the extent of my totally legal collection. And hearing the discussions in the lobby about the 'situation of the day' and how great 46 is after 45 ruined the country raises by blood pressure by unhealthy amounts. So I remember the adage about not arguing with a fool because people might not be able to tell the difference. And I go on living MY life. RSO shifts, teaching the kids in Junior Rifle basic safety and marksmanship, and running matches at the range, and sometimes just old fashioned plinking at the range. Now if ammo were plentiful and cheap again ... Ahhhhhhhh.... for the old days
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    Buy a 3% patch. I think that's how that works.
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    I am staying in this state. To be honest, the rest of the US can’t make a proper pizza
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    Stand and Fight. You can't just retreat... Look at Virginia and Florida. Just moving out doesn't help - because the wave of blue moves too. If you keep retreating, soon there will no longer be anywhere to retreat to.
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    My point was it's not easy or even possible for some people to just pack up and move hundreds or thousand of miles out of state. If you did, great, I'm happy for you, not all of us have that luxury.
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    Anyone here have back problems? Try this inversion exercise. Inversion Exercise.mp4
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    IN NO WAY IS THIS A WIN! The totality of what I know on this subject would take several paragraphs. Several friends that are fellow #2AHeavyLifters have reached out to me and we're bouncing ideas & what-if's off each other. Targeting out of state ammo sales... Targeting out of state long gun purchasing... Being able to turn-off your card electronically at-will of the Governor... ...and that's not even all of it. Only a fool would think this is a "win". Don't be a typical NJ gun owner and be satisfied as a Stockholm syndrome VICTIM! Let the big court case make it's way through the system and celebrate when we really WIN! Rosey
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    Competitive shooting. Firearms are not just for HD, they can also be used for sport.
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    Yup, when that stops, call me.
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    Join the 1 percenters and work your way up
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    lets make this guy ( https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/members/BIO.asp?Leg=419 ) the new governor.... why you ask??? because he actually cares and responds to emails: I sent him the below email (black and red text) after the Murphy presser...and about 30 min later his response in bracketed text Agreed. Tony Here's my beef on these items (taken 1 by 1). Reworking the Firearms Identification Card system (FID) to include mandatory firearms safety course completion to even those who own firearms. Why do I have to jump through more hoops to get a FID card. I already need references, a clean criminal record, and fingerprints. (All that's missing is a note from my mother and a 4 page essay on why I want to own a gun). Plus if the purpose of all this is to prevent crime, why even add the safety course? I can see it now ... all the members of MS-13 are at the range today to get their required safety course done. FYI - my wife did get professional training when she got her FID and firearm. Legislation which would require mandatory storage. I already have a large safe in my basement and a vaultek safe in each night stand. BTW, the vaulteks are really really nice storage units. I am not against the safe storage of my firearms, I just don't want to feel that my storage habits could be subject to an inspection by the state police. And what exactly does this have to do with street crime? Raising the age to 21 for FID card issuance for long guns Ya well, when I was growing up the official drinking age was 18 and we all survived. So in NJ if you were 18 and wanted a gun you would need to join the army? Microstamping. This legislation would require all new semi-automatic handguns to be equipped with microstamping technology This technology doesn't work, and I can't tell you how often I have found used brass in my pocket a few days after being at the range. My wife now has to check her shoes for trapped brass in her soles, after we found some of our brass in our neighbor's yard. What's the point anyway, after a shooting the police can trace the casing to a legally owned firearm? Don't most crimes get committed using illegally owned weapons? If I was a criminal (which I am not), I would simply sprinkle other people's brass to obfuscate my involvement assuming that I, again as a criminal mastermind, decided to legally register my gun Forced market acceptance of “smart guns” by mandating that gun shops sell them I can tell you with 100% certainty that there is no market whatsoever for this hardware, despite the guys at NJIT who think otherwise. Telling the FFL that they have to hold this stuff in inventory will result in them painting their compliance sample gold and putting it in a trophy case high on the wall. A .50 Caliber ban. This is a firearm that weighs about 30 lbs. You probably can count on one hand with 9 fingers to spare the number of people who legally own a 50 cal weapon in Morris county. BTW how many crimes got committed with a 50 cal round last year? Electronic registering of all ammunition sales. I would like to see this go in the other direction. All the shops, customers, think the current paper system is a needless pain in the backside. Riddle me this batman, has the current paper system ever been used to even partially solve a crime? Registering of firearms brought into the state by residents relocating to New Jersey. This is the same stupidity that almost had Born To Run become the official state song (even though the song is actually about getting OUT of NJ). We won't even talk about how In The Navy by The Village People was an angel's breath away from becoming the US Navy's recruiting anthem. I doubt this is a big problem, it's just another way that some poor guy who never knowingly broke the law can accidentally find himself facing a felony charge.
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    "Half of gun homicides occur in only five cities" ... but if you don't live in these five cities we will punish you anyway because you probably didn't vote for us.
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    Running buys you a couple of years at best. Stand and fight!
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    they should've left it alone. if we don't need standard capacity, then neither do leos. if leo's need standard capacity, then so do we.
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    That’s the thing. A bullseye shooter will tell me my targets suck. And for their goals/discipline they are right. It all depends on what you are doing. Cheflife, best thing you can do to start is get to a class with a reputable instructor. Let someone train you then practice the skills you were taught. All the rest, working your drawstroke and transitioning between targets can be done with dry fire at home. Spend 10 minutes a couple times a week in dry fire and you will see HUGE improvements and, all it will cost you is time. Combine the dry fire practice with regular low round-count, pre-planned, deliberate, live fire range days and you are good to go. If you can consistently keep 10 rounds in the black on a B8 target at 15 yards, slow fire, you are doing great. The speed will come.
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    I think we should name the ffls and their prices. Nothing wrong with helping forum members save money.
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    Meh, take out suicides and drug/gang related shootings and as a country we have less gun related issues than the EU, that is the reality. Fix the issues with the gangs and drugs and figure out how to help people who want to kill themselves and we get rid of 95% of the issue but that doesn’t push the narrative so we can’t do that.
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    So, why do YOU think the gun control movement doesn't focus on actual criminals then? That's what the gun rights crowd has been promoting for years! How impressed should we be that someone in the gun control movement finally came to the same view, a decade or 2 later? And also, FWIW: we're certainly NOT the highest level of gun crime in the world, despite our high gun ownership rate. Though murder (by gun or otherwise) is, as you say, "awful" - let's not forget that our rate of gun homicide has been played like a fiddle and wildly exaggerated by the press and the gun control movement. There's no need to buy into that spin. This is a country of 330+Million people - even rare events rack up a high body count pretty quickly, simply because of our massive population size. if we're talking about saving lives - and want to focus on sheer numbers - we'd be far better off starting a national diet & exercise campaign than focusing on guns! Gun homicides are simply dwarfed by obesity-related deaths. Gun homicides - last I checked - don't even hit the "top 20" causes of death in the U.S. I'm not adding these last 2 points to minimize the issue - but merely to offer a rational, fact-based perspective and sense of proportionality.
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    Eh, though I disagree with him on a few salient points... it does sound like this guy is FINALLY figuring out what many of us figured out a long time ago >>> though there are undoubtedly some well-intentioned people among the rank and file of gun control groups, the leadership of those groups absolutely don't give a DAMN about saving lives! They're all about power and control and adhering to political orthodoxy. The violence interruption programs that he cites in his op-ed DO, in fact, have proven effectiveness... because they focus on the PERSON, not the TOOL. For example, I've long promoted the programs developed by the criminologist David Kennedy which rely on community-led efforts to pull kids out of gang life. They have an excellent track record. However, by their very nature, those programs can't help but shine a bright light on the politically uncomfortable aspects of gun crime - like the wildly disparate crime rates (by demographics), the family dysfunction/absentee dads that helps spawn criminals, the abundance of "repeat offenders" and the broken justice system that puts them right back on the street to re-offend. The gun control movement (which tends to be overwhelmingly progressive in its political affiliation) doesn't want to touch those issues with a 10-foot pole. But, if they were actually concerned about saving lives, they'd be all over those issues! And ironically, they'd find themselves on common ground, I think, with many independents and conservatives.
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    Shooters and re-loaders beware, there is a "gun shop" in Austin Texas reporting to have primers, powder and ammunition in-stock at normal retail pricing and cheap shipping. Only the gun shop is not a real gun shop, they do not have an FFL even though they say they do, and they are getting payment's through PayPal friends and family to a personal Email account. Just so many things didn't add up with this place. The Website is BULMEXUSA.COM. If you purchase anything from these guys you will loose your money and there is nothing you can do about it. I have already reported them to the Texas authorities and to my local ATF office. I know of 3 people just today that lost their money with these scammers. A group of shooting buddies ordered (but didn't pay for) over 70,000 primers that these guys said were in stock. When it came time to pay all the red flags went up. None of us lost any money because we were smart enough to recognize the red flags. No listing of the business with the ATF as a registered gun shop No listing of the business anywhere in Texas for that matter. I called them and asked for a copy of their FFL. They wouldn't give it to me. I asked for the first three numbers and last five numbers to check on the ATF site, wouldn't give it to me. They cited "scam artists on the web use their information to sell guns". Isn't that a coincidence. Website lists a range and all types of facilities, google earth shows a small building (former bank) that is listed for sale on a commercial property site in Texas. Normal Retail Pricing on primers and ammunition. Seemingly no limit to the amount you can buy and keep buying. $20 flat shipping fee, NO HAZMAT Payment made by PayPal "Friends and Family", "Apple Pay", or "Zelle". All three of these payment methods is as good as sending cash in the mail. You can never get it back and nobody to complain to. All types of spelling and grammatical mistakes on the web site. I'm sure everything is registered in Texas but definitely a Mexican based scam. Images of their facilities and inventory of ammunition and primers are stock photos I found almost immediately on Google Images. One image shows a counter filled with ammo for sale. That image is an old image I found on Google of a gun shop in Georgia, a legit gun shop. There are others but that's enough, pass the word along anywhere you browse on forums, stay away from these clowns. No telling how many people lost money. They have an Instagram site that claims to have 1,800 followers.
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    this shit better all hit the scotus yesterday......and they better be killing this shit, as it is a blatant over-reach of authority.
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    By NJ2AS News News March 23, 2021 Yesterday, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS), the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC), and Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO), filed a federal lawsuit challenging New Jersey’s discriminatory, confusing, and delay-ridden gun permitting scheme. The case, Kendrick v. Grewal, can be viewed by clicking here. The lawsuit challenges New Jersey’s draconian and discriminatory permitting scheme that has abused residents’ rights for decades. We all know the horrible tragedy of Carol Bowne, the South Jersey woman, who was scared for her life against her violent ex-boyfriend that abused her. She told the police every day he was going to kill her and applied for a gun permit. The police took their time and ultimately Carol’s violent ex-boyfriend upheld his promise and stabbed her to death at her home 43 days after she applied and waited in fear every day. Carol knew the greatest equalizer was a gun, and ultimately she died because she had to beg the government for a permission slip to protect herself. If she lived 20 minutes across the border in Pennsylvania, she could have gone to a gun store, had a modern and thorough FBI background check done in minutes, and purchase a firearm to protect herself. New Jersey’s laws killed Carol and protected her violent attacker, and we are confident the Courts will agree and strike down the provisions that require citizens to obtain an ID card or permit to acquire a firearm. “For decades, New Jersey residents have suffered in the hands of the New Jersey government, and have had their Second Amendment rights trampled on. NJ2AS, along with the nation’s leading Second Amendment organizations mentioned before, plan to change that!” said NJ2AS President Alex “Alejandro” Roubian. Also joining the lawsuit is Bob’s Little Sport Shop and three private citizens. The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey and the named defendants in the complaint are New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal, State Police Supt. Patrick J. Callahan, Bridgeton Police Chief Michael Giamari, Harrison Township Police Chief Ronald A. Cundey and Glassboro Police Chief John Polillo, in their official capacities.
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    he'll still try that shit everywhere else, regardless. it's not his money.
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    This proves people as a whole really ARE stupid.
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    This should be a P S A .
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    New member from Ocean County, but certainly not new to the hobby. I look forward to learning more and meeting new people. Btw, it’s pork roll. Lol.
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    Yeah, honestly... I was really surprised he uttered that little truth out loud. It flies in the face of his often repeated claim that there's a gun violence epidemic all across the state... which of course, there isn't. There's a violence epidemic in the worst neighborhoods of our inner cities. In all the other communities, gun crime is pretty rare.
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    True. But then we're back to hanging our fate in the hands of justices who haven't raised a finger to protect the constitution in a long time, save for one religious case in NY. Not sure I'm confident enough to feel at ease they would protect the 2A.

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