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    "Leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again....." John Denver.... Actually, I will be driving for about 13 hours on our trek to leave this beautiful state. ...and no, I will not be returning again.... Tennessee, here we come. I'm posting this so whomever here think we should stay and fight and in countless threads, people telling me I should stay and fight for our rights. I'm posting this because the many that can stay in fight, should and GodSpeed. But a lot of us are leaving, not just because gun laws and NJ politics. Some of us are getting older and preparing for retirement. My wife and I had deep discussion over this and if we stay here, even our pensions and social security will not enable us to keep paying, paying and more paying. Some examples of living in Tennessee: - Our home insurance here is about $1K a year. TN is about $582 for a brand new home. - Taxes: NJ collects all the taxes you can think of. My home here is on a 40x100 ft lot. My taxes here are about $6500 a year. TN is about $1500 TN collects no State Income Tax. Their sales taxes suck a bit, averaging the collective state and county taxes of about 9.25% Lil' high but you save in a long run. Doesn't mean you have to spend thousands a year. Our biggest sales tax hit will be when we get there and buying all new furniture and such. - Car insurance for 2 brand new leased vehicles cost us almost $2G a year. TN full coverage is $1G for both vehicles. - OK, your favorite. Gun laws... I've had over 5 ccw's here in NJ over the years. Some were job related. Some not. You all, or should I start saying ya'll know the trials and tribulations you are confronting every day in NJ. In TN, they honor almost all states CCWs including Utah. Which I have. That will enable me to carry from the Virginias on out to TN till I get my CCW there. There are no fid or pistol permits persay. Just instant NICS checks. Buy a gun, walk out with it. Once you get your TN ccw which I believe does not take long, you are good to go. Many ranges and gun stores, 2 of which are in the same town. But I will make a day trip to Kentucky Gun which I have done business with over the years. They are only 6% sales tax and are a gun friendly state. - We can live anywhere as long as we get hi-speed internet. My wife is going to be allowed to work from home for the rest of her time employed as long as she has hi-speed internet so she can VPN in to her main office in Oregon. My only criteria is at least an acre and a garage that will be my man cave. I would really like being Bob Lee Swagger and go off grid but you don't get many amenities that way, including a Triple Play Package because if you want land, you are stuck with just a Satellite Dish and that won't cut it. So when we officially retire, we very well may go off the grid a bit. So no backyard shooting till then. - Friends and family. My parents have passed long ago and my siblings are no longer in my eye site. They fall into the turnip category due to jealousy. I've worked hard all my life. If you choose not to, that's on you... My best friend passed away and all others have done what we are doing now. Getting out of this hell hole. All my LEO comrades moved to FL, AZ and other areas and opened up 7-11s.... screw dat! I'd open donut shops! lmao.... So, guess I'll have to make new friends and enjoy what lil time my wife has with her only parent, her dad which will be a mere 14 mile drive. So please, if you see people in which you feel are running from this state because of gun laws, it may not just be about that. I'm tired of fighting for my NJ rights. I did my time here in many facets of life, Civil Defense, Rescue Squads, LEO, CG and many other things.... I don't need to do that, as I have pushed for over 60 years. So that being said, I leave this beautiful state with tears in my eyes. I've lived in my town my whole life. I say 'beautiful state' because it is. It just happens to be ran by criminal scum politicians. The landscape can be city all the way through country living. If you have toured this state as much as I have, there are many beautiful places. By the end of this week, I should be underway and to never look back! So fair well to the friends I have made here, the business relationships and so on. I'd like to think I been helpful over the years and made some sort of difference. For the people who hate or despise me, no harm, no foul. If that is your nature in general, so be it. I won't say I hate you because I am not that kind of person. But all I can suggest is look outside the box. Its not and never will be all about you. I will try to check in from time to time, but we will be knee deep in trying to settle in. Good Luck! Ya'll will need it!
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    We pray for her speedy recovery. And for her long, healthy retirement.
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    If you own firearms and don't vote R. You might as well sell all your guns. Have to get all the fudds out to vote too!
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    Learned 10 things tonight. 1. I am not the tallest guy around, thanks @GramGun79 2. @Purple Patrick refuses to put a matching outfit together 3. @GRIZis even cooler in person than he is on this forum 4. @cabalrayz has dope guns. 5. Nagant revolers suck, but the 41 Magnum is cool. Thanks Igor 6. @diamondd817 has probably the dopest name around 7. @67gtonut doesn't have a Sig, but wears a Sig hat AND doesn't have a 1967 GTO. 8. @Mrs.Zeke is cool, her husband? Not so much 9. A 5000 1911 shoots like a 5000 dollar 1911, thanks @AVB-AMG 10. @Krdshrk has horrible taste in guns and cars, except his M9A3. 11. RTSP is a great range.
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    Wow..... Thank you to everyone who attended.... 20 Pre Registered 13 Walk-In's Everyone was great. Thank you to Rosie and the CNJFO for ALL that food..... Thank you to the RTSP Staff..... Dan, Mike, and Marty were awesome. Thank you to Nick and Ms.Peel for all your help What a success.....
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    when I left I had a lot of people tell me things like "oh if everyone leaves no one will be left to fight blah blah blah"... "what happens when there is nowhere left to run to.. " "PA will end up just like NJ" I really like a LOT of the people on this site.. some really good people.. but your all nuts.. all of those statements are true.. but in a very honest way.. I can't worry about that.. because everything that has happened to me since I left has been a positive.. I pay a lot less.. I make more.. I get more for my money.. and guns.. staying living in a place that so opposes every way that I feel was completely impossible.. to be honest.. I left mostly over guns.. everything else was just a bonus.. I was SO tired of this gun being evil because it has a flash hider.. or this magazine being banned because it had one too many rounds.. its RIDICULOUS.. so yeah.. I "ran away" and I don't regret it for one second..
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    "You never want to let a good crisis go to waste." Rahm Emanuel
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    A quick shout out to THANK all the Veterans on Veterans Day here on the forum and across the country for all you do/did to make our country great and provide us the freedoms we all have and can enjoy today. Your service to the country is much appreciated!! I'm flying the colors in your honor today! Have cold one on me! THANK YOU VETERANS!!!
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    So good news, work went smoother and faster than expected and I made it home at a reasonable hour. So...I present pictures. Following pictures are the "lower-resolution" versions. If you want the full-resolution version, right-click the picture and look for something like "copy image location" and paste that into a new browser window. Remove the 's' in front of the .jpg and hit enter.
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    Same shit, different day. We still all need to do the same as before: #1 - Vote against the anti-gunners. #2 - Introduce as many people to the world of firearms. #3 - Get them invested enough in the cause that they vote, too. This goes for any state. Complacency is what slowly turns places like Florida from safe-havens of freedom to overly-taxed, overly-regulated, anti-gun cesspools. And we’re watching it happen unfortunately.
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    VOTE DAMN IT! Get more republicans in our state house! He can’t pass these feel good laws if he doesn’t have the votes.
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    Well I certainly think that the inaugural NJGF Gun Fest at RTSP was a real success! Special thanks to @67gtonut and RTSP and to all of his efforts to turn our incessant online requests into reality and organizing a really fun evening for all of us. Also a shout out to @Smokin .50 and CNJFO for providing the food and clothing sale, (I bought a tee shirt). I will echo what others have already indicated that these type of get-togethers help us all, not only associate faces with screen names, but more importantly, introduces the actual real person behind those names to each other, while enjoying our collective shared interest in firearms. I met and spoke with a number of folks last night, learning things about them, including other interests, that I found fascinating, as well as shot some amazing hand guns that I have never shot before. I was especially appreciative of how everyone was most generous, if not eager, to tell each other about their respective guns, including when and where they got them, their history, what makes them special to them and ultimately, to share the actual experience of what it is like to shoot them. (That Desert Eagle is a real powerful and loud cannon with a staggering percussion effect and was a scary thrill to shoot....). @Zeke & @Mrs.Zeke: Thanks for letting me try your cool collection of hand guns and being Port neighbors. Same goes to @GRIZ: If you are serious, I would very much enjoy getting some knowledgeable instruction from you to learn the proper techniques on how to become more consistently accurate when shooting a revolver. About a year ago I looked at and held in my hand, but never shot, a Korth Sport 6” 357 Magnum revolver and was very impressed with the high quality of its fit and finish. It would be nice, but damn, this hobby/sport can become pretty darn expensive..... I am glad many of you had a chance to shoot my Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade 1911, .45 ACP. It has been sitting in my safe for too long and needed the “exercise”. Shooting it reminding me why it is such as special hand gun, compared to all my others. I know I am not alone to say that I am looking forward to the next NJGF Gun Fest and Shotgun Shootout with all of you. AVB-AMG
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    I just cant believe some of the posters on this thread trying to defend ginsberg, It's no wonder why we are where we are in NJ with respect to the constitutional freedoms enjoyed in most of America. over the course of over 250 years countless Americans have given their lives defending the United States and all the reasons we still exist for the most part as we begun. These fifth columnists like ginsberg can up and leave any time they want and go to their favorite communist country any god damn time they want but to try and force (legislate from the bench ) their Un-American views on the entire country goes against everything that was fought for. I keep getting this image in my mind of General George Patton slapping all of you apologists or the scene in the Godfather when the Don slaps Johnny Fontaine and tells him to act like a man. When innocent people die because of liberal decisions from the courts it is no different than if those justices committed the crime themselves. There is zero compromise in a war, UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER for the enemy Thats it, you overtake the enemy position regroup and prepare for a counter attack. I for one could care less how she goes the sooner the better for the ENTIRE country not just for me. I sure glad I didn't serve with the REMF's that are here defending her. For those who share my views I salute you for those who don't you will eventually get what you wish, I'll be on the outside of the fence looking in. Veterans day is this sunday people, go visit a cemetery, find a fallen vet and salute them and tell them you will continue the battle in the war against tyranny for them. Grow a set folks, the pen she wields is much more dangerous than any weapon conceived by man.
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    Leaving around 0400, Sneak peek: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Best of luck! This domain will soon be http://www.used2iveinnjgunforums.com.
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    It was great to meet everyone, and to see those of you who I already had the pleasure of meeting at the shotgun shoots or rallys. The numerous offers to try various guns were extremely generous, and I appreciate all of them. And as has been said, if I DID try them, I would have a list about 4 times longer than the already massive excel list of guns I want. Thank you everyone who had a hand in organizing or helping out, and for all the food. I'm sorry I did not get a chance to say bye to everyone. Hope everyone made it home safe. Events like this are great, I really have enjoyed putting faces to names and the greater sense of community. I am looking forward to the next event, and hope to see you guys again, and meet more new people. Pictures should be up in a day or two, depending on work.
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    Ummm, folks... some of you sound like a flock of vultures! I don't like many of her rulings... and I'm a bit worried when I see any Supreme snoozing through events, but she's a human being, for God's sake! Let's not be gleefully poised for her demise... it's tasteless to be licking your chops like that.
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    The topic of this thread sums up my one biggest concern about the leading 2A organizations... and I mean this as constructive criticism: they have done a LOUSY job of winning the hearts and minds of people in liberal bastions. They don't really try. And THAT, I'm convinced, is a terrible mistake in the long run. Because residents of liberal/progressive states who are raised (brainwashed?) to believe, for example, that criminals should be released without bail, but legal gun owners pose a great threat to society (the exact opposite of what crime statistics show) eventually move to other neighboring states after they ruin the states that they're in and take their ideology with them. We see it in the migration of New Jerseyans and New Yorkers to PA, the Carolinas and Florida. And this article shows that Californians are moving in droves to places like Idaho. https://www.businessinsider.com/californians-priced-out-move-to-idaho-2018-10 I mean, Idaho! (Wasn't that touted by preppers as part of the "American Redoubt" - a safe haven for conservative/libertarian thinkers?) Well, guess what? It's being flooded by Californians who left their high-tax state - and now they'll want their dog parks and other silly amenities that jack up taxes... and they'll be supporting all the same anti-2A, pro-illegal immigration, soft on crime, anti-cop B.S. that has all turned California into the batshit-crazy place it is now. They can't seem to grasp that they only re-create the very things they escaped from. The NRA should be running a whole different type of advertising campaign - almost like an ongoing political/educational campaign - short spots on primetime TV that drive viewers back to their website and social media sites. I'm a lifetime member and have given extra small amounts on occasion, but I would kick in regularly if I thought they were on the right damn public relations track. They should be putting 90 percent of their attention on the 10 percent most progressive places in the nation. Radiate the tumor, not the surrounding flesh... or the cancer spreads.
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    Due to your above reply... I hereby BAN you from getting a new T-shirt! As the rest of us proudly don our NJGF t-shirts... you, sir, wearing your dull, sub-par garb, will be left to hang your head in shame and infamy. So there! Werd.
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    No one had a step stool so he could get in frame? Shame on you guys for short shaming.
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    Still can't decide to get a FPID since you asked about this in May and June? Do us all a favor and pick a different hobby. Sent from an undisclosed location via Tapatalk
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    Great time putting faces to screen names. @Ray Ray good to finally meet you. You are everything I expected you to be. I would like to adopt you as my nephew as I've adopted @Zeke but I know you'd be better behaved!!!! @AVB-AMG you have the offer of my revolver school!!! You'll probably wind up buying a Korth to keep company with your 1911!!!! @Purple Patrick your camo pants might become outlawed for hunting as they would totally confuse deer!!! Speaking of pants I remembered to wear mine. You forget that stuff when you're as old as me.
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    Excellent time! Nice meeting everyone, good people, good food, lots of bad ass guns. The “guns to have list just” keeps getting longer Thank you to every one that helped make this event possible. Looking forward to the next one. Hey, maybe we could get NJGF T shirts for next time
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    Thanks to RTSP and Troy for getting this put together, looking forward to next time
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    The families of the victims should file a wrongful death law suit against the sheriff and the governor.
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    Was great to see everyone, and to meet those of you I had not met before. Was a great day, other than lack of parking early on. Wind made it a bit chilly, and certainly a challenge to hit those clays...what with random direction/height changes, and damn were they flying far. Quite sure we recovered at least 3 or 4 boxes of unbroken clays at the end. Events like this are what make this place more than just a forum - getting to meet and talk to everyone makes it feel more like a community, and I can honestly say the people I have met are some of the nicest and most generous people I know. Offers to try a shotgun come from all sides if you so much as glance at one with the slightest of wistful looks. Thanks everyone, hope to see you all again soon. Pics may take a day or two, depending on how cooperative my workload is.
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    Vote Republican tomorrow. That is all there is left to do.
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    Might have been me. I started a thread about moving companys when I was looking for one. I went with allied but still moved all my guns myself. Congratulations on your move. My wife and I were both born and raised in NJ and are so happy we left NJ. Sure sometimes we miss family, friends and good Italian food but living here in NH was definitely the best choice for me and my family. Now instead of a bunch of traffic with a bunch of angry people stuck in the "rat race". I get to see Mt.Washington every day on my way to work! Well when it isent covered by clouds anyway. Here's a pic of the view from my daily commute.
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    It’s rough right now. Packed boxes all over and tripping all over them. Seeing decades of life going somewhere else. My home has been in my family for close to a century. I was born here. I grew up here. Used coal from the furnace for my snowmen. It broke my heart when my best friend died before his time. He was a hard working angel with a heart of gold. That put me over the edge. I want to live just a little longer than him. Still have a mission. We tried leaving this state twice before. Now everyone is gone. [emoji20] Lots of memories here.... I know I will be starting over. I’m not a drinker anymore and happy with an occasional beer. Wife is a wine person. Essentially, just want peace and quiet and I couldn’t even get that here with Rt 80 staring at my bedroom window about a half mile away. Before it was there, it was the Erie Lack Railroad. I love trains. Still do. Sunday’s were quiet but Jersey is getting like NYC where traffic never sleeps. I go out early on weekends to get breakfast or hit Home Depot before the mania starts. I’m on Rt 46 or 80 early where nobody is on the roads. BUT like clockwork, some jackass flies past me doing 80. I’m not overly religious but I do believe that the man upstairs got it right when he made Sunday, a day of rest. Just where the hell are you going that requires waking up a cop with radar that early. Wake up. Take your time. Relax.... You’ll live longer! As the move gets closer, I feel my heart ripping out. It hurts. I’ll miss a lot of people. My Leo buds from my dept. My neighbors that I do like and so on. On a better note, my wife will be closer to her dad for his final times on earth. I can learn to relax and perhaps start fishing after not for decades. Maybe buy another motorcycle. But my memories will be engrained forever in this small town. Thanks again folks. Appreciate it. [emoji20][emoji26] A little something from my garden for ya’ll.... I dedicated them to my grandma (passed long ago), my wife’s mom (also passed) and my current best friend and wife. All of which love(d) their gardens. Maybe some of those words can make a difference in your lives. [emoji17] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    That was tongue in cheek! Welcome to our forum and do try to be a nicer person in the future if you wish to make a home here!
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    It's not about solving problems. It's primarily about getting votes. If they can convince the voters in their district that "ghost guns" are a scary thing, it might get some votes. It's also about simple, raw, hatred for gun owners. Logic and facts can not stand up against illogical fear.
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    As a former NJ'ian and current Floridian, I don't believe that's what they're thinking. They know that these increased laws won't stop the criminals. What they *will* stop are the law abiding citizens from defending their liberties.... thus allowing those "idiot liberal politicians" the power to keep control over the citizenry. That's what they want/need. Again, don't think Sandy Hook, or Las Vegas, or Parkland HS, etc. Think "Ruby Ridge..." think the "Bundy Ranch...." We law abiding pro 2A FL citizens are all extremely concerned about the Gov. election as well. We have to get every last GOP and independent vote out there to get Ron DeSantis elected, Early voting has started here, and the GOP voters seem to be turning out. I wish the MSM wouldn't report that. I want all in our community to think "the sky is falling" up until the last hour of election day to turn out as much of the vote as we can muster... our lives and liberties depend on it!
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    It's basically a custom built .223 Yugo AK that takes AR mag's. It takes a little getting used to shooting but it's more of a "fun gun". She definitely makes a big boom...especially indoors. Great meeting you, Jmich!
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    What grade are you in?
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    Had a great time last night. Thanks to everyone who let my daughter and I try out your very cool guns. The wish list got longer. Thanks again to Rosie and CNJFO for providing all of that food. Damjan, your welcome re: the pies. They were from Wemrock Orchards in Freehold. Next time I’ll try to get a few from Battleground Orchards. A little better stuff there but its always a circus on the weekends. It was good to meet a lot of you all. I’ll have to make more time at the next meet up...to actually meet up more. @67gtonut, thanks for putting this together. Excellent job. Looking forward to the next one.
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    Great to meet some of you guys. Thank you to everyone who let me play with their toys, i had a blast! Thank you to everyone that had a hand in setting this up.
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    Because of all this magazine fat shaming my 15 rounders have refused to come out of the safe and play and sooner or later, from just sitting around doing nothing, they are going to gain some weight and become 30's and 40's. Just saying.
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    I agree with others, cold turkey. It will be 1 year since I had my last cigarette on Nov 1. I also quit for almost 5 uears about 10 years ago. And both times, only cold turkey worked. I tried everything, patch, chantix, gum, vape, and nothing helped. And to be honest, people telling you to quit only makes it worse. The only way I have been able to quit is cold turkey, and by wanting to quit. There is a big difference between wanting to quit and thinking you want to quit because your wife, kids, friends, etc... talked you into it. You need to really want to quit!
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    @AVB-AMG You should have had my smoked brisket........ That would have made you into a die hard constitutionalist. Ask anyone.