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    After 17 years moved to sunny Florida - goodbye forever to: pinned muzzle brakes, pinned stocks, 10 round magazines, NJFIC, once a month handgun purchase and handgun purchase permits, prohibited AW list, prohibited SBR, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Grewal and anybody like them.... I can't believe how I put up with all that cr*p for so long. I am going to miss Cherry Ridge. My empathy to NJ gun owners - keep up the fight. Roger and out.
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    We’re just over two weeks away from the torch lighting ceremony, so it’s time to introduce the US Team least likely to turn their back on the flag or kneel during the national anthem. Our 2020/2021 Olympians are: Men’s Air Rifle: Lucas Kozeniesky, William Shaner Women’s Air Rifle: Mary Tucker, Ali Weisz Men’s Smallbore Rifle: Patrick Sunderman, Nick Mowrer Women’s Smallbore Rifle: Mary Tucker, Sagen Maddalena Men’s Air Pistol: Nick Mowrer, James Hall Women’s Sport Pistol: Alexis Lagan, Sandra Uptagrafft Rapid Fire Pistol: Henry Leverett, Jackson Leverett Men’s Skeet: Vincent Hancock, Phillip Jungman Women’s Skeet: Austen Smith, Amber English Men’s Trap: Derrick Mein, Brian Burrows Women’s Trap: Kayle Browning, Madelynn Bernau US Olympic Shooting Team I’m struck by how long it’s been since I was on the team (and then not in an Olympic year). I don’t know any of these people… Unfortunately, none of our medalists from the 2016 Rio games are back on the roster. The most experienced competitor on the team is Vincent Hancock, in his 4th Olympics, having won the gold twice before. Kim Rhode missed the cut to compete in an unprecedented 7th Olympiad (having medaled in the previous 6 Olympics). She has stated she’ll be back for the 2024 trials, and may continue on to the tryouts for the 2028 games in Los Angeles. Nick Mowrer is notable for being the first US shooter to qualify in two different disciplines (rifle and pistol) in the same Olympics since 1924. Also of note are brothers Henry and Jackson Leverett, both competing in Rapid Fire Pistol. I sure hope they are on good terms with one another. 280 shooters from other nations will join Team USA to compete in 15 events, though all without spectators due to a Covid resurgence in the Tokyo area: 10m Air Pistol - Men 10m Air Pistol - Women 10m Air Pistol - Mixed Team 25m Pistol - Women 25m Rapid Fire Pistol - Men 10m Air Rifle - Women 10m Air Rifle - Men 10m Air Rifle - Mixed Team 50m Rifle 3 Positions - Women 50m Rifle 3 Positions – Men Shotgun Skeet - Women Shotgun Skeet - Men Shotgun Trap - Women Shotgun Trap - Men Shotgun Trap - Mixed Team The mixed team events are new this year. Men and women competed together in all events until 1988, when separate events for men and women were created. Now, the separate events remain, but a mixed-gender team event has been added. Conspicuously absent from the event list is 50m Free Pistol. THAT makes me mad. Free Pistol had not only been a medal event since the inception of the modern Olympics, it had been the FIRST medal event, as way back in 1896, Baron Pierre de Coubertin (father of the modern games) declared Free Pistol to be the most difficult of the Olympic events, and so reserved it that place of honor. I really hate to see it go. That was MY event, dammit! Well, that and Air Pistol, but I was better at Free Pistol. Tokyo Olympics Shooting Preview The shooting events start with Air Rifle and Air Pistol on Saturday July 24, and continue through Monday August 2 when Rapid Fire Pistol and 3 Position Smallbore Rifle wrap up. You won't see much of these in the TV coverage, but you can find them in the online video feeds. I'll also pop in here periodically to post results.
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    The 2nd amendment isn't for leftists or rightists, it's for Americans.
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    Shamelessly stolen from one of the pilot boards: Once in a while we just have to stand back in awe of our government. The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever - to 46 million people. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, asks us, “Please Do Not Feed the Animals." Their stated reason for the policy is because "the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.” This ends today's lesson in irony....
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    And tells the EU to stick it! Czechs Approve Constitutional Amendment Granting Right to Bear Arms (breitbart.com)
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    if i had mechanics working for me and they walk out....their tool boxes will be rolling out right behind them/
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    On Friday my wife lifted up a plastic bin lid that I left just outside the garage and came running into the house and said hurry up and get out here. We had a black bear looking in the sliding glass door at me in the basement on Monday so I thought that may be it, I was wrong, it was a coiled up copperhead. I grabbed the Governor shot it with #6 shot. The 2 1/2" 410 hit hard and killed it instantly. The snake was coiled up looking ready to strike and the shot flipped it about 10 inches into the position in the picture. A neighbor told me he has killed 3 already this year. The worst part is that it ate the very large frog in the pond I have in front of the house. My wife got vey lucky that she wasn't bit.
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    For the collector. Winchester Model 70 Super Grade 75th Anniversary Edition. One of 206 produced. Perfect condition. No marks anywhere. Period! Beautiful rifle I just can't justify keeping only to take out of safe to fondle and admire once in a while. Rifle has been fired 30 times. I am afraid to shoot it because I might ding the stock or scratch the metal, so it stays in the safe. Here is a link to the details. My photography doesn't do it justice. https://www.winchesterguns.com/products/rifles/model-70/past/model-70-75th-anniversary-super-grade.html Includes original box, manual and papers. Asking $1750.00. In 2012 original price was $2000.00.
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    55 days until our house goes on the market. 30-45 days beyond that, we are Texas bound. Cant wait for freedom.
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    Who wants to move to West Virginia? West Virginian lawmakers have eliminated the sales tax on all small firearms and ammunition and are also offering weapon manufacturers tax credits in hopes of sparking an economic boom, according to local news WOWK. The law was passed in House Bill 2499, which went into effect on July 1. Customers can purchase handguns, shotguns, rifles, and whatever their heart desires (chambered up to .50 caliber) without sales tax. But the sales tax is only a small part…the bill also stimulates economic growth in manufacturing industries by allowing tax credits for arms and ammo makers in the state. “If they do a $1 million piece of equipment, we will tax it as if it’s a $50,000 piece of equipment. That’s to encourage investment in the state,” said Delegate Howell. “It makes West Virginia the single best place to locate arms or ammunition manufacturing plant,” said Delegate Howell. Manufactures in bordering states are already thinking about making West Virginia their new home. The state hopes to get in on the action of record gun sales and millions of first-time gun owners sparked by the virus pandemic and social unrest of 2020. With millions of new guns owners, parts and ammo will be needed, and West Virginia plans to capitalize on that. If you are going to buy that $2,000 riffle, it's going to be $120 cheaper here in West Virginia than compared to our neighboring states," said Delegate Gary Howell, (R) District 56.
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    I try not to read too deeply into the quagmire of NJ gun laws because if you do you'd find a rational that says you can even leave the house. None of the vehicles in my family have a trunk, so I typically have my pistols in a range bag and ammo and (loaded) magazines in a separate zipper bag (it was lunch bag we used to use at the beach). In the SUV vehicles I keep the bags all the way in back by the hatch. In the pickup truck I put them under the back passenger seat (as far out of reach as possible). If I get pulled over I'll let you know how it goes. I'm not putting any more thought or prep into it...
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    R. Lee Ermey beats Jack Webb any day. RIP Gunny.
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    This ammo is available at .38cpr at numerous places. If you will match that price, a fair market value of $152.00for the lot, we can make a deal. .65cpr is just too high.
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    @Shocker @Ms. 12 Gauge has the personal experience to back up what she types! "Naturally cost will always be a concern but I’d be curious what other folks have done with their diminutive shooter companions." Begs the question just how "small" is she? With shotgun "fit" having a LOT to do with "LOP" (Length of Pull--the distance from the butt to the trigger guard), folks with shorter arms often find a Youth Model easier to swing since they can reach the fore end w/o stretching. Add gas operation or inertia-dampening recoil systems, and a light 12 gauge with "lighter" factory loadings (1145 fps) ---like Remington Gun Club and the like--- will recoil less. I used to shoot Trap with a 12 year old using his 12 ga. Youth Model gas operated semi. In less than a year he could easily break 20+ birds per round. You get your wife a gun that fits HER and some instruction, and she'll be kickin' yer butt in no time Searching for lower recoiling trap & skeet loads requires a small "education": Knowing how to read Dram Equivalent's for one. Scattergunnin' loads are still referred to in BLACK POWDER "Dram Equivalent" and the lower the number, the slower the pellets move out the barrel. 2 3/4 Dram Equivalent is common in low-brass 12 ga. target loads, and 2 1/2 Dram Equivalent is common in 20 ga. low-brass target loads. The faster loadings are "Field Loads" designed for hunting, and are often 1250 - 1400 fps and have higher Dram Equivalents. A Dram is a unit of measure that was used back in the day of black powder shells and Damascus Twist barrels. Hunting loads for pheasant (as an example) can come in both 2 3/4" and 3" magnum shells. They're all "High Brass", which means the end of the shell where the headstamp is has extended brass to absorb the higher pressure (higher Dram) loading. These will recoil MORE, and are sometimes packaged as "Handicapped" loads in 7 1/2 and 8 shot sizes. So be careful not to buy those, as they're intended to shoot Trap from the 25 yard line (9 yards further back from the Trap House than the standard 16 yard line). NUMBER OF PELLETS: In the "race" to gain an edge, target loads with 1 1/8th oz. of birdshot hit the scene decades ago. They have more pellets than the 1 oz. loadings, and will recoil S L I G H T L Y harder than the 1 oz. loads as the lighter loads need a little less powder to get their shot column out the tube at the same speed (1145 fps light target loading for instance). It's simple physics. Every action has an EQUAL & OPPOSITE reaction. The reaction is felt recoil, which is mitigated by weight of gun, gun action, proper fit on the shoulder, etc. I have female friends that can outshoot me. They find it easy to break 100 straight clays. Their guns FIT them My Daughter in-law Amy hadn't shot clays in about 2-3 years. Father's Day I took the family shooting at Old Bridge R&P. She picked-up the gun she was taught on---my Beretta Youth Model 20 ga. gas gun---and after the first two birds she broke every bird thrown for her---like a dozen in a row! Then she let her husband (my son) take his turn & miss a few! That is until he compensated for poor "gun fit". Hope I've been some help! Rosey
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    On any givin day at the beach, here.
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    Aren't we already in a defacto labor strike? At least down here we are, nobody wants to work. Help wanted signs everywhere, business's complaining.......too much free Biden Bucks out there I guess.
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    I can relate some personal experience I had, but can't guarantee yours would be the same. I had a friend who was the caretaker of a private facility on private land in NJ. The facility was in a municipality that did NOT have a no-discharge ordinance. This municipality is also extremely wealthy, not what I'd expect to be a "firearm friendly" town. He secured permission from the owners to shoot there, in the form of a letter. A couple of times a year he'd host "group shoots" at the facility. I went to a couple. There was one portion of the property that had a large hill that was used as berm/backstop for an impromptu range. The first time I went the local police rolled up in 3 cars about half an hour after we started shooting. Multiple neighboring homes on the borders of the property called in about all the gunfire. Friend identified himself as the caretaker of the property, explained that he had permission from the owners to shoot there (showed the letter) and that there were no laws/ordinances prohibiting shooting there. Police left without any further action. Pistols and long guns were out and visibly obvious on our "range" tables.
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    Hey, are you a glass-half-empty kinda guy? I see your point, but I guess I'm more glass-half-full, lol. The way I see it is that "Thomas" (the guy in your example) has not changed his attitude (at least not yet) - so that's a neutral score, because we (the 2A side) are no worse off than where we started. But "Jabril" (the guy I quoted) HAS changed and now he does look at guns much differently... and that would likely make him very displeased if someone wanted to strip away his 2A rights. So, that's a "win" for our side. Moreover, his mom and his 2 aunts are now looking at guns differently as well... so that's potentially 3 more wins. Every single person that realizes - "hey, wait a minute - the 2A is for ME, too - and guns are only as safe or dangerous as the person holding them" - is a good thing for us. That's how I see it anyway. And that's why taking people to the range is so important.
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    So you both agree then that there be a litmus test, for a codified right in the USCONN, in order for someone to exercise that right? They must demonstrate some pre-conceived allegiance to a particular 'group think', to exercise that right? Seems it is good for me and not for thee, because you don't think like me.... So You must then advocate for mandated training for them to exercise a right? Curious all around....
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    Congrats. I'm jelous. For many reasons. It's not just gun laws. It's a part of it. Put the amount of money we pay to NJ in taxes truly disgusts me. We visited some relatives outside of a major Southern city. They have a very nice house in a quiet suburban area. I think they pay less than $250 a month in property taxes. They have schools. The roads are all paved. Good public schools, etc. It really churns my stomach the amount of money I am throwing away. To top it off, it's going too a State government which has a "belief system" that is about completly opposite to my own.
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    Where is the executive order to stop Cuomo from sexually harassing women?
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    On the basis of the most recent activity by this "conservative" SCOTUS, I believe they will continue to punt on any case of consequence.
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    If a town reassesses ONLY your house and find the value higher, your tax bill will go up and everybody else's will go down a little. If they reassess all of the houses in your town and they are all found to be higher, the tax bill will be the same. The town's budget doesn't increase just because the property values go up.
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    Good point. I'm using cider vinegar as a fairly minor component, but you're absolutely correct. Your linked video is the one I watched that sold me on butcher paper for the wrap. The brisket got past the stall overnight without any wrap, but I'm still going to wrap it soon to preserve moisture. It's at 190 F now. In a couple of hours I'll add a rack of ABTs (bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers) to the smoker. The family now insists on those whenever I smoke something.
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    That's what I think too. Even if you're OK telling your best buddy, you have no idea who else he talks to in his circle of friends. He could easily tell someone else in a conversation, "hey, I was over at John house, you should see all the firearms he has". So, loose lips sink ships, the less people who know what you have and where it's stored, the better. Even my wife doesn't know what's in my collection. My two boys have a better idea, since they go to the range with me. That's it. Some other family members know I own "something", but that's where it ends. Criminals aren't usually known to the sharpest knives in the drawer, and will attempt to break in and steal stuff, even with alarm systems. This is why I feel video surveillance is way better than alarm systems, so you will have video proof of what happened, not just an alarm going off.
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    I would look at it more as you do not want to advertise that there are firearms in the house.
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    response to CNN reporter… it’s the friends we meet along the way… https://twitter.com/donie/status/1409209535936466944
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    The question you should be asking yourself is " Why The F would I want to buy another house in NJ."
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    Unless Superman (the Man of Steel) shows up and opens the safe for them, you did what any reasonable gun owner would do: 1. Hide the hardware, and used a cable lock on that really EVIL AR-15! 2. Put the ammo separate So I wouldn't worry too much. Added security via a hidden "Nanny-Cam" near the stockpile (cache of EVIL weapons) couldn't hurt Just BREATHE Dude, and don't stress yerself out any more than you already are with the sale itself! ~R

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