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    I've been asked but only because I was rear ended coming home from shooting clays. 3 shotguns in the front passenger compartment of my jeep. 2 in socks and 1 with no case, all unloaded. Cop looked at the guns and asked me if they were unloaded which I responded yes because they were. That was the end of the discussion about guns. Honestly I hope I get pulled over one day and some rookie cop decides to arrest me for legally transporting guns. I'll pull a Mr Dow and fall and break my jaw. When my lawyer is done with them I'll open the first NJGF range and you all can come and shoot for free!
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    Hello EVERYONE! I'm the Vice President of NJ's busiest Second Amendment Organization, the Coalition of NJ Firearm Owners. As such I'm one of the current Experts on this forum in the correct English interpretation of written laws as they apply to guns in NJ. I stay up at night thinking about what's ACTUALLY WRITTEN and endeavor to use common sense from 1975 HS classes . Most of you already figured-out the "go-around" to solve the OP's question, so here's some additional "food for thought"... Nowhere in the NJ gun law does it say a gun owner can't have multiple residences. If you had (5) and used them at different times of the year, they'd all still be one of your residences! If you have some of YER STUFF at a former primary residence, and you still have a key to the door to get in, then this primary residence has become a secondary or tertiary residence. Ownership of the dwelling you "flop" at is NOT required for it to be a "residence". Merely your DNA has to be there from sleeping there, toilet, shower, etc. So a bedroom at Mommy and Daddy's house (or for that matter a friend's house or apartment that you have access to) that still has all or some of your SH!T in it classifies as a residence if you "flop" there every once and a while (as is the case with college kids). And further, your 18 yr old kid can leave his EVIL BLACK AR-15 rifle in his closet, LOADED, at this residence. No need for a safe, trigger lock or any other infringement since there's NO RULES other than securing firearms from minors and KNOWN adjudicated "Prohibited Persons". So Mom and Dad can throw a surprise POT Party and you're not gonna get yer a$$ locked-up for an "illegal transfer", lol! Nowhere in the gun law does it say you need to put a permanent, full-time, secondary or even temporary, or otherwise "timed-stay" residence on a firearms application. It just says "residence" w/o regard to number of weeks, days or hours per year you live at that residence! There are lots of Krieghoff-owning multi-millionaire sportsmen that own multiple residences and store their collections (long guns AND hand guns) spread-out among these multiple residences. So a house in the mountains can have a hand gun and the house "Down-the-Shore" can have a hand gun too, and guess what, NEITHER OF THEM HAVE TO BE REGISTERED! How is THAT you ask? Because if you're in your fifties as I am and already buried both parents and grew-up with firearms you have hand guns WILLED TO YOU w/o ANY paperwork . Best advice I can give is to STOP OVERTHINKING when it comes to NJ gun law. Read the EXEMPTIONS AND EXCEPTIONS (the "carve-outs" if you will), and don't ADD anything to the written word. E.G.: "Other land or property owned or possessed by him" means empty land parcels, property you have for sale, property you have a contract in-place to sell (that you still own before the closing), property that was deeded to you w/o a sale, property that was inherited, property that an estate owns and you're the Executor/Executrix of the estate prior to carving-up of the estate as per the will of the deceased (needn't even be a blood relative)! And guess what, not only can you own, store and transport firearms (hand guns included!) at OR to these land parcels, technically you can also patrol them with the possession of a loaded firearm (no carve-out for just long guns, so guess what, HAND GUNS ARE ALLOWED TOO)! Dating back to the 1600-1700's under the influence of English Law, NJ was a place where LAND OWNERS HAVE RIGHTS. Guess what, WE STILL DO! How else would it be legal for me to patrol a land parcel I own while ARMED if I can't legally transport said firearm to that parcel? (And there we go with that "FIREARM" word again, NOT a rifle or shotgun)! The application of common sense, together with understanding and APPLYING the correct application of punctuation will yield enlightenment. Read S - L -O - W - L -Y, "securely tied package, OR locked in the trunk of an automobile"... So I can wrap a hand gun with brown craft paper and bakery string and leave it on my front seat to take it somewhere to go sell it, get it fixed or get it appraised so long as its' an EXEMPT location: FFL, Gunsmith, Appraiser (for that estate sale), or a complete stranger meets me at my local clubs' indoor range at 3 AM.........
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    Incorrect. HR 218 / LEOSA states that current sworn LEO in good standing with their Dept, from any state may travel to any other state with pistol and CCW it. He just needs to keep his ID and badge on him while carrying. So, not only can he bring it, but he can carry it - including hollow point bullets if they are what is issued/approved by his PD. The only thing he has to follow is any mag restrictions the state he is traveling to has enacted. Mag restrictions are not covered under the act in its current form. http://www.leosaonline.com/ Now, Some departments have restrictions on bringing service weapons across state lines unless it is for official business - my agency has this. But I can bring personal guns that i have qualified with when I travel. I would advise him to run it by his supervisor or department legal counsel first - he wouldn't be breaking any state or federal laws but he could be violating department policy.
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    Exercising your right to remain silent does not give a police officer probable cause to search your car Telling a police officer that you have a gun in your car also would not give them probable cause to search your car unless you were a known prohibited person. If it is legal for you to own why would it give police officers probable cause to search your vehicle if you have it in your vehicle and tell the truth when asked. So much paranoia in this thread!
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    Many of the older generation gun owners DO NOT like modern sporting rifles. They like hunting rifles and THAT IS IT. I can't wait for them to all die off.
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    I work from home, so if I didn't have an elderly parent in NJ, I'd be gone already - even if it was just to hop over the border into friendlier, less expensive Pennsylvania. The gun issue, though certainly important, is merely one tiny slice of everything that's wrong with the state - a trend toward increasing gov't control and decreasing individual freedom cuts across MANY issues. The cost, bureaucracy and aggravation that results from that trend is just not worth the "benefits" of living here.
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    Pump the brakes there for a second Howard. Your second paragraph is complete BS on many levels. "Militirization" comment aside, there is a lot of either supposition due to inexperience or deliberate misinformation there. I have shot in to, and out from, a lot of cars in training - through windows and door panels with a lot of different ammo. All things being equal, .40 pierced auto glass and doors no better, and no worse, than 9mm. There is no advantage there. ARs suck as well. Especially with the soft point rounds most agencies issue to help reduce penetration in typical CONUS construction materials. Additionally, full auto capability has jack and squat to do with penetration abilities either. If you want to skin a car, you grab the 12 gauge. The same gun Cops have being carrying in their cars for ages. Hell, the potential to be in a gun fight around cars is the only reason I still put one in my patrol car every night. Cops are moving to 9mm because bullet technology has made the terminal effects of 9mm and .40 almost indistinguishable. While the 9mm gives a higher capacity and has less felt recoil (yes it's a subjective measurement, but it is almost universally accepted) in a similar sized pistol. There is just a very slight advantage on the terminal effect end with modern .45. Some argue that slight ballistic advantage isn't worth the disadvantages of the lower capacity and the increase in felt recoil (again subjective but almost universally accepted) all in a larger gun. If I told you I could give you a gun that is easier to shoot/train with, easier to teach new shooters on, that holds more rounds, has less recoil, and will give your faster split times all in a gun the same size as the one you are holding and still guarantee that the terminal ballistics would not decrease, would you say no thanks? Neither are the cops.
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    Please stop with the phony baloney $1 lease stuff. As far as storing a firearm in a locked container at a relative's house. I don't see a problem there. It's not a transfer. The relative has no access to the firearm if its locked up. It's not a transfer when you leave your guns at home and youre gone for a week is it? When you store firearms at one of these FFLS that rent you storage space it's not a transfer. I can see why it would be different. Reasonable deviation? That's up to interpretation. However, in 45 years of owning guns in NJ I have never heard of anyone arrested because they made an "unreasonable deviation" going to or coming from a range. If anyone knows of such an incident, please enlighten me. I've asked that question numerous times on this forum since it started and no one has been able to come up with one. IANAL, but I think too many over think the reasonable deviation issue.
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    Fb seems to do a great job with Banning firearms....If they put in 1/2 the effort with jihadists and they did with guns they would not bother using FB as a promotional tool. They managed to clear out all the gun pages in a week. See what you can do when you really are anti something.
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    I might have been a Doctor. When I was young in 1980’s, I decided I wanted to a be doctor so I took the entrance exam to go to Medical School. One of the questions on the exam asked us to rearrange the letters PNEIS into the name of an important human body part which is most useful when erect. Those who answered "spine" are doctors today. The rest of us are posting jokes on forums.
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    OFFICER: Where u going son? RAY: None u fuck'n biznes pig. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I usually ask when I am searching someone: "Do you have anything on you or in your pockets that can hurt me? Box cutter from work, needles, hand grenades, nuclear bombs?" This usually gets a chuckle and I can feel the tension go out of the person I am searching. If I don't feel that relaxation, it's a clue. So much derp in this thread. Telling a cop you have a gun in the car is not PC to search anything. Fishnut is dead nuts right. It's easy - Transport within the law. Don't lie. You have nothing to worry about.
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    Soooooo What's Your Interpretation of the 2 email correspondence between NH non resident permit holders and the Pa AG office that are posted in this thread? Fake news??? No offense but it seems like your trying pretty hard to not make any friends on this forum and your succeeding
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    As of last week....two years and counting......till the house goes up on the market....ANYWHERE AS BETTER THAN HERE..... Love my home....love my property, love glenwood....I hate NJ Have a plan fellas and be ready to execute it.....I am not crying wolf...I am not defeatist. ..I am being a realist. Maks sees the writing on the wall...so does Troy etc..... The 2a in NJ is dead, done kaput. Businesses around it and supported by the lifestyle will be done as well.....they will not survive. As far as I can see, my last firearm purchase to enhance my collection in the state of NJ, will be by December of this year. I also truly hope that if and when the 50 ban comes.. ......all the muzzle loaders the Fudd rely on...... the shotguns with slug barrels.... .69 caliber.....and bigger....get scooped up...it will serve the 'sportsmen' right and get what they deserve for their apathy.
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    I'll start with saying I never had any love for the 40 S&W. Most on this forum are too young to know the story how the 40 S&W came about. The FBI was using the 10mm a few years before it was officially adopted. I remember going on jobs with the FBI and some guys had 10mm S&Ws and 10mm MP5s in the mid 80s. The FBI started looking for a new standard handgun in the early 80s. They conducted their tests. The winner? Ready? 45 ACP! The FBI knew they couldn't go to Capitol Hill asking for money for new guns in a caliber another bigger part of government was abandoning. How could they justify going to a 45 when DOD was going for a 9mm. Reasons don't mean anything to Congress, most of which don't know anything about firearms. So the FBI went to adopt the #2 in their tests the 10mm. It didn't take them long to realize full power 10mm was too much. Not only for agents but for the guns. The full size S&Ws were having frame cracking problems. To alleviate this, plus buy time to pick a new gun and caliber, the FBI adopted a downloaded 10mm ammo that would reliably function the gun they had. They also started buying 3" Model 13 S&W 357s. They actually started doing this earlier as an option for agents who preferred a revolver. Agents were armed with them at the Miami Shootout in 86. It was actually one of these revolvers that ended the fight. 9mm Silvertip performed as it was supposed to and was not a failure IMO. That's another discussion though. Now we're in the late 80s. S&W have been selling 39s and 59s to a variety of LE agencies for almost 10 years. They flocked to the 9mm and American made (S&W) in the 80s. 45 was considered "too powerful". Few agencies wanted a caliber with "magnum" in the name. Ammo manufacturers catered to that by calling what they sold as "high velocity" as +P and created +P+ first for Treasury and now for everyone else. Again that's another story. S&W executed a brilliant engineering and marketing ploy. They realized they could duplicate the ballistics of the FBI 10mm load in a shorter case. More importantly the shorter case fit in the 9mm frames and slides. LE agencies sucked up the 40 as not only was it marginally more powerful than the 9mm but new S&W 40s fit the same holsters and mag pouches as the 9mms they had. IMO the 40 is not a great improvement over the 9mm. If I want something bigger I'll take a 45 thank you. I was sold on the 45 20 years before the 40 came out. It won't become as rare as the 357 SIG or 45 GAP. The 357 SIG is a 9mm magnum. If I need those ballistics I'll use a 357 magnum and be more versatile. The 45 GAP was a solution to a problem that didn't exist. The 40 S&W was more an effective marketing exercise for S&W. Never owned one, never will.
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    I've seen plenty of magazines that held more than 15. Did I say anything? Nope I've also seen collapsing stocks, semi auto shotguns with extended tubes, pistol grip semi auto shotguns and everything else that people own freely in other states. Do i say anything? Nope Maybe it's the Bayonne mindset that I have, but I don't rat. Remember what Jimmy said in Goodfellas, you learned the two most important things in life. Always keep your mouth shut and don't rat on your friends.
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    I have seen 2A groups come here and some members seem to do their best to drive them away with negative attitude towards anything the pro 2A folks are trying to do.
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    I feel sorry for Mrs.Zeke most days.
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    Just do it and shuddup about it, unless your relatives are scumbags. In which case I wouldn't do it
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    No organized push-back? Actually there is a group and with FAR more power than your gun group or all gun groups combined, its the NJ Republican party and look how its working out for them. No power in the State Assembly or Senate and a lame duck R gov who is extremely un-popular and at his best 2A moments was barely able to put a band aid on a leaky 2A cesspool. And no matter who has been in power here have our 2A laws ever gotten better? Has anything NJ did been reversed or even grandfathered ? No, its a downward slide that only slows when a R is at the helm. It doesnt matter who is in charge, NJ hates guns. Hell, the very ideology of the R party is in dire jeopardy here. The registered D's currently outnumber registered R's by 800,000 and growing. We are all too aware of how the dems feel about the gun culture here and the R's are fighting for their lives and probly have bigger issues on their mind than our guns. And it wont matter which D face is in the gov seat the anti 2A agenda is a constant. Doom & Gloom-absolutely!
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    This is interesting. I asked a simple, courteous straightforward question. Yet you failed to answer. We all know how this oppressive state works. It's not fair or equitable and it is arbitrary in the extreme. If that isn't obvious then you don't live here. I know for a fact there are a couple of NJ concealed carry permit holders that aren't LEOs, or ever were, on this very forum. Notice they won't be baited into your meaningless arguement either. Not that I would ever speak for any of them, but I believe I can tell you what you can try to do to secure the Golden Fleece. First, dedicate yourself to the 2nd amendment cause beyond demanding on a free forum that "the time is now!" A good start would probably be coughing up the 30 bucks to become a premier member to help fund your soapbox to get people to take you seriously. Second, dontate time, money and ideas to law enforcement, local, county and state to help them understand the reality of New Jersey 2nd amendment advocates and gun owners. Third, after a decade of showing up to meetings, donating 100's of thousands of dollars to ALL the organizations that support your cause in this state, testify during public comment hearing on new laws, get your ass on national Fox News programs to advocate for our causes and commit to being a booster for law enforcement when they are being targeted FOR MURDER by funding vest replacement programs for police forces and actually buying new glocks for an entire police department. After a decade of tha above type of bonafides you may cross paths with powerful politicians, LE chiefs and judges. Forth, after cultivating these relationships for another decade, you may end up discussing current 2nd amendment issues in NJ with one of the above. Amazingly one of the powerholders offers to sponsor your application and they use their influence to walk the application through the draconian process and that influence gets you the card... Only to be critized by some that have no stake, commitment or impetus to do anything but cast aspersions from a keyboard on a forum they they don't have the wherewithal to become a paying member of. I don't know you, but I know several NJ CCW permit holders, their stories are dramatized above. It's similar to PBA cards. I venture to say that many on here have a wallet full. Some of us have family member badges that get you out of almost any issue roadside. What's the difference? These "get out of jail free" cards are a uniquely NY/NJ thing. So there you have it. It's who you know. If that comes as a surprise to you, no amount of explaination will get through the wall you have built. The key is what you have to do to get to know those you need to know. I would humbly suggest becoming a supporting member of all the NJ based pro-2a organization. Give Alexander Roubian a call at NJ2AS. Or Scott Bach at ANJRPC. They have vastly different approaches, which goes to show that there is room in our tent for everyone. So go ahead, get involved, cough up some tangible commitment to the cause and stop pissing in the tent and start pointing your piss at those that aren't standing up for your cause and hate your freedoms.
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    Dude, assuming someones gender is so 2016. But, if you were a trained observer, you would see Female in her bio.
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    Don't shoot people with birdshot bro Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    Plus Tom Hardy. He's been in some awesome stuff lately.
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    I just got back from vacation in Hawaii and spent a day in Pearl Harbor. Toured the Missouri. Breathtaking. I can only imagine what it was like during battle. Awe inspiring? How about seeing your great-uncle's name engraved on the ships roster... I lost it right there.
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    THATS where you land the chopper. If a picture of an Iowa class firing all guns at once doesn't give every red blooded American male a raging erection, I don't know what will... Even as a submariner....I'll be in my bunk...
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    Picked out my outfit for the HE meet up....figure I would go with this since HELL will freeze over by time he schedules it
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    You don't have to answer that question. Politely decline any invitations to discuss what is in your vehicle.
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    Make sure you compare not just house prices, but also property taxes.
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    There is a significant loss everytime a state agency changes weapons. NJSP and Police in general are not great handgun operators in general. Believe me. They dont want them to be used in a crime and the last known user would be a State LE agency. It has happend twice that I know of in the past. Not with the State Police but with another agency.
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    For the Tapatalk crowd, try it now.
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    I am not into politics.... never was, and still only dabble at the edge. But from what I am seeing for our future in this corrupt state, I want out. As soon as I can cut ties with NJ, the house will go up for sale. And it has much more than gun laws to do with it.... I cannot fathom why in order to own a nice home in NJ, it must include $1000/mo or more in Property taxes. When other states can do it for 75% less. This alone could be the reason for leaving.....
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    Play stupid games. Win stupid prizes.
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    I'd like to thank everyone for they're replies. I for one am enjoying everyone's post and am learning a lot.
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    For me exiting NJ was way more than just a gun rights issue. My taxes are a joke for both income and property. The next governor will hammer me to fund his follies and lastly, and study this, the school funding formula will bankrupt this state. Abbott vs burke is the biggest court sponsored tax payer ripoff in the history of the country. If you are unaware of NJ's ridiculous formula for school funding you should educate yourself. This issue alone may make you leave the state. NJ's horrid financial condition, the inability of the clowns running the state to solve it and the commedically obvious corruption are yet another problem. The state is for sale in the next election. Forget this 2a discussion--NJ doesn't have enough of a gun culture as pointed out by Maks for that to be any part of an election platform. Its not even a big deal for NJ Republicans. Its about the financial future, the quality of life here and the sustainability of the ridiculous status quo. Lets all stop pretending that 2a matters for shit in this next election. If you do you're naive. Way bigger issues will decide this. Not a response to Maks but more adding to the thought.
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    Anyone who walks out of their house in NJ and forgets they have a firearm on their person should probably not own a firearm in the first place.
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    Sometimes when I visit this forum I run into lots of skepticism about things I tell you I've done that I've been told to do by LEO's. That I've been told to do decades ago from mentors whom I trust. I get challenged, called-out, "beat-up" or told that I'm crazy. Fortunately this happens rarely and only a certain few "regulars" are guilty of the BS. I have extensive experience in quite a few shooting disciplines, and because of this "I got to see HOW THE SAUSAGES ARE MADE". By that I refer to how the club members train, legally transport and most importantly USE their various platforms during competitive league activities. This insight and LOTS of other real-life firearms experience has taught me to realize that there are two basic types of NJ Gun Owner: 1. Folks whom are scared of their own shadow and rush to judge (and even worse--criticize) others for stopping to pick-up or discharge a passenger, stopping to pee or get a cheeseburger or transport hand guns and ammo on a intrastate basis w/o following federal (FOPA) guidelines (unloaded gun and ammo in the same Range Bag IS allowed in NJ), etc. 2. Shooters like Griz, Ray-Ray, myself and LOTS of others that do what needs done and makes the most sense at the time. In other words, "normal people" w/o the "Chicken Little" complex. When I get harassed here, I sometimes consider abandoning this place as a "Lost Cause" full of "Negative Nellie's". It is at those times when I remember a quote from Teddy Roosevelt: "It is not the critic who counts; not the man (or woman-Ed) who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat. "---T. Roosevelt I'm NOT going anywhere. I won't be forced into the night. Those of you that feel the same as I do are welcome to join our merry band of Do-ers as we attempt to right wrongs instead of sit on our asses and bitch! Rosey http://www.cnjfo.com/join-us
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    I've never seen so many haters and keyboard commandos in one place. I don't begrudge people for their commercial success or ability to obtain a CCW. Or, blame any pro-2A person or group for not having CCW in this state. But, I've seen that behavior here. It must be a NJ thing...
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    First, leaving it on your purse is your own fault. Second, why would you get stopped and searched? Are we living in Berlin in 1938?
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    I'm dropping more cash on my jeeps suspension tomorrow than I ever have on any one gun before and during I'm like a kid on Christmas eve tonight............but I dident sell any guns lol.
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    I'm jus Peels bitch
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    I have a 2016 ZO6 and my advice is go for it. You only live once. Yeah, it is crazy-fast as hell. If you can afford it do it.
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    This thread, along with many others, are the reason why the Anti's don't have to do anything to defeat us. Because we eat our own.
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    ^^I agree with you Zeke but the problem is we are moving in opposite direction IMO - whereas the Constitutional carry states number more and more each year, there is going to be 1/3 "extra free", lets call those the Cons Carry states - then 1/3 "ultra communist", the NY/NJ/MD/MA/CA/IL/HI crowd (I might be missing one or two), and then the other states somewhere in the middle - You wouldn't believe the amount of NJ gun owners who I've encountered who have said the following to me: -I don't mind the pistol permit system -There should be a law about keeping your guns locked up if children are in your home -Magazine capacity restrictions don't bother me, who needs more than 15? -Yeah I think everyone should have a background check to buy a firearm -You can buy ammunition online? Is it legal? The problem isn't that we don't have enough gun owners (I contend we have plenty), the problem is we don't have enough Constitutional thinking gun owners - and until those numbers shift, the Progressives have NJ by the balls -
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    Adding to JohnnyB's list... if an FFL or gun store is small and therefore charges for monthly storage on transfers, that policy should certainly be in writing, preferably on their own website and if they don't have one, then on the other sites they advertise on (like Gunbroker, etc.) Really, ALL transactional policies should be in print.
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    Here's your recipe. 1) Get a bottle of whiskey 2) Drink the whiskey.