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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Averagejoeshmo Averagejoeshmo 05/25/2017 Smooth as silk. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with. bry@n bry@n
My1stGlock My1stGlock 05/25/2017 Good to go. Would definitely deal with again. bry@n bry@n
NYMetsFan86 NYMetsFan86 05/22/2017 Thanks for a very smooth transaction! When you get to 'Free America' don't forget your friends here Behind Enemy Lines njJoniGuy njJoniGuy
njJoniGuy njJoniGuy 05/22/2017 a pleasure to deal with. Extremely organized and aware of the correct way to transact firearms in NJ. Good conversation too! NYMetsFan86 NYMetsFan86
bry@n bry@n 05/20/2017 Smooth transaction and as advertised. Nice meeting you and will definitely do business with in the future. My1stGlock My1stGlock
9thMarines 9thMarines 05/19/2017 Triple header for Kenny and I. Great deal great conversation. GRIZ GRIZ
GRIZ GRIZ 05/19/2017 Great guy and a real pleasure to do business with. Many thanks. Enjoy the new toys. Kenny 9thMarines 9thMarines
bry@n bry@n 05/19/2017 Thank you Averagejoeshmo Averagejoeshmo
Buns of Guns Buns of Guns 05/17/2017 Great buyer, would work with again. TomFNJ TomFNJ
TomFNJ TomFNJ 05/16/2017 Very accommodating seller. Will gladly do business with again. Buns of Guns Buns of Guns
BlueLineFish BlueLineFish 05/13/2017 Smooth, easy transaction. TomFNJ TomFNJ
TomFNJ TomFNJ 05/13/2017 Great seller. Buy with confidence BlueLineFish BlueLineFish
Blake Blake 05/12/2017 STI 2011 in perfect working order. Thanks for dropping it at T1D saving a long ride. Blake is a really stand up guy, great seller and asset to NJGF. High character individual you can deal with him in complete confidence. Rob0115 Rob0115
penthall penthall 05/08/2017 Great guy. Very easy to deal with. KevP KevP
KevP KevP 05/08/2017 Super dude, thanks again penthall penthall
shizzoizzo7 shizzoizzo7 05/08/2017 Even though I was too stupid to bring a case to put the pistol in, she gave me a soft sided case. Good seller-Great person. Averagejoeshmo Averagejoeshmo
JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns 04/30/2017 A+ Service. Jack took the time to thoroughly go over the firearm I purchased, answering all my Q's & even oiled the piece. Good guy. Professional. Recommend. charleslee charleslee
charleslee charleslee 04/30/2017 Charles is a very nice person to deal with - Top Notch A+++ JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns
Ray Ray Ray Ray 04/28/2017 Nice guy, easy to deal with, prompt and reliable. Howard Howard
AlexB AlexB 04/28/2017 Good guy, thanks dude Ray Ray Ray Ray
Howard Howard 04/28/2017 Great guy, thanks Howie Ray Ray Ray Ray
JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns 04/24/2017 very knowledgeable, outstanding customer service, fantastic experiencee Rational-Pessimist Rational-Pessimist
Rational-Pessimist Rational-Pessimist 04/22/2017 Great customer, Easy to work with - Thanks for the business! JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns
SJG SJG 04/20/2017 I think by far the best seller ive ever purchased from Granby140@aol.com Granby140@aol.com
ergorter89 ergorter89 04/19/2017 a+ great transaction. gun nut gun nut