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Shooter2269 Shooter2269 10/24/2021 Great guy to deal with! Thanks Shooter for the quick and easy transaction. I enjoyed our conversation very much. Highly recommended! JeepGunner JeepGunner
Golf battery Golf battery 10/19/2021 +1, great communication and very patient. A pleasure to do business with. joltitor joltitor
njJoniGuy njJoniGuy 10/16/2021 Great seller! Great to meet you. joltitor joltitor
joltitor joltitor 10/16/2021 Nice meeting you Peter. Thanks for meeting me halfway! And good talk about the sad state of affairs here in the Glorious Peoples Rpublik. njJoniGuy njJoniGuy
morton chirnomas morton chirnomas 10/16/2021 Great guy, very patient that I had to take a work call. Would gladly do business again demonjd22 demonjd22
demonjd22 demonjd22 10/14/2021 Very easy, smooth, flexible buyer. A pleasure to work with. morton chirnomas morton chirnomas
EdF EdF 10/13/2021 Ed was a great guy to deal with. He's running for state assembly so if you live in Burlington or Camden counties make sure that you vote for him. gfl216 gfl216
gfl216 gfl216 10/13/2021 Worked with me to find an FFL that was good for both of us and the rifle was exactly as described. EdF EdF
Old Glock guy Old Glock guy 10/01/2021 Good dude. Very easy to work with. Babyface Finster Babyface Finster
morton chirnomas morton chirnomas 09/30/2021 Great to deal with. IRL-NJ IRL-NJ
IRL-NJ IRL-NJ 09/28/2021 Very smooth. Excellent and flexible. morton chirnomas morton chirnomas
Shocker Shocker 09/28/2021 Prompt meetup, easy sale Erentils Erentils
Jersey Joe Jersey Joe 09/28/2021 Easy and well done deal! Thanks, Joe 15636215 15636215
Erentils Erentils 09/27/2021 Good sale - good prices and punctual to meet up Shocker Shocker
accline accline 09/17/2021 Excellent deal with Andrew. 15636215 15636215
Matthew Matthew 09/15/2021 Great buyer MartyZ MartyZ
MartyZ MartyZ 09/15/2021 Good experience with buyer Matthew Matthew
GRIZ GRIZ 09/13/2021 After many years, and many deals, I can always count on THE GRIZ! dajonga dajonga
dajonga dajonga 09/13/2021 Good deal easy transaction. My 5th or 6th deal with him. GRIZ GRIZ
Phillies Phillies 09/05/2021 Excellent guy to deal with. Was easy going and great ammo purchase. in a word, Painless. Stuntman22 Stuntman22
Jason Sims Jason Sims 08/30/2021 All good BMWR12 BMWR12
BMWR12 BMWR12 08/30/2021 Great communication, showed up early, and very professional Jason Sims Jason Sims
SRT392 SRT392 08/30/2021 Great guy, very easy to deal with and a wealth of knowledge. demonjd22 demonjd22
palmtree palmtree 08/27/2021 Super easy transaction, all went exactly as it should. Would be happy to deal again. chocodove chocodove
chocodove chocodove 08/27/2021 Super easy transaction and good guy to deal with. Thank you! palmtree palmtree

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