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      Excited about launching a new feature, our very own member- driven range and store database.  Read the announcement and watch the video here... www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/86658-njgfs-gun-store-range-database/
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
LocoOcho LocoOcho 07/20/2018 Smooth transaction, would buy from him again! sti sti
sti sti 07/20/2018 Wonderful buyer. Thanks for meeting up again! LocoOcho LocoOcho
TheMan TheMan 07/19/2018 Good dealing with you, smooth transaction. Bklynracer Bklynracer
gimmemym1 gimmemym1 07/19/2018 A+ buyer. Fast payment and great communication. Thank you for being patient with the shipping delay! medved11 medved11
Ian S Ian S 07/19/2018 Quick, easy, professional exchange. Thank you sir. DTtuner DTtuner
DTtuner DTtuner 07/19/2018 Good communication, competitive price and a good meet. On time and everything as expected. Ian S Ian S
axeman_g axeman_g 07/15/2018 Very accommodating and a pleasure to meet. BobA BobA
DirtyDigz DirtyDigz 07/14/2018 Excellent buyer - fast payment medved11 medved11
fuzzsquid fuzzsquid 07/11/2018 Smooth transaction, prompt payment. TheMan TheMan
Bklynracer Bklynracer 07/10/2018 Fast payment, great communication, item shipped out today. TheMan TheMan
Ray Ray Ray Ray 07/10/2018 Great buyer - easy transaction medved11 medved11
medved11 medved11 07/10/2018 Great guy, good deal. Love you papi Ray Ray Ray Ray
LocoOcho LocoOcho 07/09/2018 Good deal, great scope... Always a pleasure. bhunted bhunted
LocoOcho LocoOcho 07/09/2018 Goog guy , good deal! Thanks Chris... bhunted bhunted
bhunted bhunted 07/06/2018 Quick and easy to deal with again. Highest recommendation!! LocoOcho LocoOcho
LocoOcho LocoOcho 07/06/2018 The transaction went very smoothly. Thank you again for a great experience. Tonmehr Tonmehr
Blake Blake 07/05/2018 Great guy, easy to deal with. gfl216 gfl216
gfl216 gfl216 07/05/2018 Easy swap, nice chatting with you! Blake Blake
medved11 medved11 07/05/2018 great transaction and a lot of support and advice afterward. Absolutely great seller. Ian S Ian S
medved11 medved11 07/05/2018 Quick turnaround with item packed and in the mail the next day. Constant communication and incredibly conscientious. Very good seller. Ian S Ian S
Ian S Ian S 07/04/2018 Smooth, easy transaction with fast payment and great communication medved11 medved11
Tonmehr Tonmehr 06/29/2018 It was a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks for meeting halfway too. LocoOcho LocoOcho
Jon Jon 06/25/2018 Great guy and an excellent buyer - A super easy transaction with great communication and fast payment! medved11 medved11
BobA BobA 06/23/2018 thanks Bob easy meet up, highly recommended ogfarmer ogfarmer
LocoOcho LocoOcho 06/23/2018 Buy with confidence. Excellent comms throughout transaction. Stand up guy. High Exposure High Exposure