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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
medved11 medved11 11/09/2018 Good experiance, patient and easy to work with. Great guy and outstanding communicator. Will do business with him again for sure. Bighungry618 Bighungry618
Bighungry618 Bighungry618 11/09/2018 Excellent selling experience. Great communication and very easy to work with. Thanks again, Harold! medved11 medved11
DirtyDigz DirtyDigz 11/08/2018 Easy to work with. Met 1/2 way for sale. Buy with confidence. Zeke Zeke
weekend_junkie weekend_junkie 11/07/2018 Great guy to deal with. csfed csfed
CageFighter CageFighter 10/30/2018 This is the second time I am dealing with CageFighter, as usual an excellent transaction! Efficient and communicative. A stand up guy! etips76 etips76
Stuntman22 Stuntman22 10/29/2018 Great guy to deal with. csfed csfed
silverado427 silverado427 10/26/2018 Andy is a Great guy to deal with - Always great conversations Thank you for your business! JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns
JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns 10/26/2018 Thanks Jack. Always a pleasure to to do business with. silverado427 silverado427
pTr939 pTr939 10/25/2018 Great transaction and cool dude. Finest of the forum community. A++ Vicious Vicious
Ray Ray Ray Ray 10/25/2018 Another easy transaction. Great guy to deal with mustang69 mustang69
mustang69 mustang69 10/23/2018 Great guy, easy to deal with. Fast to pay. Ray Ray Ray Ray
Ray Ray Ray Ray 10/22/2018 Good deal. Great guy!!! No bs transaction!!! GRIZ GRIZ
myhatinthering myhatinthering 10/22/2018 Buyer maintained contact throughout the process and transaction went smoothly. Great guy to deal with! csfed csfed
GRIZ GRIZ 10/22/2018 Awesome guy, full of knowledge. I made a friend instantly. Ray Ray Ray Ray
Zeke Zeke 10/20/2018 The man, the myth, the legend in his own mind! eZEKEial paid so quickly for the ammo I was selling that my bank warned me about stressing their ACH payments system. DirtyDigz DirtyDigz
Ray Ray Ray Ray 10/20/2018 Great Buyer. Fast payment & easy to deal with. Thanks. BNorX BNorX
BNorX BNorX 10/18/2018 Easy to deal with. Shipped quickly. Thanks dude Ray Ray Ray Ray
Ray Ray Ray Ray 10/17/2018 Easy transaction. Packed for shipping before I paid and got it quick. Items just as described. mustang69 mustang69
Sniper22 Sniper22 10/17/2018 Real nice guy and a pleasure to do business with. Shooter2269 Shooter2269
18Steel 18Steel 10/17/2018 Great to do business with. Shooter2269 Shooter2269
weekend_junkie weekend_junkie 10/17/2018 Great to do business with and a heck of a nice guy. Shooter2269 Shooter2269
silverado427 silverado427 10/17/2018 Stand up guy. Great to business with. Shooter2269 Shooter2269
Topshot56 Topshot56 10/17/2018 Good man, pleasure to do business with. Shooter2269 Shooter2269
Shooter2269 Shooter2269 10/17/2018 Great Guy Smooth transaction. +1 silverado427 silverado427
mustang69 mustang69 10/15/2018 Quick and easy transaction. Easy to deal with. Thanks Dean Ray Ray Ray Ray