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rps944 rps944 09/30/2020 Unfortunately my schedule prevented me from meeting rps944 in person but we did communicate via direct messaging. He was a pleasure to speak to and the gun was at Kulak Firearms the following day. htpd43 htpd43
DirtyDigz DirtyDigz 09/28/2020 Great to meet Doug and sell him my very sentimental first handgun - the one that always helped me feel like the best shot on the range. Enjoy! rps944 rps944
Heavyopp Heavyopp 09/28/2020 Nice to meet Jeremy and do business with him. Easygoing guy and great to communicate with rps944 rps944
USRifle30Cal USRifle30Cal 09/27/2020 Smooth transaction, recommended, I was on the good side of the hook. Bklynracer Bklynracer
rps944 rps944 09/26/2020 I met rps944 yesterday while transacting with kc10dave. rps944 is a true first class gentleman. All three of us had a great conversation. It was a forum mini-meet! rps944 has sold some very high quality firearms to the NJGunForums community at pre-2020 pricing. I am bummed I missed out on a couple of his listings such as the Mossberg and Sig AR-15 due to me not having received my FID at the time. Amazing firearms at prices not available from anyone else; helping out the community! AAA+++ StarGazer StarGazer
Golf battery Golf battery 09/26/2020 Perfect communication with Ed. Transaction through Mr. Kulak couldn't be easier. rps944 rps944
htpd43 htpd43 09/26/2020 Great communication! Didn't meet directly with Gino. FFL dealer Mr. Kulak made the sale easy. rps944 rps944
StarGazer StarGazer 09/26/2020 Met Jerry when selling my 516 to kc10Dave. Nicest guy, very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. Hope to catch up with him on a range someday. rps944 rps944
Pizza Bob Pizza Bob 09/26/2020 Happened to meet with Bob when selling a S&W 629 to Gino/htpd43. Very knowledgeable and easy to talk with. Awesome SS, Bob! rps944 rps944
kc10dave kc10dave 09/26/2020 Dave is an awesome guy, easy to talk with, and exceptional to do business with. Hope to meet up with him again just to hang out and shoot the breeze. rps944 rps944
rps944 rps944 09/26/2020 rps944 is the bomb! What a great way to start out on this forum as a newbee. From initial contact, seller made me feel very comfortable and he was very informative describing what he was selling and the process. Seller is trustworthy, personable, prompt, excellent communicator, knowledgeable about what he was selling and firearms in general. I will go back to the well on this one and recommend to all friends, family, and anybody else on this forum. Thanks again. Look fwd to future business. kc10dave kc10dave
StarGazer StarGazer 09/26/2020 StarGazer is totally legit! I'm brand new to forum and it was awesome to connect and do business with StarGazer. Trustworthy, prompt, excellent communication, willing to reasonably work with me on pricing, meeting up (when & where) was very convenient, and totally sincere. All business should always be as gentlemen like as I experienced with StarGazer. I will definitely do future business with and recommend to anybody on this forum. Thanks, StarGazer! kc10dave kc10dave
kc10dave kc10dave 09/25/2020 Great buyer! Excellent communication. Dave is prompt and courteous.; an all around great guy. Highly recommended. StarGazer StarGazer
Longranger Longranger 09/24/2020 Met up with George today to make a small purchase. Very reasonable price during these crazy times, and great conversation. bennj bennj
bennj bennj 09/23/2020 Pleasure to do business with! Longranger Longranger
Bklynracer Bklynracer 09/20/2020 Nice easy transaction.... even for some from near the Hook.... :) USRifle30Cal USRifle30Cal
Bheart Bheart 09/18/2020 Excellent communication and easy to work with. Thanks! Jon Jon
SL8R SL8R 09/18/2020 Easy to work with. Super Smooth transaction. Definitely Recommended! Topshot56 Topshot56
Jon Jon 09/17/2020 Excellent transaction and excellent guy! Highly recommend Bheart Bheart
Topshot56 Topshot56 09/17/2020 Excellent communication, a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended. SL8R SL8R
124gr9mm 124gr9mm 09/17/2020 Great guy to deal with. csfed csfed
always_an_eagle always_an_eagle 09/17/2020 Great guy to deal with. csfed csfed
csfed csfed 09/17/2020 Great transaction. Flexible with schedule/meeting nice to chat with. Thanks! 124gr9mm 124gr9mm
Rolo38 Rolo38 09/10/2020 Quick and easy transaction. Thanks! SL8R SL8R
DirtyDigz DirtyDigz 09/07/2020 Easy transaction and easy to work out a deal. Provided quick answers to questions and pictures of the item. Definitely recommend! Topshot56 Topshot56

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