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      NJGF's Gun Range & Store Database   05/23/2017

      Excited about launching a new feature, our very own member- driven range and store database.  Read the announcement and watch the video here... www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/86658-njgfs-gun-store-range-database/
Receiver Date Comment Sender  
JohnnyB JohnnyB 10/23/2017 Prompt communication and easy to work with. Matthew Lutz Matthew Lutz
Matthew Lutz Matthew Lutz 10/23/2017 Great transaction with Matt. You can trust him and he's really easy to work with. Thanks Matt! JohnnyB JohnnyB
Destinydog Destinydog 10/21/2017 The scope was as mentioned, great seller. Thanks again aguilar64 aguilar64
JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns 10/20/2017 Another great purchase experience with Jack. NJ Diver NJ Diver
fatty fatty 10/19/2017 Helped me set up a trade that saved me a few hundred dollars. Most Excellent forum member. High Exposure High Exposure
jruch87 jruch87 10/16/2017 Great buyer/ Good guy he went out of his way to meet me. Great communication 70gto 70gto
vetteman56 vetteman56 10/15/2017 Thank you for the purchase! XDm9-3.8 XDm9-3.8
XDm9-3.8 XDm9-3.8 10/14/2017 Great guy and a great deal! vetteman56 vetteman56
TommyGun TommyGun 10/08/2017 Super nice guy and donated additional money to the charity. I really appreciate the generosity. Rob0115 Rob0115
Frank Rizzo Frank Rizzo 10/08/2017 Pleasure to deal with. Thanks again. Rob0115 Rob0115
Rob0115 Rob0115 10/07/2017 Rob, thank you so much! Frank Rizzo Frank Rizzo
Rob0115 Rob0115 10/07/2017 As others have said before me, Rob is a true gentlemen and asset to our community! Thanks again! TommyGun TommyGun
JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns 10/06/2017 Great experience from beginning to end. No question I will use Jack again for my next transaction. NJ Diver NJ Diver
flank flank 10/04/2017 Really cool guy, worked with my schedule, would do business again, and would recommend others to do business. Kaiser7 Kaiser7
Kaiser7 Kaiser7 10/01/2017 cool guy, great to do business with, thanks again flank flank
70gto 70gto 09/29/2017 Great buyer, excellent communication, great person to deal with. Geene519 Geene519
Geene519 Geene519 09/29/2017 smooth transaction ,great seller ,he made it easy. 70gto 70gto
Buns of Guns Buns of Guns 09/25/2017 Great guy. We both live far from each other but made it work. He arrived on time and would definitely do business again. Enjoy!! TheMan TheMan
bry@n bry@n 09/24/2017 Again, great guy to chat with. All the bumpy aspects of the transaction were last min issues that came up on my end and Bryan made it work. Sevenshot Sevenshot
TheMan TheMan 09/24/2017 Very courteous, accommodating, and professional. Would be happy to do business with again. Buns of Guns Buns of Guns
flank flank 09/24/2017 Good to deal with. BMWR12 BMWR12
BMWR12 BMWR12 09/24/2017 good guy, thanks again flank flank
glockncolts glockncolts 09/23/2017 Excellent seller and great to deal with Granby140@aol.com Granby140@aol.com
NEHackettstown NEHackettstown 09/21/2017 great seller, excellent communication, no bullsh*t, product exactly as described. would NOT hestitate to do business with again. A+++ CageFighter CageFighter
CageFighter CageFighter 09/21/2017 Great guy to deal with. Payed promptly and communication was great. NEHackettstown NEHackettstown