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Golf battery Golf battery 05/15/2019 A pleasure to deal with. Effortless and seamless transaction. Thanks! LocoOcho LocoOcho
medved11 medved11 05/14/2019 Great transaction. Carefully wrapped and thoughtful communication throughout. AC215 AC215
Underdog Underdog 05/13/2019 Stand up guy. Easy to work with and made a meetup super convenient for me. chris327 chris327
chris327 chris327 05/13/2019 Smooth, easy pleasant transaction. Underdog Underdog
AC215 AC215 05/10/2019 I just completed a sale with Aaron. Fast payment and very easy to communicate with medved11 medved11
medved11 medved11 05/10/2019 Great transaction with a great forum member. We completed things faster than Amazon could have. Thanks. Medved11! 124gr9mm 124gr9mm
Ray Ray Ray Ray 05/08/2019 Ray's a real American!!! Merchandise was nicer than he described. He set up transfer at his FFL. Very efficient. If it weren't for our bs I could have been out of there in about 3 minutes. I'll share my foxhole with Ray any time! GRIZ GRIZ
GRIZ GRIZ 05/07/2019 A stand up guy and a true patriot. And, a friend. Ray Ray Ray Ray
medved11 medved11 05/07/2019 Joe is a great guy to deal with. Excellent communication. Super fast shipping and to say the item was well packaged is an understatement . Looking forward to do business again with Joe. TKL21 TKL21
medved11 medved11 05/07/2019 Thanks. Fast shipping , Great transaction. silverado427 silverado427
SIGMan Freud SIGMan Freud 05/07/2019 Dave is a Great guy to Deal with, Smooth Transaction. Thanks, Tony TonyJ TonyJ
TonyJ TonyJ 05/07/2019 Tony is a great guy to deal with. Highly recommended! SIGMan Freud SIGMan Freud
124gr9mm 124gr9mm 05/06/2019 Another "thumbs up" for a guy that was very easy to communicate with and made fast payment medved11 medved11
silverado427 silverado427 05/06/2019 Another +1 for Andy as a buyer. He was very easy to communicate with and made fast payment. Thanks again! medved11 medved11
TKL21 TKL21 05/06/2019 I just completed a sale with Tak. He's an excellent buyer with fast payment and good communication medved11 medved11
axeman_g axeman_g 05/06/2019 Nice, honest, laid-back guy to deal with. Easy to communicate with. I would definitely deal with him again. Regular Guy Regular Guy
0Jeep4 0Jeep4 05/04/2019 Great to deal with. axeman_g axeman_g
axeman_g axeman_g 05/04/2019 Easy communication, flexible on meeting location. Everything as describe. Would recommend. Super quick and easy transaction. Thanks again. 0Jeep4 0Jeep4
BobA BobA 04/10/2019 always a pleasure to do business with Bob, enjoy and thanks again ogfarmer ogfarmer
OfcrFek OfcrFek 04/04/2019 Easy sale, met between us so it was mutually convenient. Recommended. Melgamatic Melgamatic
Melgamatic Melgamatic 04/04/2019 Smooth transaction, and a nice guy. Thanks again, sir! OfcrFek OfcrFek
Ringwoodfrank Ringwoodfrank 03/31/2019 Nice to meet you Frank! Easy transaction, hope to see you at the range. Malsua Malsua
Krdshrk Krdshrk 03/28/2019 Great buyer. Very trustworthy. n4p226r n4p226r
n4p226r n4p226r 03/27/2019 Great seller and great person to meet up with! Thanks! Krdshrk Krdshrk
0Jeep4 0Jeep4 03/26/2019 Great transaction, Good Comms. Smooth deal. Thanks. Great guy to deal with. silverado427 silverado427

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