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SIGMan Freud SIGMan Freud 01/12/2019 Great person to do business with - A true gentleman! Thank you for your business! JT JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns
JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns 01/12/2019 Highly recommended - Jack sets the bar pretty high in terms of service and pricing. SIGMan Freud SIGMan Freud
Downtownv Downtownv 01/10/2019 Great looking stainless steel travel that was delivered as expected. NJSigfan NJSigfan
Heavyopp Heavyopp 01/06/2019 Smooth face-to-face transaction. Good guy to do business with. Thanks! SIGMan Freud SIGMan Freud
dajonga dajonga 12/29/2018 Smooth face-to-face transaction. Couldn't have been easier. Thanks! SIGMan Freud SIGMan Freud
SIGMan Freud SIGMan Freud 12/29/2018 Met up with me on a Saturday to sell me some shells. Effortless and easy. dajonga dajonga
njJoniGuy njJoniGuy 12/28/2018 Smooth transaction. No worries. Thanks! SIGMan Freud SIGMan Freud
SIGMan Freud SIGMan Freud 12/28/2018 Smooth as silk transaction. Thanks Dave! njJoniGuy njJoniGuy
alec.mc alec.mc 12/28/2018 Great deal from a good man. Love you spiderman! Ray Ray Ray Ray
Mr.Stu Mr.Stu 12/25/2018 Mr Stu was a pleasure to do business with ! Really nice man and extremely knowledgeable. Thanx Stu ! Shooter2269 Shooter2269
Shooter2269 Shooter2269 12/23/2018 Great product exactly as described and a great price. Would be very happy to deal with again. Mr.Stu Mr.Stu
Maksim Maksim 12/23/2018 Excellent Seller, Drove down from PA and was very knowledgable and freindly. Wish all transitions went so smoothly. Stuntman22 Stuntman22
Stuntman22 Stuntman22 12/23/2018 Great communication, easy going, no problems. Maksim Maksim
BobA BobA 12/15/2018 Nice guy and great to deal with. Thanks BobA diamondd817 diamondd817
diamondd817 diamondd817 12/15/2018 Met Dave today for a great deal and found him to be a nice guy and easy to work with. Thanks Dave. BobA BobA
SIGMan Freud SIGMan Freud 12/14/2018 Dave is a Great guy to Deal with, Smooth Transaction. Thanks, Tony TonyJ TonyJ
TonyJ TonyJ 12/13/2018 It was a pleasure dealing with Tony. Highly recommended! SIGMan Freud SIGMan Freud
sota sota 12/10/2018 Great guy to deal with. csfed csfed
Screwball Screwball 12/07/2018 Honest description of item. Straight forward communication. Good guy to deal with. Made transaction simple and easy. 0Jeep4 0Jeep4
mustang69 mustang69 12/07/2018 Excellent magazines, thanks for the easy trade. aguilar64 aguilar64
aguilar64 aguilar64 12/07/2018 Stand-up guy. Thanks for the easy swap, too bad it had to happen. mustang69 mustang69
0Jeep4 0Jeep4 12/06/2018 Good buyer. Would recommend to anyone without hesitation. Screwball Screwball
alec.mc alec.mc 12/04/2018 All good Shocker Shocker
remixer remixer 11/28/2018 Another positive experience. Like 90% of the people here, remixer good people Zeke Zeke
csfed csfed 11/23/2018 Perfect seller. An officer AND a gentleman! weekend_junkie weekend_junkie


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