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ALC ALC 04/02/2020 Caroline is a very nice person to deal with - Highly recommend and truely value the business Thank you! JT JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns
Scorpio64 Scorpio64 03/27/2020 Quick payment and great transaction. Silphidae Silphidae
Krdshrk Krdshrk 03/27/2020 Great transaction and good communication. Silphidae Silphidae
Ray Ray Ray Ray 03/27/2020 Transaction was nice and easy - absolute pleasure. Silphidae Silphidae
Silphidae Silphidae 03/26/2020 Cool dude, weird name, great seller. Ray Ray Ray Ray
Silphidae Silphidae 03/26/2020 Great communication and follow up Krdshrk Krdshrk
Silphidae Silphidae 03/26/2020 Good seller, fast shipper. Two thumbs up. https://media.tenor.com/images/ad6f2861f0b34cda2001e4063f535e6f/tenor.gif Scorpio64 Scorpio64
PeteF PeteF 03/14/2020 Great to deal with junkmanted junkmanted
junkmanted junkmanted 03/14/2020 As agreed PeteF PeteF
ogfarmer ogfarmer 03/13/2020 Wonderful transaction, great guy to do deal with. NEHackettstown NEHackettstown
NEHackettstown NEHackettstown 03/08/2020 Easy transaction, highly recommended. thanks enjoy ogfarmer ogfarmer
Ray Ray Ray Ray 03/01/2020 Great transaction!. Thanks! sgt63 sgt63
sgt63 sgt63 02/29/2020 Great dude, good trade. Excellent communication. Ray Ray Ray Ray
DevsAdvocate DevsAdvocate 02/23/2020 Excellent Transaction, very friendly and accommodating. Hope to deal with again soon. Stuntman22 Stuntman22
Vince1996 Vince1996 02/18/2020 Great person to deal with. csfed csfed
kdevine61 kdevine61 02/17/2020 Good dude, super nice guy. Thanks Kevin. Ray Ray Ray Ray
4theboys 4theboys 02/14/2020 Fast and friendly comms. Quick payment. Couldn’t ask for a better person LocoOcho LocoOcho
Coltnut Coltnut 02/08/2020 Excellent and easy going. Pleasure to deal with. Thank you! Triumph675 Triumph675
Triumph675 Triumph675 02/08/2020 Nice guy, great communication and a very smooth transaction. Coltnut Coltnut
Ray Ray Ray Ray 02/07/2020 Good guy to deal with even though he has a questionable taste in funny firearms. Buy with confidence. ronhonda ronhonda
ronhonda ronhonda 02/05/2020 Good dude, payed super duper quick. Love you Ronald. Ray Ray Ray Ray
Ray Ray Ray Ray 02/05/2020 Extremely friendly and accommodating. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you! Triumph675 Triumph675
Triumph675 Triumph675 02/05/2020 Good dude, quick and painless, thanks my friend. Ray Ray Ray Ray
18Steel 18Steel 01/28/2020 Paid quickly! Great Communication! Good guy to deal with! Thanks!! moparman426 moparman426
moparman426 moparman426 01/28/2020 Easy to work with, fast shipping. Thanks! 18Steel 18Steel

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