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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
the_stranger the_stranger 01/18/2018 Quick and easy sale, thanks brother. Ray Ray Ray Ray
JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns 01/16/2018 Great guy to do business with FishNHard FishNHard
FishNHard FishNHard 01/16/2018 John is a very nice guy and very easy to work & talk to. Thank you for being one of the Good guys! JT JT Custom Guns JT Custom Guns
cruciferous cruciferous 01/16/2018 Great communication, stand-up guy. Thanks mustang69 mustang69
mustang69 mustang69 01/15/2018 Responsive seller. Easy transaction. cruciferous cruciferous
lesniewv lesniewv 01/12/2018 Thanks! easy to deal with! kotkot kotkot
intercooler intercooler 01/08/2018 Great super easy transaction, thank you! Frank Rizzo Frank Rizzo
tattooo tattooo 12/31/2017 Good guy to deal with! Zeke Zeke
kram kram 12/31/2017 Good guy, purchase with confidence! Zeke Zeke
Zeke Zeke 12/30/2017 Great guy to deal with. Couldn't ask for a smoother transaction. Thanks! kram kram
Turboprop21 Turboprop21 12/30/2017 Be wary. Changed his mind twice on our deal. Then just ignored my texts. BlueLineFish BlueLineFish
9X19 9X19 12/22/2017 Very good person to deal with. Good communication and fast response. Blueskybob Blueskybob
ogfarmer ogfarmer 12/22/2017 Had a good sale with Ogfarmer today. Nice guy and a pleasure talking with him. Good luck with your enterprise there John. Let us know when to stop in for a short one! BobA BobA
BobA BobA 12/22/2017 Nice guy, pleasure to deal with. Thanks Bob, any questions feel free to contact me ogfarmer ogfarmer
Blueskybob Blueskybob 12/21/2017 Great guy to deal with! Very smooth transaction. 9X19 9X19
Topshot56 Topshot56 12/16/2017 Great to deal with. Thanks for meeting me. Tunaman Tunaman
Tunaman Tunaman 12/15/2017 Great to deal with and met me halfway! thanks! Topshot56 Topshot56
StriderTB StriderTB 12/09/2017 Pleasure to meet and do business with. Very accommodating and helpful. BobA BobA
amish869 amish869 12/03/2017 Great guy, great easy transaction. wangsly wangsly
wangsly wangsly 12/02/2017 Great transaction. Thanks man. amish869 amish869
Rob0115 Rob0115 12/01/2017 Great transaction! 10X 10X
Topshot56 Topshot56 11/30/2017 I bought an H&K P7M8 from Topshot56 and it was as described and fast shipping. Thanks aguilar64 aguilar64
PeteF PeteF 11/29/2017 quick and easy transaction. Effortless deal! Topshot56 Topshot56
Topshot56 Topshot56 11/28/2017 No hassles, delivered as agreed PeteF PeteF
Topshot56 Topshot56 11/28/2017 Great seller. Delivered items to my house. JeffreyDV JeffreyDV