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  1. 9 minutes ago, Malice4you said:

    I have a Sig Mosquito, and it stated to break it in with 500 CCI Mini Mags if i remember correctly. It also came with 2 springs, though no clue which I have in mine anymore (10 years old).

    Mine does have above average issues with ammo (unfairly compared to centerfires). However, that is due to crappy rimfire ammo itself or gun being picky with rimfire ammo, and not so much the gun itself. It does like the better ammos more, like the mini mags or stingers or velocitors. Not sure if that really is more likely to break the gun (esp stingers) but they are more fun.  IMO, avoid ALL Winchester rimfire ammo, all my rimfires do very poorly with their ammo (even bolt and lever guns).

    Gun needs to be run wet. Like way wetter than a centerfire. Maybe add lube every 150-250 rounds, depending what you use. I have attempted to polish the feed ramp, and it hasn't seemed to hurt and possibly even helped.

    And trigger pull, particularly DA, is stupid high. Like 12 pounds, at least feels that heavy.

    I have a real 226. 90% scaled Mosquito feels tiny. But it is good for females and younger people with smaller hands.


    How much this applies to the GSG, can't say. But I imagine most of it does. I dunno if I had way better luck than average, I actually followed instruction manual and most did not, I am less picky than others, there was an actual bad batch out there, or a few people had bad experiences with theirs and everyone else parrots "tHe GuN iS HorRiBle!"  I still enjoy mine. There are certainly better guns out there. I do kinda regret not just going for the P226-22, but I am still happy with my gun.

    Thanks for the info!!

  2. Is the FFL section of the forum up to date?  I've noticed a lot of old information here.  I'd rather make sure the the info is current and not have to call every single FFL that is listed near me,

  3. 1 hour ago, oldguysrule649 said:

    I have traveled many times to Easton Fish & Game where I am a member. In addition to the guidance above, I believe you must travel directly to/from the range while transporting in PA unless you possess a concealed carry permit from any another state (even if it is not recognized for concealed carry in PA.) In my case, I have had Fl,Utah, and Texas nonresident permits, so no concern about going to a store or place to eat after the range. 
    Please do your own due diligence on this point including searching here on the forums which is where I originally learned about this nuance concerning transport.

    Thank you

  4. 2 hours ago, ShootersShooter said:

    I have the Firefly, non-threaded. But the threaded comes with a thread protector which has to be removed to field strip it for cleaning. Nothing more than an extra step in the process. I guess you know it is the same gun that was once sold as Sig's Mosquito, GSG had the contract to produce them for Sig. I really like mine, take it every time I go to the range with one of my 9's. Great way to wind down a session.

    Thanks for the info!!

  5. 2 hours ago, kc17 said:

    I've seen some reports of NICS coming back in hours recently vs the days it has been for about a year now. It's still not the minutes it once was. 

    I mention this because, if possible, I'd get to the BP as soon as they open in the morning to start the process and hang out in the area. They can give you an idea then on the turn around time when you're there also. You might luck out and they tell you 2-4 hours. If they tell you it's 6 hours or more, then you need to decide if it's worth the risk it to spend the day wherever to save the trip or not. Whatever time they do tell you, it's just a guesstimate based on what they've seen the day before. They could say 6 hours, and it turns out to be the next day or 6 days. 

    Good luck. 

    Edit to add:

    After I posted this I saw report NICS is back to a two day turn around. As of this morning, they had not even started working on Saturday's submissions. 

    Thanks, I appreciate the update on that.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Mr.Stu said:

    Why can't the gun be shipped to an FFL that is closer to you?

    Not sure, can I do that? I bought it from Bass Pro/Cabelas and just figured that it had to be picked up there.

  7. Thanks, that just makes things so much more complicated and limits where you can purchase from. The good deal that I got tunes into not such a good deal once I factor in the 240 miles that I will have to travel for the entire process.

  8. Silly question. I just purchased a handgun online from a national chain. I have to pick it up at their NJ location which is a good miles from me.My question is, does the nice have to be run at that location or can I go to another of their locations which is much closer to me. I'm trying to avoid having to make 2 long trips.

  9. I bit the bullet, so to speak, and purchased a Mossberg MC1SC  9mm from Bass Pro. It's currently on sale for $369 and seems like a nice piece. I've been to some local stores and didn't seem to have stock in the price range I was looking at. Everything I saw was over $500 for things that I saw online for much cheaper. They also didn't have any ammo for whatever I would have purchased. Hopefully I will like how it handles. I read enough reviews and saw enough videos to be convinced that it's a good purchase. I couldn't find it at a range unfortunately, so fingers crossed!

  10. On 12/18/2020 at 3:00 PM, Nu2gunz said:

    Thank you! I'm in South Jersey, but appreciate the offer very much. Thanks for the info! I will start with the SR22. My local range has them to rent. Also getting a 10/22 so my son and I can plink with. 

    I'm near you, want range do you go to?

  11. Probably another silly question, but please have patience since I am a newbie to the process.  I understand now that if I buy from a gun store in NJ that the FFL transfer isn't necessary.  If I buy online or out of state I will need to pay for the FFL transfer.  This is a question on the tax issue.  If I buy a gun in Delaware, which does not have sales tax, will I have to pay tax on the purchase or will the local sales tax, or non-sales tax rate apply?  That can actually offset the cost of the FFL transfer if I don't have to pay sales tax.  I'm leaning towards buying a 9MM at this point since I was able to find ammo.  I was able to pick up 350 rounds at a reasonable price ($27.99 for boxes of 50). I'll make a new post on the actual questions towards the guns that I am looking at.

  12. Thanks to everyone for jumping in on this topic. Debate is good, that shows passion. We should be passionate about gun laws and how they can affect us. It's also sad that in NJ  something like a $40 CO2 pistol should cause division. I have to admit that this is much more complex than I thought it would be. I'm glad that this forum exists to help navigate the NJ highway of gun laws.

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  13. Thanks for all of the suggestions!  Since I'm having such great suggestions here I have another sort of related question to my original one. I work in Delaware (where it is completely legal to but pellet guns and pellet rifles) and purchased a break barrel pellet rifle and a CO2 pellet gun.  I did so since there is a free outdoor range near the office that we go to frequently.  I leave them locked up in a drawer in my office.  Now that I have a FID can I bring them home?  If not, then what do I have to do so that I can bring them home? Thanks in advance.

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