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    you really don't think that the state pd keeps track of long gun nics checks?
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    Their endgame is: Confiscation and the elimination of civilian ownership of firearms. Then the real tyranny and persecution can begin.
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    Well, given the speed at which we are spiraling into Communism, getting bread might become as difficult as getting a gun soon.
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    Its just like when a criminal breaks into your home here, better just run and hide rather than protect those you love. Nj sucks.
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    Man o man o man... I am sure the gangs are going to be up all night, losing weeks and weeks and weeks of sleep, pondering the effects of this legislation, and deciding if they want their gang related activity to remain in New Jersey. Oh yeah....I forgot....the law abiding citizens are the bad guys in this state.
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    Running buys you a couple of years at best. Stand and fight!
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    The years of political harassment were depressing. I had to step away from the conversation. Now I am stepping away from New Jersey, to a state that doesn't attack and harass its legal gun owners. Sorry.
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    The “out of state loophole”. Hahahaha.
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    annnd more registration is in there. we NEED to vote these people out. every. single. one. of. them.
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    I find some of this incredible - like the school-based stuff - "prohibit rewarding children for fighting off potential gunman during a drill" - whaat? "Fight" is always ONE of the options recommended by experts when all else has failed. What's the deal here? Teachers should train kids to welcome the bullets... in all circumstances? That is INSANITY!!
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    Because they know they're full of bullshit. "You can get a gun today as easy as buying a loaf of bread" was said pretty much first thing. Ain't no loaf of bread required me to get background checked or needed permission papers. Everyone needs to downvote the shit out of this video.
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    Maybe he'll change that. The King Smurf is quite devious. That crafty worm tongue would Gulag us all "for the children", and to expand the police state.
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    Boy howdy, ya got me there Tex. Bless your heart, Ya caught me wearing my ten gallon hat n' herding three cats. Must be all the time I spend on the Marlin forum. Those fellas are a bad influence.
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    Put us all in jail, make us instant felons, that’s the short list.
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    Standard 1100 barrel with 2 3/4" chamber? These should function well with standard 12 ga. loads from 1 oz. to 1 5/8 oz. loads. Light 1 oz. reloads work fine in my 11-87 (same gas system, only it handles 2 3/4" & 3" shells) provided I keep pressures above 7,500PSI per the load data in the manual. Do you clean out the gas ports on the underside of the barrel? Those should be cleaned with the appropriate sized drill bit often or after a heavy shooting session. Orientation of the piston seal, piston and barrel seal (O-ring) on the magazine tube are also important. I see too many people orient these parts incorrectly. Rather than plagiarize, this is a good article on the 1100: https://www.shootingtimes.com/editorial/gunsmithing_st_1100loads_200808/100259
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    Cleaned it and installed a new O-Ring, got better, but still doesn't like some brands.
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    That might be a little more information than @Mrs. Peel might want to ever know!
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    I wonder what he comes up with this time... or more of the same useless rhetoric.
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    More terrifying is that this means the online ammo sale ban is coming too
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    For those that can't listen.... $10M more funding for community-based crime prevention... $2M for Rutgers gun violence center research... Looking for new bills to sign: required firearms safety course, mandated locked storage for firearms, increase purchase age to 21, make all handguns sold have microstamping technology, automate record ammo purchases, ban 50 cal firearms...
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    You never know what bits of trivia she might find interesting.

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