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  1. silverado427

    Daily humor thread

  2. silverado427

    Daily humor thread

  3. silverado427

    AR pics, lets see'um!

    Added a little more miracle grow. 16" Spikes tactical CL barrel ,gas system . bcg and upper. ALG 13" rail VG6 gamma brake. The bottom pic Is 16" green mountain 7.62 carbine length , with a troy alfa 13' rail.. Spikes upper , and tool craft 7.62 BCG nitrated... Both sport PA red dots .
  4. silverado427

    Daily humor thread

  5. silverado427

    Backpack AR

    Is this Heaven. No it's PA. Looks great.
  6. Good point. Thats why i police all my brass and steel.
  7. silverado427

    Tula 154gr 7.62 SP

    I'm just wondering has anyone on this forum used this round. And do you think I would have any problems using it in a 7.62 AR

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