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  1. I was seeing low 60s for the temp. For wendsday it may be time for a trip Wednesday is all booked up for the 2-4 o clock session. Friday looks good .
  2. Its a start, Looks like i'm going to carrying some weight. Light weight plates are expensive .
  3. Here's some more Karma in action. Perp trying to out run the police. https://vidmax.com/video/202652-watch-as-this-thief-trying-to-outrun-cops-meets-some-instant-karma-with-a-speeding-car
  4. I'm glad i'm not shooting today. its fargin Cold.
  5. I hate people like that. The seller should have taken a bite of the transfer fee. jmho.
  6. Now I know winter is over. I just rebuilt the carb and changed the oil in the snowblower
  7. I'm in pretty good shape for a boomer, I workout 3-4 days a week and jump rope like a person half my age. The velcro on the molle flap that covers the cumberbund velcro is like pulling apart duct tape that is stuck to its self. I'm sure it will ease up when it breaks in.
  8. If I was a door kicker then Hesco would be on my list.
  9. Well I finally got a plate carrier, I went for the Shellback Sheild plate carrier . I didn't get plates yet. So I would be looking for some recommendations .
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