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  1. Things like that drive me crazy.
  2. Anyone going to the range today. Nice day today, only like 10 shooters on the rifle range.
  3. Question what are you doing with all those Garands.
  4. It use to be that way for Law abiding fid card holders , Until D bag smurfy assumed control.
  5. Same bull %^& they always spew. The podium phrase was " STOP GUN VIOLENCE " when it should have said STOP GUN VIOLENCE
  6. I run a few NIB, Nitride. and Phosphate bcgs. if I purchase another bcg it will be nitrided one. In my opinion I don't notice any performance differences between them, Other than there visual appearance.
  7. SOLGW are rifle assemblers they don't manufacture any parts, They outsource everything.
  8. This video is from some cool but crazy car guys. if your a gear head your going to love this video. enjoy
  9. https://www.egwguns.com/ar-rifle-parts/ar-compensators/
  10. Big brother is jamming your signal, Probably has a listening device or tracker on your vehicle.
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