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  1. I built a lower for the upper I had for sale .
  2. How do you delete your attachments. I hit my limit
  3. The pipes bursting happen on sunday nite , I didn't start working there till tuesday morning the mess was cleaned up by then. We ripped 2 ' of sheetrock off both sides of the walls. It was interesting 10 hour days the first week
  4. Wish you guys the best.
  5. Typical Saturday morning breakfast.
  6. OMG Put this post to rest.
  7. Hey all I have a Stiletto stainless prop 14 1/2 x 21 Used two seasons in excellent condition $125.00 Also i have a used merc trim pump assy $ 50.00 works in great condition. Also a merc power steering pump. $30.00
  8. my 10/22 loves mini mags and golden bullets, It chokes on all federal ammo.
  9. I believe every time a politician violates the Constitution they should receive electro shok therapy....
  10. Yes it is.
  11. http://www.app.com/videos/news/local/public-safety/2017/10/01/damage-ocean-county-justice-complex/106205194/ a quick ad click the lower left play . This is not the basement this is the main floor where the court rooms are.
  12. gone