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  1. I had them cut , thread and crown a barrel and never had any issues.
  2. silverado427

    Saiga 12

    Very nice. I never held or shot one. But I want one.
  3. 3.7 million BGC where done in march https://www.yahoo.com/news/gun-background-checks-smash-records-214911130.html
  4. It happens to the best of us. I like options , And fixed power scope's do the trick for me. Red dots work great out to 50 yds for me. Any thing past 50 I'll use fixed power or at a 100-200 yds I use 4x12x44 scope. As long as you use quality ammo you can get some tight groups. jmho
  5. 11' 8 bridge best crashes. LMFAO
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