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  1. Fukin Amazing.
  2. Ar15.com, https://store.ar15.com/product.html?cat=108&pr=650
  3. Question .. Why is it that nobody stops for a stop sign, or uses a turn signal. And why isn't there a ticket blitz .
  4. Here you go. https://gun.deals/product/geissele-2-stage-g2s-trigger-10999?view=list
  5. I have RRA 3.5 varmint triggers in my rifles. $88. shipped, Legal Transfers ( Pete ) on ar15.com.
  6. Are they pistol sights
  7. Happy Fathers day All
  8. What he ment to say " If dem's stop shooting people gun violence would drop by 90%
  9. Any one notice the Capitol police chief looks like our Gov.
  10. Streets of Fire was a bad azz movie
  11. Sorry for your loss.
  12. It looks nice How's the recoil...
  13. Jet ski impeller
  14. igniter for a gas dryer,,
  15. What is this...