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  1. I've been shooting 77 gr IMI for the last year and its pretty accurate, I can get 1" groups @ 100 yds. 2" @ 200 yds This is off a shooting bag, And I would say i'm just a average shooter Also try AO 55 gr SBK ammo I get the same results @ 100 yds. And I'm talking about off the shelf BA 16" carbine barrel. With m855 62 gr ammo I get 3-4" groups @ 100yds
  2. More news from. Mr Ed The horse whisperer. https://www.nj.com/politics/2019/07/if-phil-murphy-had-his-way-all-gun-sales-in-nj-would-be-limited-to-smart-guns.html
  3. I have for sale a lightly used ( like new condition ) 10/22 . It also comes with a Black Synthetic stock . PM for contact. It has a some aftermarket parts in it. It comes with 2 bx 1 mags and all the original stock parts. And scope mount. The back of the receiver is drilled to help make cleaning the barrel easier it has a push in plug to cover the hole. Also the bolt is radiused and has a poly bolt buffer. Volquartsen Auto bolt release. Target hammer kit Kidd firing pin, Kidd Extractor, Kidd mag button Kidd charging handle kit. 3 springs light med, heavy. Price is $250.00. FIRST 2 PICS ARE EXTRA'S. THANKS FOR LOOKING I also have some extra's i'm selling buyer gets first shot . Will not Separate. Bulldog rifle case. Ruger 10/22 laser, Mounts in place of front barrel clamp. New Volquartsen extractor. Kidd Extra power mag release spring. 3 lightly used ruger bx 15/10 mags. pinned and epoxied to 10 rounds. 3 new ruger BX 1 10 round mags. mags Price $100.00 for the lot
  4. Well it looks like Mr Ed is adding another check mark on his Feed bucket list. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/murphy-signs-bill-aimed-making-182330384.html https://www.nj.com/politics/2019/07/murphy-just-made-njs-gun-laws-even-tougher.html
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