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  1. I 'm picking up a case of wolf 7.62x39 for $350 shipped. Mean while last year i was saying to myself $ 200 shipped was over priced. I just needed one more case for backup.. Well it looks like i'm going to be selling a couple of bricks of .22
  2. It was cold not freezing but I did have to put gloves on. The wind was whipping at times. It started to drizzle as I was driving to the range , I was like " WTF " but it stopped about 5 minutes later
  3. I had a good day at the range today. Shot some .223 , 9mm and .22lr It didn't see like there was a ammo shortage at the range today.
  4. I wonder what the prices are like at indoor ranges.
  5. Congrats and Welcome to the forum.
  6. that fed auto match wouldn't run in my 10/22 every other round was a dud.
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