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  1. Look for a new wave of gun laws coming from Mr Ed. Wilbuuurrrr murphy
  2. Back in the 90s I used to bracket race at atco raceway. We were in eliminations and i get paired up with a big block powered chevette. He did a burnout like a pro stock car. We pre stage and move into the staging beam the tree turns green, And we both leave. I look over and the chevette is in a wheelie just about on the back bumper. Almost standing strait up heading in my lane. He peddled the car, And it came down hard on the oil pan. i will never forget that moment.
  3. I have one , Its a sharp crisp dot. Wow that's a great price.
  4. I have some mossberg parts for sale. will ship on your dime. PP Mav/88 forearm the action is pinned to the forearm . There is no action tube its all one piece. $ 20.00 The forearm does have 4 1/8 screw holes in it from the hand strap. Mossberg heat shield sprayed flat black. $22.00 Mossberg take off new stock W/ recoil pad. $22.00 Old style 5 round mag tube w/spring $15.00 Thanks for looking. IM for contact.
  5. Hey demo-rats guns are not the problem.
  6. You can ask a mod to delete your old attachments
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