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  1. Looking for guidance / help. 
    5 years ago now as part of a very tumultuous divorce my ex wife accused me of being mentally unsound ( was part of her custody strategy). Police came to the house and basically forced me to go to hospital for mental health evaluation. As part of that I agreed to surrender firearms for “safe keeping”. Hospital released me a few hours later with a clean bill of health, no validity to my ex wife’s claims. 
    I have been going round and round with the Morris county prosecutors office for the last five years. I am on the third person in charge of firearms return ( who is a very nice guy and seems to genuinely want to help). But the assistant prosecutor states she will not return my firearms or ID card until I get a letter from a psychiatrist or a psychologist ( has to be a dr) specifically stating I am mentally sound to own firearms. 
    So far every doctor I contact says they will not do it. I am looking for the path of least resistance. I have been told to get a lawyer and sue the prosecutor bc I was never admitted and the law says if not admitted no reason to hold. Assistant prosecutor even said I wasn’t admitted but still wants a letter. I don’t have the financial means of bringing a legal case against the prosecutor office nor do I want that fight. 
    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated 

    thank you

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