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  1. Thanks to Dr Pirelli’s report Morris County returned ID card and firearms today.
  2. Had Dr Pirelli do an evaluation. Very professional, very knowledgeable. We are fortunate to have him. If you are ever in need he is the guy. Sent the evaluation to Morris County Prosecutors office and have my fingers crossed
  3. Spoke with Dr Pirelli. Really knows his stuff. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll be seeing him in a few weeks. Agreed that a lawyer would need the letter anyway so Dr. first. I’ll keep all y’all updated. thanks again.
  4. Thank you for help. I really appreciate it. I’ll give Dr Pirelli a call this week. I simply don’t have the financing to retain an attorney for this. I am still fighting the good fight with my ex to do what’s best for my kids.
  5. Looking for guidance / help. 5 years ago now as part of a very tumultuous divorce my ex wife accused me of being mentally unsound ( was part of her custody strategy). Police came to the house and basically forced me to go to hospital for mental health evaluation. As part of that I agreed to surrender firearms for “safe keeping”. Hospital released me a few hours later with a clean bill of health, no validity to my ex wife’s claims. I have been going round and round with the Morris county prosecutors office for the last five years. I am on the third person in charge of firearms return ( who is a very nice guy and seems to genuinely want to help). But the assistant prosecutor states she will not return my firearms or ID card until I get a letter from a psychiatrist or a psychologist ( has to be a dr) specifically stating I am mentally sound to own firearms. So far every doctor I contact says they will not do it. I am looking for the path of least resistance. I have been told to get a lawyer and sue the prosecutor bc I was never admitted and the law says if not admitted no reason to hold. Assistant prosecutor even said I wasn’t admitted but still wants a letter. I don’t have the financial means of bringing a legal case against the prosecutor office nor do I want that fight. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated thank you
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