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  1. I sent an emailed complaint in to USPS yesterday, and a regional director just called me. I guess ignorance goes well up the food chain with USPS as she gave me the same business that I got at three of her offices yesterday ( no firearms in the mail, only dealers, manufacturers and importers). I told her to please read section 432 of your own regulation it is all there in black & white. I cannot make someone understand their own regulations, if they don't know what they are supposed to know. I have a feeling that the only way to do anything about this is to write a letter to the regional Postmaster General, which I told her I intend to do. And as far as that goes, I cant say with certainty that that would even help, but will do it anyway.
  2. So I just called Hatfield again, (the company I am trying to return to) and explained all my hassles. They agreed to send me a new trigger group for the gun which will hopefully correct the issue, and I can stop beating my head against the wall trying to accomplish something that seemed so easy but wasn't. Be nice if it works, and saves me some cash too. If Hatfield comes through with a new trigger group and the gun works then it's alright. Meantime, screw the Post Office, and more than that screw NJ too!
  3. Just tried the Matawan PO and they will not do it. Won't even look at the ATF regulation concerning this that I brought with. I asked what code they are referencing as far as "no guns" and the supervisor said "I just know that we don't ship guns, sorry". So I'm not sure what the recourse is now if they aren't willing to even follow their own rules.
  4. Thanks Bob, I will try USPS once again with that link you provided, and yes the Post Office is going to be the cheapest. It is so frustrating when you know that you know what the rules are, but the person behind the counter is so biased that they will have nothing to do with it. Some people have an irrational fear of guns. If I cant deal with the Post Office its going to have to be UPS in Tinton Falls. The UPS store in Matawan was recommended to me by others who had shipped there, it just didn't work for me I guess because I informed them what's in the box. They wanted me to disassemble and send the gun in two packages! Funny thing is that it doesn't matter how far I take the gun down, it's broke, will not fire, so cannot be used for creating havoc anyway.
  5. No, they don't give you a shipping label, it is on the owners dime to send it back. It's because this company (Hatfield) is pretty low rent. Wal-Mart sells the Hatfield shotguns, and I wanted to see how well they (Hatfield not Wal-Mart) back up their stuff. I am in the beginning stage of finding out. I don't expect much, so see what happens. As far as mailing/shipping back, I'll get it done tomorrow either UPS or one of the FFL's here.
  6. Yeah, I know. Can they send it back? I think it has to only be sent back to NJ FFL, and NICS and transfer (again? I already did that). The MFR says they just send to your home address, which should be OK, but again, " this is not the USA, it is NJ" . Instead of trying to save a few bucks I think I'll just send it back through the dealer I bought at, (in PA). My experience today says that, yes you could do it on the sneak, but I'm honest. Why do you need a lawyer to do simple things here? It wasn't meant to be this way.
  7. Hi, I know, seems like a dumb question. I need to return a cheapo Turkish PAS-410 Hatfield pump .410 shotgun to the manufacturer for repair. It had been my understanding that non-FFL holders could use USPS, UPS, or FedEx to ship long guns to either the MFR or to FFL. When contacting the MFR for return authorization that is exactly what I was told. My response to them was "understand this is NJ, not the USA". First two stops today were the Post Offices in Morganville and Wickatunk. Morganville said "no guns in the mail whatsoever, gotta go to UPS". Wickatunk said pretty much the same, with a caveat, "I think that maybe antiques are allowed, but you should go to UPS". The next stop was the Matawan UPS store, they said " no guns, we are not a licensed carrier". A number of years ago I sent a Browning BPS to a FFL after selling on Gunbroker and got the same runaround at the UPS hub in Tinton Falls, after insisting the guy at the counter get some amplification from the supervisor, I was allowed to ship. The supervisor had to make a phone call for advice on how to proceed, but he also told me "I should have a dealer ship in the future". Why should I pay a dealer to ship if I legally don't have to? Does anyone have any advice besides using a dealer? I was thinking of just crossing the river and going to a PA Post Office. I'm really getting fed up with NJ, I grew up in PA and have a second home there. I spent 20 years active duty USN stationed all over the country and the world. After retiring, I worked 15 years at NWS Earle in Colts Neck as a Navy civilian. I've been retired about a year- I don't want to leave my neighborhood and home, but I think it's coming due.
  8. The store MGR just called me and it seemed to me as though she wasn't sure what the policy is regarding interstate sales. She said she was going to check up on it though. I always support the local and pro-2A people, but this would have been more or less an impulse buy because the price was $100 less than pretty much everywhere else. Also, the NICS is only $5.
  9. Hi, I am not a new shooter, been at it for 50+ years, but wanted to share an experience that I had yesterday and see if any others could add to it. I was traveling back home from PA and stopped by the Walmart in Easton, PA. They had a Mossberg 500 .410 in the display the price was around $250, which I thought was pretty good, so I asked about purchasing it. The sales associate told me Walmart no longer sells firearms to residents of NJ or NY. Unfortunately, I am a NJ resident. I remember buying a Ruger 10/22 at that very same store, but it was at least ten years ago. I have emailed the store customer service this morning, and am still waiting for a reply that makes any sense. I have a second home in PA and I've been contemplating changing residency, but have not made the plunge just yet. Can anyone else provide any insight or similar experience?
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