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  1. It seems that blank cartridges are still regulated with the updated fireworks laws but it doesn't saw anything about primers which cal also be used in some of those grenades.
  2. Hello, I play airsoft in NJ, NY, and PA and I was looking into the legality of owning and using blank fire airsoft grenades. These grenades are essentially a striker that activates a blank cartridge or a primer for the purpose of making noise (est. 120+ db). I have seen a ton of conflicting opinion but no facts whatsoever. I would assume the legality would depend on the state you're in (info for NY or PA also appreciated) so I am focusing on NJ which is my home state. Here are some of the forum posts I have looked through. AMS Forum Post rules exclude them, not based on laws. Reddit Post talks about the ease of converting something into a zip gun. I think that kind of ruling would be opinion based on how hard it it to convert. Airsoft Society Post Minnesota classifies them as fireworks which makes them legal. One thing I found classifies blanks (at least pistol caliber) are not "handgun ammunition". I don't know if that helps. I think my next step will be to contact the NJSP Firearms Investigation Unit. I don't know if it will go anywhere but its worth a try. Example products: http://blankfiringgrenade.co.uk/ https://www.socomtactical.net/airsoft-accessories/pyros-and-grenades/reusable-blank-firing-grenades https://ohshiboom.co.uk/
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