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  1. I figured what they were saying didn’t make much sense even being new to all of this. The more i read up on our state’s law, the more i realize how much they’re trying to take away our rights all together. Hopefully it doesn’t ever come to that. Thanks everyone for the clarification.
  2. Read through this and a good portion of the NJ laws. It doesn’t say word for word anything on my exact question, but from what I can see, I believe I have no reason to worry about going to the range with it.
  3. Hope this isn’t a duplicate post but recently updated my FID and was talking to someone about a recent handgun purchased and the permit. They stated that since the handgun was purchased and shows my old address that I can no longer take the gun out of the residence (to a range) as it must stay home at all times. I then got another opinion that opposed this neighbors that I can go the range with it because it’s in my name and the old address on the permit doesn’t matter. FID card was updated along with license. Can someone here just confirm that I can take the handgun to the range and also do I need to carry that permit paper with me at all times i’m with the firearm or is my FID enough. Thanks in advance.
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