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  1. delays at how long has it been taking? Getting new toy wed and just wondering how long it might take to bring home? Thanks
  2. Looking for a GS in NJ with stock. Looking for a full size (not Centurian or carry)
  3. Trying to find one might have a spot waiting for shipment. Looks like a nice gun anyone have any experience with it? What are the pros and cons I currently have a Sig P320Xc and looking for something a little larger and looks like the APX might fill the bill. LMK what you guy think of the gun, Thanks
  4. Have 2 permits and can't find stock, anyone know of 1 in NJ
  5. Anyone have? How do you like or what do you dislike about it? Ammo looking even more $$$ and harder to find than 9mm. Looking for any info just got permit and looking for new purchase. was looking for a PPQ Q5 or TP9SFX but can not find with 10rnd mags so now looking at 57. LMK appreciate the input Happy and Healthy New Year
  6. PP Q5 Match(non SF) anyone know of a NJ shop that has in stock? Would rather give my money to local shop than to online guys but if nothing NJ will have to. LMK
  7. Looking for Canik TP9SFX Anyone know of a shop in NJ that has? Also anyone shoot one give some feed back. Thanks ahead of time
  8. Is it NJ compliant FD12? If so which model? Pump or Semi Auto?
  9. Looking for a Bullpup(Black) either semi or pump who has the best prices in NJ and stock?
  10. For out of state shot gun purchase on line or in person?
  11. Ship handgun ammo to NJ ? Ammunition sales to New Jersey residents are restricted to shotshell and centerfire rifle ammunition only.
  12. Can you use Oakley sun glasses at the indoor range?
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