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  1. Ship handgun ammo to NJ ? Ammunition sales to New Jersey residents are restricted to shotshell and centerfire rifle ammunition only.
  2. Can you use Oakley sun glasses at the indoor range?
  3. Ammo to NJ ? Found a couple places with ammo and as I go to order the sites say at this time they are shipping to NJ?
  4. During normal times what is a good per round price? What is a decent price now per round(I know if I can find)?
  5. Isn't there a issue with mag amount? All the ones I saw there where 15+ capacity?
  6. Anyone have a location of places that sell them and can ship to NJ? Thank you
  7. Just got update that Criminal History Check completed now just have to wait for local PD. Lets see how long that will take So on 7/23 Criminal History Check completed.
  8. What are you guys using? Whats a good combo for ear and eye protection? Do they make ear protection with bluetooth capable?
  9. First can you buy ammo at a gun or retail store(not online) out of state and bring back to NJ? If so what is the procedure?
  10. Just got my first gun Sig P320X Compact and was wondering now that ranges are opening soon. What is the procedure for buying ammo at retail store what do I need to bring to the store? Also buying ammo on line how's it work?
  11. Rickap7

    Shooters Lube?

    Anyone use ? Thought on it?
  12. Just got a P320x Compact and being ranges are STILL closed I figured it was a good time to ask. What kind of cleaning equipment should I start to look to buy? I want to keep her clean once I can use it. Thank you for info
  13. Has anyone shot at Shore Shot Pistol Range in Lakewood? They have a deal right now on membership and was wondering how it was being no range I can find is open. Was wondering how it was and worth a membership. I live in Monmouth county Thank for any info positive and negative.
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