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  1. It's not a problem anymore but the idea of the police contacting my employer is risky and honestly mostly likely a way to discourage gun ownership. Got it. And like a previous poster said, just list any address even if it wasn't permanent (ie on a drivers license)? I plan on using 1 family member (Explicity allowed on PD website) and 1 gun-friendly friend so it should be ok. Thanks everyone
  2. Ok good. The employer reference in the old system is what kept me from applying a few years back. oh shoot I'm done for
  3. Got it, that makes sense. Fortunately my record is clean unless they check for high school detentions or something. The main thing I was worried about was the address thing that Tunaman answered.
  4. Hi guys. I really want to go and begin the process to get an FID and pistol permit especially with whats going on nowadays, but I have some concerns. Particularly, that if I accidentally make an error on the FARS I could be charged. Does it ever happen to people who make mistakes on the FARS application? I would answer everything truthfully of course but we all know how anti-firearms owner NJ is and I'm paranoid that they'll look for some minor mistake and pounce. Also I'm wondering about the address question on FARS. They want every address lived in the for the past 10 years. Does this only include permanent addresses or stuff like living at a college/grad school? And what about apartments for a year or so that I didn't change my address to? One more thing…if I were to get a permit would this show up on employment background checks? Because that is one way to get a future job application tossed out. Thanks
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