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  1. I want to take a safety class. Any suggestions in the Bridgewater, Warren, Union, Cranford, area? I'd drive further if it was a great class with great instructors. Gaining good knowledge is key for me.
  2. I popped over to RTSP today. Tons of rental options. Just so many people to get range time it was crazy. Going to go back some day this week and try a Glock, sig, and a CZ. Then try to find something to buy...haha hard task as I was told.
  3. Thoughts on the CZ P-10? That’s one I was considering.
  4. A buddy from Washington state has suggested glock 19 or 45 or suv p320. im definitely wanting to try out stuff. I went to rtsp but it was so booked I couldn’t get in. I’ll have to keep trying!
  5. I'll go over and check it out! Thanks for the suggestion. From what I can tell prices are. up and availability is low.
  6. Hello hello! Happy to join the forum. Just received my Firearms ID and Permits. I'll admit...I am super confused where to start. Where to go. I've done some research but now need to find the right places to go to 1. learn (most important) 2. Buy (find decent pricing) 3.Get back to shooting at a range. Interested in handgun target work. I grew up in the Prairies shooting rifles on the farm...but that was a long time ago. And in a place that had very little in the way of laws...haha. Any guidance would be awesome. Also, from the looks of things on this forum, it seems like a really great spot for support! So thank you everyone for putting the effort in to grow the community. -P
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