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  1. Thanks! My guy told me a few days, so that makes sense. Appreciate it!
  2. Quick Update: I wound up buying this case on Amazon. Great deal. www.planomolding.com/hunting/gun-cases/aw2-36-rifle-shotgun-case Still haven't gotten the call from the LGS for pick up yet. Anyone know how long the background check takes? I know NJ uses their own version of the NICS. Purchased last Thursday/Oct. 29.
  3. Thank you! Main reason I picked that particular model, easy shooting and to get her started on something relatively fun to plink with.
  4. Thank you for your reptiles. I wanted to get a case for it anyway, but wasnt sure if it was needed Before I actually got the rifle home. Thanks!
  5. Finally made my first ever firearms purchase. Got something easy to start out with for the wife and I. I was able to source a MP 15-22 NJ compliant. Paid in full today, and just need to wait for the NICS to clear. My question is how can I transport the rifle back to my house from the gun shop? The Rules are a bit murky when it comes to whether it needs to be secured in a locked case and or in a locked trunk. I own a SUV so there is no “locked trunk” per se. Do I need to go buy a rifle case to take it home? Anybody know what to do exactly?
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