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  1. I was told at 1 shop, they only deal with Buds-they have nothing. The other 2 said they weren't talking to new customers. I didn't have an appointment, however, I didn't get the feeling that an appointment would have got me further. I'll see what Shooters has Wednesday. If I have to order sight unseen that's what I'll do. I do appreciate all the help and support!
  2. Ha. I'm looking for a full size. I've waited this long, I'll wait some more.
  3. I've never cared for the trigger pull on S&Ws. My father had one of their first composite models and it jammed and stovepiped all the time. Glock 2.0? I've only looked at the above. 19/23/43/43x w lower capacity mags, of course.
  4. That's what I thought. Ive called and emailed alot of shops with no reply. The 3 visited got me no where. I think demand is so high they're just not interested. I'll keep on visiting until someone takes my money. Appreciate your reply! I'll look into all 3. Thanks very much!
  5. Seems like they're to busy for anything. I did not have an appointment, perhaps that's what I should do. If I can order through them I will-on the spot. If they can help me facilitate the procurement I'd also pay. I'm just looking for a local shop that will help a first time buyer. I do appreciate your help! Great to know. I'll keep trying. Looks like I need an appointment to see anyone.
  6. No, I did not. Drove there and they weren't open. I've called a few times too. They are right around the corner from me. Should I ask for someone?
  7. Thanks for the reply. So, I've visited 3 around me, all local and 2 of them said that they're to busy. The 3rd said that they only work with Buds. I'm going to try and get to Shooters in South Jersey Wednesday and see if they can help me do that. Seems like they all didn't want to be bothered. Again, thanks for the info!
  8. Yeah, thanks. I'm in Camden county, right on Trump National golf course. I've shot several guns-grew up around them and have been a life long range shooter. I've shot everything from a Ruger .22 target pistol, 6 round .357, Glock G43x, M&P .380 bodyguard. Smith and Wesson .40 to a Mossberg 500... So I think I'm well versed enough to know what I want for it's intended home defense role-along with the handgun I'm looking at a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500. As mentioned, the shops I've been to basically told me that they're too busy. Waiting on this storm to clear and will be taking a ride out to Shooters in Monmouth county. Again, I appreciate the response. Any insight would be appreciated!
  9. Hey all. New member, long time shooter. Just got my NJ credentials. Looking to purchase my 'first' handgun. I have experience w Glock. 17/19/43/43x. Need to find an outlet to purchase a new/used Glock. Please advise!
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