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  1. Just to clarify, and I looked again, I only have to submit that one form? How/where is the mental health form? Thanks
  2. Hi all. I mainly joined for more information on starting the process of getting fid card, and just to see what activities and ranges are in my neck of the words here in northwest NJ. By way of background i grew up in rural Oklahoma and a highlight of my tween years were doing what we called a"leadwasters convention".. A few young men and my dad and other older guys would go out in the country and have a blast shooting 22, pistols, throwing and shooting clay pigeons, etc. ( targets ranged from tin cans, hot wheels, and my favorite, smurf figurines that were the free toys from happy meals circa mid 80's, and watermelons :)) Fast forward a decade or so and in graduate school in az as well as my postdoc in Colorado, I picked up the tradition again, going with some friends into the desert to plink around, this time with my own 9mm pistol, my trusty bolt action marlin 22 and 20 guage shotgun.. Then I moved to new Jersey.. Naively bringing my guns, completely unaware of how radically different this state was..I was made aware of it by my (I now fully realize) ULTRA LIBERAL cousin. [Record scratch sound] My parents happened to be visiting at the time and I somewhat freaked out and had my dad take my guns back... luckily I hadn't tried to go shooting or driven around with then at all.. Sigh I still haven't asked for those back, but in the meantime life happened (got married and have 3 kids!) Now that the youngest is out of diapers and zhou bai-den aka President asterisk is in office,I have decided that I'd like to get in on the "AR revolution" and get some kind of pistol caliber carbine before it's completely illegal (hoping the pundits are right that crazy maxines hr127 proposal will never see the light of day)... Hence the Google searches on what I need to do to properly own a gun here in nj and finding y'all in this fine forum Fwiw I'm looking at the troy A4, in no small part because I live really close to tech ops in pburg and everything I read made it seem it would deff be legal in nj.. I had been looking at cmmg resolute 200, but couldn't tell if they would be able to sell an nj compliant version. I'm hoping techops will have a4 on display I could look at, im pretty ignorant on the mechanics of these, quit a bit diff from the semiauto rugets of 20-30 yrs ago... I took my oldest son to heritage Guild in Easton for his 10th bday in late Jan, was a first for both of us.. I.have to say I enjoy my lead wasters experience better :-P but it was fun introducing him to shooting. They unfortunately were unable to rent a similar ar style 9 mm (was unavailable) so I only have had a chance to shoot a ruger 22 that was ar style (charging bolt,etc). I'm hoping to still go back and try the 9 before buying one of my own.. Realizing now I (ideally) have 30 days after completion of steps before I could but a gun as well as the likely backordered status,I suspect I will have time. It would be fun to meet with like minded individuals (I saw posts about meetups at sbux in pburg, precovid) and hope I could join if they start back up again, though with three young kids their extracurricular activities Chew up a lot of time:/ Is reassuring to read and see how many like minded folks are around and look forward to my time here. Cheers
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