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  1. Awesome! Thank you all for the help! It's greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey everyone. Since this forum is always so helpful I figured I'd ask yet another question. As a newer gun owner and an even newer shotgun owner, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good, sturdy, pic rail vertical forend grip for my pump 12 gauge shotgun. I got a cheap $15 one just to try it out and it was great but it broke after about 2 dozen rounds at the range. Anything out there that won't snap off and under $100? If not I'm happy to hear any recommendation you may have. I appreciate all of your help! Thank you!
  3. No worries at all! I'm sure I'll need some AR help in the near future
  4. Thank you very much for the help! It's greatly appreciated
  5. Thank you for the help. The one I'm looking at is the Hi-Tech Custom's Howitzer 70. I hope it works as well as they advertise
  6. Thank you for the help. Do you know if it have to be welded to the gun?
  7. Hoping you guys can help. I have a Kel Tec KS7 and I wanted to get a muzzle brake from hi-tec but, of course, I have to do some crazy research and try to find some info that will tell me if they are legal in NJ on a pump action shotgun. Does anyone know if they are legal or not? Thank you very much for the help! Stay safe.
  8. Thank you! I took a look and got one from them. It's being shipped to my FFL and should be there by Friday. I got it for a good price, too. Fast shipping, great communication, if the gun arrives in good condition they will get a 5 star review for sure!
  9. What's an 01? Sorry for my limited beginner knowledge Awesome, thank you!
  10. I've been looking for a KSG shotgun for a while now and since the pandemic and our fearless leader have screwed up the country I've been trying to find one for a reasonable price ($800-$900). I've found a few websites that periodically have them in stock but when I try to make the purchase they won't ship to NJ. Its so frustrating! Does anyone either know a way around this or could you recommend a good shop/website that has a decent deal and will ship to NJ? Thank you guys and good luck out there!
  11. Awesome. Thank you so much!! Your help is greatly appreciated!
  12. My buddy has that and it's great. Also, let's go Pirates! Wow! Would you mind sharing which shop you found it at? They had one at my shop up in morris County but it was over $700
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