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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome! I appreciate it all! @gleninjersey I love my 04.5 Chevy Duramax. Older gm here too. The Grand Prix was a 2002. @JohnnyB I’ll keep my eye out for u! Now for the CJRPC guys, if you hear something that sounds like a 747 in the gun club, it’s not a low flying plane….it’s just me coming in the Duramax to get off a few rounds!
  2. @gleninjersey thank you. I collect WW1 & WW2 rifles and pistols. Yes I probably have it. I have my FFL C&R Type 03. I enjoy collecting. My prize piece is a 1918 Colt 1911. She’s a beauty. Or maybe the 1945 Springfield M1 Garand? Maybe the 1926 Mosin? Nah probably the 1941 38H. Or the 1943 K98K. Possibly the 1944 browning hipower. Ok it’s the 1938 Luger. You got me. None of my foreign firearms have import marks. Numbers matching as numbers matching. For the german firearms all the waffen marks are visible . As for my 1918 .45. It’s never been back to an armory. Ive the rifles and pistols appraised and I was shocked at the value. As far as the username, man your good. Im a GM BOY. The L36 was supercharged. Took the M90 off the L67. She was fast and fun. 333hp/358tq. Lots of engine/trans work to attain that. the plate is on my newer none GM car. Won’t let it go.
  3. Been following this forum for some time. Finally pulled the trigger and signed up. Looking to share my knowledge and gain from you all. Avid collector and shooter. Before u ask yes I already qualified and submitted everything. Just waiting…..
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