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  1. I agree I’m just trying to see what is the proper legal way to store it now that I have a CCW. So far difficult to see what the straight answer is
  2. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Like how it reads can it? Or do i have to have some type of seperate locked box for the magazine?
  3. Please let me know I’m dying to know what they say!
  4. Thanks Mr. Stu im just trying to make sure im doing the right thing here with the gun and the ammo, NJ doesnt make this easy lol
  5. So in that case, I can have the firearm stored unloaded in my lock box tethered to my vehicle when not using it out of sight. So to be compliant Can I have it under the driver seat? Also for the magazine what would be acceptable to keep that in then in that case? I'm assuming I won't need 2 safes for the gun and ammo lol.
  6. NJSig, I bought the same type of safe tats tethered to my car as well. Do you have that in your trunk or like under the drivers seat?
  7. Hey everyone, So recently acquired my CCW. My question is specifically regarding when in the vehicle. When transporting a firearm it has to be in the trunk separate from the ammo without a CCW, but I can travel wit it on me with my CCW. So If I am going into a business where I cannot carry, so I have to unload the weapon and lock it separate from the ammo in the trunk? Am I allowed to keep it locked in another place in the car with the CCW? Just curious on the interpretation, as still finding driving with it can be uncomfortable with certain holsters, and I want to be manipulating the firearm as little as possible. I appreciate anyone's thoughts!
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